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Chapter Fifteen

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Jack and I washed dishes in silence while the guys retired to their own rooms. I was happy when Thompson brought down his empty plate and gave me a quick smile.

"That guy is weird. He acts so nervous around me." Jack whispered as Thompson started up the stairs, his feet landing heavily. Up stairs, I could hear the twang of an unplugged guitar as John played, obviously not wanting to make a lot of noise.

"He's new around us." I said, not openly lying to him. "He's probably nervous around you because you're the newest." I shrugged. It sounded believable enough.

"I guess." He didn't sound too sure. I bit my lip and handed him another plate to dry. It slipped out of his hands and smashed on the floor. "Crap. Sorry, Izzy." He bent over.

"Don't! You'll cut yourself!" I stopped him. I grabbed the broom right when all the guys flooded the kitchen, Andy in the lead.

"What happened?" He asked me softly. I held up the broom and dustpan in an answer. They all relaxed instantly.

"Here, let me do it." Jack said, pulling them from my hands, his fingers catching on my second ring. I felt it happening before I could stop him.

The ring fell off, bouncing into the center of the broken glass. Instantly, like a blast of air blew away our human faces, the guys and I changed.

Around my neck, my sword and chain grew. WIthout thinking, I pulled it off. "Sorry." Jack said, still bent over. He reached into the glass and plucked out my ring.

He straightened to hand it to me and froze, his brown eyes meeting my white blue ones. The broom fell out of his hand, smacking against the floor loudly.

But I didn't have time to worry about him. Behind me, Thompson was growling. I turned to see John staring him down, their white blue eyes meeting in a deadly gaze. "John." My voice sounded so painfully different. "Watch him." He nodded, not looking at me.

Jack was still frozen in place, his headthe only part of him moving. Shaking, to be exact. I raised my hands, remembering my sword was in one of them. "Jack, it's okay. Don't freak out. Please." I begged, taking a step closer to him.

He stumbled back, tripping over the broom to catch himself on the counter. "Izzy, what the hell?!" He asked, his face paling.

"I can explain. Just please. Give me my ring." I held out my free hand, palm up, for it. With a shaking hand, he set my ring on my palm. "Okay? See, it's okay."

I put my ring on and we all changed back. My necklace dangled from my hand and I returned it to my neck. Thompson had relaxed behind me, but I knew John was watching him like a hawk.

"Looks like the cat's outta the bag." Alex sighed, leaning against the counter. Matt started to sweep up the broken glass, being careful not to touch Jack as he did so.

"Alex, can you finish in here while Andy and I take Jack to the lvingroom to talk?" He nodded. I reached for Jack, who flinched away. "Okay." I tried to hide the hurt in my voice. "Follow us."

He walked between me and Andy to the livingroom. I sat on one side of the couch while Andy stood behind me. Jack slumped against the plush cushions, his face a chalky white. "Matt, can you bring me a glass of ice water?"

Half a minute later, Matt sat a glass of icy water on the table. I handed it to Jack, who shook his head. "Drink." I said, forcing it into his hands.

I tried to not notice how much it shook when he lifted it to his mouth. He took a short drink ad then lowered the glass. I took it from him and sat it back down. "Where should I start?" I asked Andy more then Jack.

"The start." They said at the same time.

So I did. I told Jack everything I'd ever told the guys. Even Andy. Aside from the fact that my blood could change humans. He didnot need to know that.

"So....I'm the only human in the whole house?" I nodded. "Does your dad know?"

"No. And you can't tell him. Or Arthur will target him even more then he does now." He flinched at his name. "And as far as how all the guys ended up with me, you'll have to ask them." Andy's hand squeezed my shoulder slightly.

I touched his hand with my fingers, feeling a lot better now that Jack knew. "And you haven't told me because of him?" He flinched again and I knew he didn't mean Andy.

"Exactly. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. Aside from..." I paused, considering my words. "Him."

"So when we talking about monsters..." He trailed off, his eyes drifting to Andy. "That's why you got so bummed." He said, understanding in his voice now.

"Yeah." I said softly. "Because we should probably be classified as monsters. He created a whole separate world to live on with his second generation. He only comes or sends them when he wants to make trouble."

"And the second generation are like your kids, right?" He asked, his eyes touching Andy again.

"Sort of. It's a little more complex than that..." I also looked up at Andy, who kissed my forehead and smiled at me. "Okay, a lot more complex than that." I sighed. "I don't even really understand all of it. Only He knows everything about us." I glared at that thought.

I had to admit, Jack was taking this all very well. Yes, I hid as much from him as I do the others, I told him quite a bit. I even told him about the upcoming war and the murders that followed us here.

And not once did he freak out. It made me want to hug him. But Andy's hand on my shoulder kept my anchored in the real world. "Okay. Okay." He sat up, running a hand through his hair. "I don't know how, but I'll be okay with this."

I smiled at him and, ignoring Andy's hand, pulled him against me. Jack hesitated then hugged me back. "Because I still love you." He took my shoulders in his hands and kissed me. On the mouth.

A flash of hunger stabbed through me as he did and I couldn't resist myself. I pulled out of the kiss and leaned forward, for his neck.

Thankfully, Andy's wrist flew between us in time and I bit him, making his jaw snap shut loudly. Jack was shaking as Andy somehow pulled me away without taking his wrist out of my mouth.

His blood eased the hunger, but only a little. I unlocked my jaw and released his arm. "Sorry." I whispered, licking over the wound. It stitched shut almost instantly.

Jack was staring at us with wide eyes. I met his eyes and smiled apologetically. "Sorry."

"B-b-b..." He stuttered. I blinked in confusion. Andy turned my face toward him and licked a line up my chin and over my lips, making Jack puff up.

"You had blood on your mouth and chin, my dear." Andy whispered in my ear. Huh. I hadn't even felt it.

Jack passed out right in front of me. He's never been good with blood. Andy sighed and helped me lay him out on the couch, finding a blanket to toss over him. "So what do we do about him?" He asked softly.

"Wait for him to wake up. He's never been good with blood." I sighed, smoothing my hand over Jack's forhead. It was warm and soft, his hair tickling my fingers. I smiled at him and lifted him by his shoulders, sliding onto the couch under him.

I rested his head on my lap. "I'll stay here with him. Go do whatever you want, okay?" Andy looked at me with his green eyes and, leaning over Jack, kissed my lips sweetly.

"If I were to do that, I would need you at my side." He whispered, his eyes burning with love and....lust.

It made me quiver. Jack groaned on my lap. Andy looked at him with a blank expression and kissed me again. "And he would not be there." I could taste his blood on his lips.

For a split second, he deepened the kiss and I was able to taste his blood on his tongue. I cupped his face, unable to help myself. Then, too soon, he pulled away and winked at me.

I watched him walk off, my mind buzzing with mixed feelings. As I pulled my fingers through Jack's thick hair, I thought about how long we've known each other.

I thought about everything Andy and I have been through. How Thompson would have given his life to be with me. I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to keep from screaming in frustration.

"Izzy...." Jack whispered from my lap. I looked down to seen his eyes were open and watching me. "Relax." He reached up and cupped my face. "I still love you."

"I know you do." You shouldn't. "Let's get you home." Please leave so I can think. He sat up

I walked him to his house in silence. We stood together in front of the front door. He pulled me into a hug. "I love you." He whispered into my hair. "And I really want you to love me too."

"I know." I whispered, hugging him back. Oh Jack. I'm so sorry. "But you can't get any closer to me." I let go of him and stepped out of his hug.

His face fell for a second. "Very funny." He reached out to pull me to him again, his wide smile on his face.

I took another step back. "I'm not kidding Jack. You have to stay away from me." I said, my voice serious. He looked me in my eyes and I made sure they showed no emotion.

"Izzy, come on. I'm not scared of you." He took a step closer to me. I took three back.

"Meet me in front of that nature trail we used to take when we were little tomorrow. We'll talk then." I said, keeping my voice even. I didn't wait for him to answer and turned away from him, walking home.

I felt sick. I would have to turn him away tomorrow, but how? Andy met me at the door. "It's going to be okay." He whispered, shutting the door behind me.

He kissed my forehead and cheeks, his mouth hovering over mine. I raised up onto my toes to kiss him, my arms going around his neck. He picked me up, not breaking the kiss.

After a long moment, he set me back on my feet. "Come to bed with me? You're a great heater." I smiled at him.

He grinned back and nodded. As we lay in my bed, he held me tightly, telling me stories about his human life as I drifted to sleep.

"I think I finally know what I'm feeling." I yawned. "I love you." I felt his heart flutter under my hand.

"Really?" His voice was a pitch higher in his excitement. I nodded against his chest, my eyes closed. "I love you too, Izzy. I always will." He kissed the top of my head.

"I know." I smiled before I fell into a nice, nightmareless sleep.
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