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This is a Lita/Sailor Jupiter rap that I made. Written back in 2000. I'll admit it's a little lame, but cute; I was 14 at the time :)

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She loves to cook and she loves to clean.
She's very nice but if she needs to,
She can be awfully mean.
She is very, very tough and can put up a dangerous fight.
She's even fought against Beryl's third general, Zoicite.
She would give up her life to protect the moon princess, Serena.
Hell, she's about as tough as the warrior princess, Xena.
Every cute guy she meets reminds her of Freddy, her old boyfriend.
When her friends smile, to her it is a joysend.
From Sunday through Saturday,
From January through December,
She is Lita, She's the sailor scout of Jupiter.
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