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Some much needed backstory

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Omega Chronicles
August 4th 2025
9:00 Omega Island
It was another early start for Team Omega as they were once again called for a meeting with Deshawn, which was hardly an imposition as they had trouble sleeping anyway. But this time they were not in the assembly hall. Deshawn had summoned them to his personal office, a clear indication that the topic of conversation would be serious. (Although none was needed as the whole team had reached a conclusion as to what it would be)They sat down and patiently waited for him to finish his morning coffee, a ritual that had become sacred to him. “Ok”, Deshawn started “I suppose we should get down to it. The reason why I called you guys into my office as opposed to the assembly hall is that I can’t run the risk of other students hearing this information” The team slowly became more nervous and exchanged various looks of concern amongst each other.
“I get the feeling that this is gonna be a long conversation”, The Knight sighed, settling into his chair.
“Yes Knight. That is an accurate assessment. I believe that it’s time for you guys to learn the truth about Ares, but first, I’d like you to tell me what you already know...or think that you know”, Deshawn replied.
“Well”, Vixen began, “It’s common knowledge that Ares or ‘The God of War’ as he calls himself was Omega’s arch nemesis. He thrived on conflict and causing destruction but would only appear for short periods. He’s been alive for a very long time and claimed to be immortal, but that theory was put to rest when he was killed by Omega....or so we all thought until yesterday”
“I see...Well most of those facts were right except that Ares never actually died in his final battle with Omega”
“Wait, you mean you knew this all along?” The Captain asked.
Deshawn nodded. “I guess the only way to truly explain is to start from the beginning....”
“Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, approximately 700 years before Jesus Christ, there was a small village located in land space which we now call West Africa. In this village was a tribe called the Wh’leti, who had a large band of fierce warriors. After years of war with the neighbouring tribes, there came a brief time of peace but tensions were still running high and the leader of the Wh’leti, Kuto-Sa was very concerned for the safety of his village. One day whilst scouting for neighbouring invaders, a warrior from the village discovered that a large source of bright blue light had crashed deep into the jungle. Afraid that this was a sign of danger, Kuto-Sa immediately gathered his strongest warriors and headed towards the site of the crash. When they arrived there, they discovered a large metallic orb with three women standing outside, who called themselves the Spectrum Trinity. One of the women had red hair, one had blue and the other had green. They had somehow managed to communicate effectively with the tribe members and informed them that they meant no harm but were in fact survivors from a destroyed planet far away in the cosmos. When they were brought back to the village for further interrogation, the women presented a mystical box to Kuto-Sa. They said that the box was the source of energy which had helped to supply and sustain life on their planet in areas which were otherwise considered uninhabitable. They also claimed that there was a prophecy which stated that one day a great darkness would fall on all creation and a mighty warrior and hero would rise with the power of the device in order to stop it. After various translations, the name of the device would eventually be called ‘Omega’. One of the women said that the device would glow in the presence of the man who was supposed to yield it. With all of his pride, Kuto-Sa assumed that the man in question would be him so he demanded that the women presented it to him. He grabbed the device but to his shock it would not glow. Kuto-Sa became furious and gave the device to his wife, Chal’e’ to hold for him. Suddenly as the wife placed the device near her stomach, it miraculously began to glow. Kuto-Sa realised that it was glowing near the presence of his unborn child, who would be the successor to his throne.”
“The tribe was very happy at this development and began a week-long celebration in the honour of the future hero. However, Kuto-Sa’s suspicions grew even more. You see, his wife was originally a member of another tribe who offered her to the great warrior as a promise of peace and Kuto-Sa was worried that his child might use his power to restore Chal’e’’s village and lead an uprising. This was something that Kuto-Sa could not allow. With a great deal of hesitation, Kuto-Sa killed his wife and unborn child and then blamed Chal’e’’s village for the murder, thus providing him with an excuse to declare war. His people believed his story but the Spectrum Trinity were not convinced. They possessed supernatural powers and combined it with remaining pieces of technology from their ship in order to create a portal to the afterlife. They had enough energy to find the souls of the Chal’e’ and her child and to give them physical form but it came at a cost. They would have to spend time in Hell until such time when the Spectrum Trinity gained enough energy to fully restore them to Earth. Chal’e’ accepted these terms and so delivered and raised her child in the fiery depths of the underworld. She named this child Ares. Ares was very gentle and warm by nature but quickly learned that he would need to toughen up if he was to survive Hell. The energy that the Spectrum Trinity used to give him life was a small portion of the full power he was destined to receive when he returned to Earth, but it was enough to make him compete with the various ghouls and demons that threatened him. It was also helpful that he inherited his father’s warrior instincts. As Ares neared his 18th birthday, his name was one that was feared throughout all of Hell and yet he still managed to retain his calm, warm hearted manner. It was at this time that the Spectrum Trinity gathered enough energy to re open their portal and bring Chal’e’ and Ares back into the world of the living.”
“When they arrived, they discovered that Kuto-Sa was still waging war against Chal’e’’s village. Ares flew into the middle of the battlefield and instantly put a halt to the fighting with his intense blue aura. He successfully convinced the leader of Chal’e’’s village to once again form a truce but Kuto-Sa would not listen to reason. In a moment of rage he threw his spear towards his enemy but not before Chal’e launched herself in front of it. When Ares discovered what had happened, it was too late and his mother died in his arms. It was then that his first true experience of hate began to manifest itself. 18 years of living in Hell had challenged him to his emotional limit but it was this incident which began his descent into tyranny. The rage expressed itself with red blasts of pure hatred from Ares’ eyes which tore through Kuto-Sa, reducing him to ashes. And so it was with this act of vengeance that his reign began. Ares was content at first with simply ruling his village alone but soon his mind suffered from the same paranoia which afflicted his father. He began conquering other lands and so that is how the Ancient Greeks came to call him the God of War. The Spectrum Trinity realised that they had unleashed a monster and so they used the last of their life force to separate Ares from the remainder of his power and to bestow it onto his descendants as they still believed that a warrior and hero would eventually put it to good use. Despite his evil ways, Ares refused to kill his descendants, especially as he knew that in order for him to recover the energy, the current host would have to be alive. So he decided to leave Earth and visit the various other planets amongst the stars in order to acquire more energy and find a way to recover what was rightfully his. Little did he know that there was more to the Spectrum Trinity’s final act. Without possessing the full power of the Omega, there was no way for Ares to be immortal and still be at his full destructive capabilities. This is why he would periodically take breaks from his violent crusades as he needed time to recuperate his power.”
“So...let me get this straight...” The Captain interjected, “All our powers originate from an alien source which is split between Ares and a vast population of Earth....primarily the students in this school?”
“That is correct!” Deshawn replied.
“How the hell do you know about all of this?” The Knight abruptly asked.
“Well, Omega told me after he finished his training with Ares”
“WHAAT???” exclaimed Team Omega in almost perfect unison.
Deshawn sighed heavily. He had a feeling that this was all too much for the team to bear. His biggest concern was the effect it may have on Tyson, whose head was buried deep into his chest. “Listen....that’s a story for another day. Trust me, there is still a lot that you are not prepared to know”
“Can you at least tell us where Ares is now?” enquired The Vixen.
“Yes. I believe that you are at least ready to know what happened when Omega confronted Ares for the last time”......
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