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Eighteen Seconds

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It took eighteen seconds to shatter their world. Sequel to Twelve Seconds and Ten Seconds. Chris Sabin/OC.

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A/N: All the credit for this one goes to my sista from another mista and bestie, RhiannonLeighBlack. Originally this was intended to be 60 seconds, but I couldn't stretch it out that far. But the inspiration for this came from her, so it's dedicated to her. There may or may not be another part; I haven't decided yet.


Her hands shook violently and her stomach churned as she glanced at the small stick in her hand. Of all the things she had planned to do with her Saturday, taking a pregnancy test was not one of them. She’d been hoping against hope that her period was just late due to stress and lack of sleep, but the proof was right there in front of her, in the form of two pink lines.

She was so screwed.


The last time they had spoken was two days after the breakup. Chris had come back to get the remainder of his things, and his girlfriend had been in a very volatile mood. It was nothing new for Chris; he was used to seeing her constantly pissed off. But something had been different about her that day, something that he couldn’t pinpoint.

He didn’t realize until it was too late that his girlfriend was drunk.


Chris had no idea how they ended up in bed together. His memory was foggy due to the massive amount of tequila and whiskey that they’d consumed (another red flag—his girlfriend rarely drank, unless it was with him, and even then instances like that were few and far between), but he very clearly remembered them having sex. And if he were honest, it was the best sex they had ever had.

Cosmo magazine and the various movies and television programs he’d seen didn’t lie—break-up sex really was the best sex. Unfortunately for Chris, he barely remembered it.


She felt like a fool. She should’ve known better than to let her guard down like that, and now she was paying the price for it. But when Chris showed up, all of the negative emotions that she’d pushed deep down inside had resurfaced, like an uncontrollable tsunami. She blamed her reaction partly on the alcohol she’d already slammed down when Chris got there and partly on her inability to control herself around him, but it didn’t really matter who was responsible now.

What mattered was that this was her and Chris’ baby, and she had to tell him.


Chris was in the middle of changing into his wrestling gear when his phone buzzed with a text message. He flipped the phone open and stared at the text with a perplexed expression.

I have to talk to you. It’s important.


“Did she say what it was about?” Alex asked.

Chris shook his head.

“No. I have no idea what it is, but I have a hunch that it isn’t good.”

“It’s probably nothing. It’s not like she’s pregnant or anything, right?” Alex shrugged.


Even though Alex had been joking, Chris couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if his ex was in fact pregnant. They had never talked about kids, and Chris knew that he couldn’t handle that kind of responsibility right now—he couldn’t even maintain a successful relationship, let alone take care of a kid. He hoped that his ex wasn’t pregnant.


The thought of seeing Chris again and explaining to him that she was pregnant as a result of their drunken breakup sex was stressing her out beyond belief, and making her nauseous as well, though she wasn’t sure if that was due to Chris or morning sickness.


The only person that knew she was pregnant currently was her best friend, and she intended to keep it that way. If she had her way, Chris would never know until the minute she gave birth, but she knew that she had to bite the bullet and tell Chris. Regardless of what had happened between them, he deserved to know.


How would she handle it if Chris rejected her? She was financially stable, but even she didn’t have the ability to raise a baby on her own. Would she have to hold down two jobs to make ends meet? She didn’t want to force Chris to pay child support, but if she had no other option, she would have to.


The more he thought about it, the more Chris realized that he had to man up and do the right thing. That meant being a part of his unborn child’s life, if his ex was actually pregnant. He was still holding out hope that she wasn’t, but Alex’s statement had stuck with him.


She’d never been so scared to see Chris in the entire time she’d known him.


Chris could feel his heart hammering so loudly that the sound vibrated in his ears. He couldn’t remember ever being this nervous, and what was ridiculous about it was that this wasn’t a total stranger. It was his ex-girlfriend. But he still couldn’t control his body’s reactions at the moment.


She had been holding the news in for far too long, and before she could stop herself, the minute that Chris stepped in the door, she blurted,

“I’m pregnant.”

The only response she got was a stunned look from Chris, which she had been expecting. She knew she should’ve approached the topic differently, but keeping this under wraps had affected her sleep schedule, her eating habits, even her thought patterns, and letting it out was liberating.


He could not move. He could not even speak. The only action that Chris could take at that precise moment was to cross the room to where his ex-girlfriend was standing and take her in his arms. He wrapped his strong arms around her and squeezed, not too tightly, but tight enough to hopefully reassure her that he wasn’t angry or upset with her. Was he shocked? Most definitely. A little disappointed? For sure, but it would be extremely hypocritical of Chris to place all the blame on his ex-girlfriend, when he was just as responsible.

He hoped she couldn’t read the confusion and fear on his face. Chris knew that he had to be the one to stay strong here. He was honestly surprised that she hadn’t slapped him yet.


“What are we going to do?” Her voice wavered, and a small tear slipped down her cheek. She hurriedly wiped it away, hoping that Chris wouldn’t notice, but he did. Gently, he helped her to sit down on the couch, and took her small hand in his. He had never been more sure of what he was about to say in his life, which was odd considering that only minutes before, he’d been thinking the total opposite.

“Keep it. I want to.” At the surprised look on his ex’s face, Chris continued, “We’ll make it work. We’ll do this together. I don’t want our child to suffer for the decision we made.”


Before his ex had time to respond, Chris was kneeling in front of her. She clapped a shaking hand to her mouth, not believing what she was seeing. Less than 48 hours ago, her world had been turned upside down. Now Chris was kneeling in front of her and even though she knew what was coming, she couldn’t seem to fathom it. Chris was talking, but she could only hear bits and pieces.

“….mistake. I made a mistake, and I’m sorry,” Chris said. His blue eyes never left her hazel ones. “I really want to try again. I want us to have a second go, sweetheart. And not because you’re pregnant. I was a dumbass the first time, and I let my pride get in the way.” He kissed her hand.

“I can’t promise that it will always be perfect, but I can promise that I will love you until the end. With my last breath.” Chris let out a long, wavering breath. “What do you say?”


What else could she say but yes? She had never stopped loving Chris, and the time spent away from him had allowed her to realize that she didn’t want to live her life without him in it. They would argue, they would fight, but they would love each other throughout every obstacle. And a baby was definitely the biggest one they had ever faced, but she wasn’t as scared now. She had worried initially that Chris would pull a jerk move and leave her to raise the baby on her own, but that had been her anger telling her that. She knew that Chris would be right there with her, every step of the way, through the good and the bad.

“Yes. I love you. I want to be with you.”

Chris’ arms around her and his lips on her cheek only affirmed her feelings on the decision she had just made. She was looking forward to their new adventure, more than any words could express. She hoped that Chris was just as excited as she was.
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