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Old Habits

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She promised herself she wouldn't cry anymore. But then why is she? And why in front of him?

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Old Habits

By: AbandonedNekoGirl

Summary: She promised herself she wouldn't cry anymore. But then why is she? And why in front of him?

"Two cheese burgers, two orders of fries, a chocolate milkshake, and a medium soda, please..." Cally told the waitress.

"Thank-you, dear. I'll have your order ready soon" the waitress said, smiling at her.

Cally tried as hard as she could to return the smile, but it was obviously forced. How could she smile after what had happened a few days ago... at the year-end dance? Small tears formed in her eyes but she brushed them away. She had promised herself that she wouldn't cry. Not for him anymore.

The food arrived a few minutes later, but she found that she couldn't eat any of it, no matter how hungry she was. Instead, she stared off at the streets surrounding the café, as if expecting him to appear at the corner and come running to her. It was getting harder and harder for her to fight the tears.

"Hey there, Cally!" a familiar voice shouted to her. Cally snapped out of her daze to see Dizzy running to her table.

"Oh, hi... Dizzy..." Cally said with a weak smile, just glad to see a friendly face at that moment, "what brings you here?"

"I was walking home from the movies when I saw you sitting here and I... just thought I'd say hi" Dizzy said, nervous and blushing just like he always was around her. His eyes came to the food in front of her. "Is someone meeting you here?"

"No... I'm alone tonight..." Cally answered, trying to hide her sadness.

"Sure are hungry, aren't you, Cal?" Dizzy said, laughing a bit.

Cally wasn't quite sure what to say "No, not really. Omen and I used to come here a lot"

"Wait, what do you mean used to?" Dizzy asked confused, "Do you mean that you guys...?"

Cally nodded her head "We broke up... at the year end dance... actually it was more like he dumped me. He said that there was someone else and he couldn't be with me because whenever he kissed me... he couldn't think of anything but her..."

"I... I'm so sorry..." were the only words that Dizzy could manage to say. This shocked him. He was always shocked with news of a guy dumping Cally. Who would break up with her?

"It's really okay, Dizzy..." Cally said, "it's just an old habit of mine. I would order the food. Omen would show up late and come up with some lame excuse like Doyle got his head stuck in the oven or something. Then he'd dip his fries in his milkshake and then I'd say how disgusting that was. Then he'd just sigh and look up at the sky and mutter something. A couple of times I was able to make out... Valencia... whoever that is..."

Dizzy remained silent. He didn't know what to say to Cally. She was on the brink of tears.

"I wish there was something I could do for you, Cal," Dizzy finally managed to say, "I know!" he sat down in the seat next to her, grabbed a few French fries, and dipped them in the milkshake. Then he gulped them down sloppily, getting some of the milkshake on his shirt.

"Ew. That's gross," Cally said grimacing, "do you realize how disgusting that is, Ome-" she stopped. She then realized that she was sitting there in the café with Dizzy, her life long friend, and not Omen, the guy she thought truly loved her. He said he still cared for her, but in a sisterly kind of way. Which was a nice way for him to say, "We're through and I'm in love with someone else". She felt the weight of the world come crashing down on her. She promised herself she wouldn't cry. But then why were tears leaking out of her eyes? "Valencia's probably his new girlfriend..." Cally thought, "she's probably some beauty queen that gets any guy she wants"

Then she suddenly felt the warmth of Dizzy's arms around her. Her tears stopped flowing and she looked up at him to see he had a very serious look on his face, but in his eyes she could see compassion. She could tell that he knew how she felt. Especially since a while ago Rebecca had mercilessly dumped him.

"Cally..." he said softly, "You can't live your life like this. I know you loved Omen and I know that it hurts right now. But if he was willing to leave you like this then is he really worth crying for?"

"This is a Dr. Phil thing, isn't it?" Cally asked, rolling her eyes. Something a TV shrink preached about wasn't going to help her.

"It's not, it's a common sense thing," said Dizzy, "you should forget him, Cally. So what if he dumped you? It's his freakin' loss! And there is no way that this chick that Omen's with is any more beautiful than you. And so what if you lost your virginity to him? That just means that it will be even more meaningful when you do it with someone that really does love you. I know I've said this before, but this time I'm serious about it. Omen's an asshole and he doesn't deserve someone as beautiful and as wonderful as you. Cally, old habit or not, you don't need to live like this anymore. Spread your wings and fly away from your misery. Free yourself from this prison he's put you in. Be free, Cally..."

Dizzy made a motion like he was unlocking a door. Cally couldn't hold it in. She burst into a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny?" Dizzy asked, not getting why Cally found this so funny.

"That last part was the cheesiest thing I ever heard!" Cally giggled. Then she calmed down, "But I do feel a lot better. Thanks, Dizzy..." then she added "And by the way, I never had sex with him. We almost did once but he accidentally called me Valencia and I got mad at him"

Dizzy's face came up close to hers. Cally thought that he was going to kiss her. But she was a bit disappointed when he lifted his finger to her eye and brushed away her lingering tears.

"I'm glad you're okay," said Dizzy, "It's hell for me to see you cry. You know I love you, Cally. You'll never feel that way about me, but I will never stop loving you. That's something that I can't do..." he gave her a sincere smile. Cally could see a tinge of red creeping onto his cheeks. She was glad that hers were already red from crying.

"I better go now..." Dizzy said, getting up, "I'll see you tomorrow" as he walked away, Cally wanted to run up to him and kiss him. To tell him that she did love him. That she had realized her feelings for him a while ago, back when he sang that song at the talent show but that both Rebecca and Juniper had stood in the way of her telling him. She just wanted him to know. Instead she just sat there thinking of all those times that he had asked her out and offered to be her shoulder to cry on in tough situations, just he had been a few minutes ago.

"What could have been...?" Cally thought. All those times Dizzy asked her on dates she had turned him down. If she had actually gone on one with him, what would have happened? Would she have fallen in love with him? Would she have avoided being hurt by Omen? Would she have never felt jealousy towards one of her friends? Would Juniper have killed her? It was no use to dwell on the past. She could just look forward to the future. A future that hopefully Dizzy was in.

"I'll tell him tomorrow..." she thought, "and I am definitely going to break this habit before July ends"

Yeah. There it is. My first Dark Oracle fic. Yeah, I'm saying yeah a lot. Anyway, there's gonna be a sequal coming out some time soon called "The Way it's Always Been". Let's just say it's pretty sad and someone almost dies. I don't know why, but I find myself writing a lot of sad stuff lately. Whatever, the point is that this is the fic and it made me nearly cry.
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