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20th century my arse.

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MEN FUCK MEN... GET OVER IT!! Rant. Don't read if ya don't care.

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I am sorry to post this here but I need to get this off my chest.

My dad was using my laptop and found my porn history and the only reason why he went bat shit crazy was because most of it was gay porn.

When he asked me why I was looking at men fucking other men I answered with "Because I like it" He had a complete meltdown. What really annoyed him was the fact that there was "normal" porn among the gay porn. He couldn't understand how I could get off on both.

I know some people say people who class themselves as 'bisexual' are just being greedy but sometimes that's all we have to "label" our sexuality. Some people find it hard to figure out what there sexual preference is. I for one do. I'm only a teenager. If I want to experiment with both male and female I will do so.

Why do we have to label our sexuality at such a young age? It frustrates me when people ask "Are you straight or gay?" because if you give them a soiled answer and its not the answer they want to hear you get judged for it, and if you don't give them an answer at all, you automatically get label as 'Gay', 'Pervert' or a 'freak'.

People need to be more open-minded when It comes to sexuality and not be so judgemental.
Sexual preference is one of the most hardest things to determine sometimes and maybe YOUR judgment will push someone that much closer to the edge.

Please people. Start being kinder to others. you never know what that one comment can lead too.

Rant Over!
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