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Kickstart My Heart

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Axl Rose meets the girl of his dreams and almost instantly falls for her, but there is only one problem, Slash has gotten there first.

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“What’s wrong?”

Slash’s head snapped up from staring at his guitar, and he noticed that his four band-mates were staring at him, concerned looks on their faces.


“What’s wrong?” Duff repeated, his bright blue eyes filled with worry.

Izzy hushed the bassist before turning his attention to Slash. Out of all the gunners, he had been the first one to notice the difference in his friend’s behavior. Slash had started to be more secretive, and instead of staying backstage after gigs to join the after-parties, he had started to leave as soon as he could.

“You've been drinking less, which is good, we’re happy about that,”The other three nodded, smiling at the lead guitarist.

”But you haven’t been yourself, you've ignored some of the hottest girls we've ever met, which isn't like you. You haven’t been here at all, Slash, it’s like you’re purposefully distancing yourself.

”He let out a long breath before speaking softly,”Are you ill, Slash?”

“Don’t be fucking stu-”

Slash was cut off when he was suddenly pulled into a tight, bone breaking hug, causing him to groan out. Looking down, he noticed the blonde, fluffy hair tucked underneath his chin. Steven gazed up at him, unshed tears in his wide eyes as he hugged his best friend.

“A-Are you dying, Slash? I don’t want you to die.”

Steven chuckled and shook his head. Returning the embrace, he grinned down at the drummer,”No, Stevie, i’m not dying.”

“Then what is it? Why are you hiding shit from us, fucker?” Axl interrupted, crossing his tattooed arms across his chest as Steven slowly let Slash go, sighing in relief before sitting down next to Duff.


The four eyed him suspiciously before they began whispering to each other, leaving Slash out of it. Rolling his dark eyes, he slumped against the sofa, wishing that they would just leave the subject alone. For a few moments, it was quiet, until Axl jumped up and grabbed his guitar off his lap, running to the other side of the room before Slash could grab him.

Slash stood up, his eyes flashing,”What the fuck?”

“If you won’t tell us, Slasher,”Axl moved toward the window and he held the guitar out of it,”your baby gets it!”

Slash swallowed at the sight of his favorite guitar at risk, and he glared at the redhead then snarled at the other three. His eyes trailed between Axl and the guitar, and he knew that the singer wasn’t kidding.


Axl began to pull the guitar inside as he waited for his friend to confess. Slash huffed angrily and began to fiddle with his fingers.

“I met a girl, and I've been seeing her, she’s amazing,”Slash’s eyes brightened up as he thought about the brunette, but it disappeared when he glanced at Axl,”...Now, give me Sally back, asshole!”

Axl’s jaw dropped and he laughed,”Sally? You name your guitars?”


Slash stormed over to Axl, who had the guitar clutched to his chest as he chuckled, and ripped it out of his arms. Axl slowly calmed down, wiping the tears away as he followed Slash back to the sofa. The other three looked on as the redhead patted Slash on the back, apologizing to him.

“So...tell me about this ‘amazing’ girl you've kept from us, Slasher.”

A slow smile spread onto his face as he began to think of the girl he had meet a few weeks earlier, but he was still hesitant to speak about her in front of his friends. Out of all the girls he had dated or become interested in, one of his friends had always managed to get her into bed, and even though he trusted her, he didn’t trust them.

“What’s her name?” Duff pressed, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees.

Slash thought about it for a moment, and nodded,”I’ll tell you, but only if you all promise not to try and fuck her because I like her...a lot, OK?”

Four heads nodded quickly,”We promise!”

“Her name is Stacy, she’s from San Diego, I met her after the gig we did there,”Slash chuckled at the memory,”She got dragged there by her friend and saved me from being attacked by her. We put her in a taxi and went to get a drink, I guess we hit it off.”

Steven piped up,”She hot?”

“Fuck yeah, she’s got brains too. She’s special, she didn't judge me by what people say. I really like her, man, she didn't give a fuck who I was...she likes me for who I am, which is rare.”

Slash’s mind wandered to the night they met, how she wasn’t so easily swept off her feet by his presence like all the other girls were. She made it clear that she wasn’t into the groupie thing, that she wasn’t going to sleep with him because of his fame or his money. They spent hours at the Rainbow, and for once, Slash was interested in a girl who wasn’t just some lay for him. He asked her to tell him about herself, and he eagerly sat and listened to her talk.

She wasn’t like all the self-centured girls he had dated, she also wanted to know about him, his back story. He remembered how sweet her laugh sounded when he told her some rubbish joke Duff told him, and he could still felt the itch in his fingers to touch her almost waist length dark brown hair.

After the bar closed, he walked her home and asked for her number, and she quickly wrote it down for him. For the last few weeks, they had been hanging out secretly, partly because she didn't want nothing to do with the paparazzi and media. It was all new to Slash, he had gotten used to girls who craved to please him, but Stacy made him work for it. He wanted to do those things for her, he wanted to spend most of his time with her.

“Sounds like you do, Slash,”Izzy stated,”Don’t fuck it up by screwing the next groupie that turns your head. You've actually got a girl who doesn't want you for your fame, or what band your in.”

“I won’t, and you lot better keep your dicks in your pants.” Slash warned, glaring at them all and they all held up their hands, shaking their heads.

“So,”Axl clapped his hands together,”When will we meet her?”

Raising an eyebrow at Axl’s exited tone, Slash chewed on his lip and looked at them all, unsure if he could trust them around her or not, so they all put their best innocent faces on, and gave him their best pouts. Slash chuckled softly and nodded, shaking his head at their horrible acting.

“I’ll call her later and see if she wants to meet up, OK?”

All four heads nodded.

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