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The Way Of Saying Sorry

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slash remembers the fight he earlier had with axl. they both regret what was said, but how will they work things out?

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this is my first fanfic so don't judge my shitty writing skills it'll get better i promise.
it's a slaxl one because i have to get it out of my head and i know i am a bit late with the christmas thing but anyways...

it was a saturday night and the gunners were decorating a christmas tree, but axl wasnt there. he stormed out after a fight he and slash had earlier that day. slash was putting on one of the ornaments and in the reflection he could see axl's face looking at him.
"you can't be jealous. stephanie is just a girl, slash." the man from the reflection said, repeating the words from their arguement earlier that day.
"tell me she means nothing to you. say it. out loud."
"you know i can't. i love her. but i...." axl was cut off by slash yelling at him:
"then you might aswell go be with her and completely forget that i even exist!!! how does that sound to you!?"
" you more" the redhead continued what he was about to say before being interrupted, but he said it quietly and slash didnt hear him.
"you know, what, i might as well do that. 'cause youre just a jealous asshole and you don't even want to hear me out. i just hate you so much!!!!"
"WELL I'M GLAD I AM! AT LEAST I WON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH YOU ANYMORE!!!!" axl screamed before slamming the door on his way out of the room. he probably went do the bar and he will be back for dinner, slsah thought. thats what it was usually like with axl...

"i'll be right back' slash said, walking out of the living room, where everybody was, and walking into his and axls bedroom. he took a bottle of jack daniels locked in his closet and sat in the armchair, still not letting go of the ornament that reminded him of axl.

he thought through everything that was said that day, and he regret it very much. but he did know that axl has feelings for stephanie, and it was hurting him. they had a deal since axl broke up with erin, that they could get involved with girls, but no place in their hearts was allowed for another person. and slash respected this. it hurt him so much that axl didnt take it as serious. he wondered if the singer really meant what he said: that he was an asshole and that he hated him.
he decided to sob in alcohol to get his mind on to something else.

after a few hours of not hearing a word of him, izzy came to slash's room and asked him what's wrong. at first slash hesitated but then he told the other guitarist ewhat happened.
izzy gave him a comforting hug, taking his jd away, putting it on the table nearby. "come on, get up, jerk, you have to go find him and sort this out". he followed slash to the door and handed him a jacket on the way out. "go. everything's gonna be alright. it has to be" slash noded as he hurried outside.
he went to the place down the street to find axl sitting at the bar, drunk as fuck. he walked up to the redhead and sat next to him.
"i'm sorry, ax. i overreacted. but i do think this is something we should discuss...whenever you wanna talk it's ok with me...."
the singer just gazed at him, lost looking in his chocolate brown eyes, curling the other man's hair around his fingers. he didn't say a word and for a moment it was like the time had stopped and they were the only people in the world.
"no need to. i called stephanie. we broke up."
slash opened his mouth to say something but axl shut him up with a light kiss. "i never want anything to get in our way.. ever again.. ... .... can we go home..?"
slash placed his hand around the shivering redhead's shoulders and took him back home. when they entered, izzy, duff and steven were sitting on the living room couch waiting to see if the couple worked things out.

avoiding their bandmates, as things were quite obvious, slash led axl to the bedroom, where axl pushed him on the bed, lowering himself on top of him, and kissing him passionately. slash tilted his head back, so axl would have better acces to his neck. the redhead moved slash's hair out of the way as he nuzzled his neck, lowering his kisses down the guitarist's tanned bare chest, then his belly and finally down to his boxers.

slash moaned in excitement, lifting his body up, passionately pressing onto axl's. he looked straight in his hazel eyes as the singer held his cock, tightening the grip and stroking. as the strokes became faster, slash got more and more intense. axl licked the head of his aching erection, as it leaked pre-cum. then axl took him all the way in his mouth and down his throat, slash moaning to the arousing hotness of the redhead's mouth. his groans were muffled by a passionate kiss. as axl brought slash over the edge, he screamed axl's name in excitement, coming hard in axl's mouth, who sucked and swallowed the very last drop, before laying down by slash's side, the younger man cuddling him lovingly.

"is this axl's way to say he's sorry?" slash wondered to himself... if so, there was one thing better not left unsaid
"i'm never gonna be that jeaslous asshole again." he said as they both giggled. "i love you"

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