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NOTE! Black Cat’s court is also known as her daughters and sons and her true family or clan that she will never abandon (Even when they call her their Mistress, queen or mother)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE 2! Black Cat is always in the same outfit originally in every story and her outfit is of a black bra like top, a black mini skirt, and black knee high boots, black Goth make-up and Goth gloves, black Cat ears and tail. Short black hair over right eye covering the three claw marks over right eye, one on left, a long one on right with a smaller one next to it. Bone-mark is a black dragon’s eye with devil wings on the side with dark rainbow eyes that have slitted pupils in the center and pure white fangs over her black lips.

Fire has a purplish black long sleeve top that shows her stomach, long purplish black jeans with darker flame patterns at the bottom, she had purplish black boots, Goth make-up, her bone-mark is a purple flame around a mini black fox in the centre of it, her eyes are a black with a purple tint, her black curly hair is around her shoulders with purple fringe, she also has a scare over her left eye pure white fangs over her purple lips.

Darkness has a dark bluish black one shoulder top with a single long sleeve and it shows her stomach, a dark bluish black skirt with knee length leggings, she has dark bluish black heels, Goth make-up, her bone-mark is a dark bluish black griffon, her eyes are a red with a tint of bluish black, her black ringlets are around her waist with blue highlights, she has a scare over her left eye pure white fangs over her blue lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE 3! Black Cat is in love with different boys at once because her heart doesn’t let them go and they are all fine with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Vampire Knight –Yuuki’s P.O.V
2.Experiment 628 and friend –Lilo & Stitch
3.Second Change –Yu-Gi-Oh
4.I’ll Kill U, Kaos –Skylanders
5.I Missed U –Beyblades
6.Long-Time, No See –Spiderman
7.Naga’s Niece –Bakugan
8.Fix My Broken Life –Rise Of The Guardians
9.The Unknown Dragon –How To Train Your Dragon
10. An Old Friend –Sonic
11. A Friend Helps A Fox –Naruto
12. A Party with vamps –Vampire Dairies
13. Wild Core –Monsuno
14. A Crazy Family Visit –Ben 10
15. A New Villain –Pokémon
16. Magic Worry –Winx
17. Vampire Knight 2 –Black’s P.O.V
18. Scooby-Doo
19. Xover –all
20. Love with a vampire –Lauren’s P.O.V(Kistune)
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