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Ten Seconds

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It took her exactly ten seconds to realize that their relationship was over. Chris Sabin/OC. Sequel to Twelve Seconds.

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A/N: I'm in an angsty mood tonight, and that is responsible for this. Just a little heads-up, it's kind of sad.

It took her exactly ten seconds to realize that their relationship was over.


Chris never listened to her anymore. She understood that he was stressed out and busy, but how hard was it to listen to her and try to understand where she was coming from? She had needs too.


Sometimes she would look at Chris and wonder what she had ever seen in him, because the man that she was with now was the complete opposite of the man she had fallen in love with.


Chris felt like he was talking to a brick wall. He had explained time and time again that nothing had changed between them, and he was getting sick of being blamed for things that were beyond his control. He didn’t like being on the road all the time either, but it was a job, and it was his livelihood.


She wished that Chris would just stay on the road. When he was at home, they argued more than they ever had. It seemed like their relationship worked best when they were apart.


Neither of them could believe that their relationship had deteriorated this quickly, and try as they might, they couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment it had started.


What was the point of even sleeping in the same bed together? It wasn’t like they ever made love anymore. Chris couldn’t even share a tender moment with his girlfriend, because whenever he tried to touch her, she pulled away.


Her heart was breaking, and Chris couldn’t even see it. There were numerous nights when his girlfriend would lock herself in the bathroom with one of their dogs and cry her eyes out. If Chris suspected, he never said a thing, but she didn’t think that Chris could be bothered to care about her anymore.


She thought that he was self-absorbed, pretentious, and a megalomaniac. He thought that she was frigid, stubborn, and a bitch.


Despite everything, Chris still loved and adored his girlfriend, and, given the chance, wanted to patch up the holes that his absence had caused.


She didn’t want to argue or fight anymore. She just wanted it to be over. She wanted to feel alive again, and she knew that she would never feel that way as long as she was with Chris.
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