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Lord of the Poems

by Queen_Serenity 1 review

Alright, this is a poem which I write as reading the LotR books. When this poem is done, it's gonna be the Lord of the Poems! Hehe. Anyway, come check it out. Written years ago.

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A big party is planned

A celebration is in the making

Rumours of it are spread over the land

For it many delicacies are baking

The eldest birthday hobbit is Mr. Bilbo

His eleventy-first birthday

And it's extra special for Mr. Frodo

Thirty-three, his coming-of-age

September has now come

And, with it, much preparation

This will be so much fun

This gigantic celebration

The dwarves, they show up with hoods that are deep

And Gandalf, with a cart that carries sky fire

The latter during the day and the former while hobbits sleep

All in preparation for this big party in the Shire
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