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The first day of freshman year was upon me, and I had no idea what to do. My life had changed a lot in the past week and I was seriously considering following in my dad’s footsteps. The only thing that stopped me, however, was the fact that I had to be strong, even where my dad wasn’t.

I got dressed in a pair of black Tripp skinnies with a Metal Mulisha wife beater. It was cold, in the mid-fifties so I grabbed my Emmure hoodie and slid it over my head. I added just a tidbit of eyeliner and eye shadow and headed out the door.

With the laces on my Sneaux done up, my backpack strapped on my back and my skateboard in hand, I kicked and pushed onto the sidewalk, en route to Festive Northwest High School. I had to go about twenty blocks to get to the sickly, bright, green, faux lawn of the school.

Skateboards were most defiantly not allowed on school grounds, (so I had learned at orientation), but there was no one in sight except for a group of boys that looked to be a grade or two above me. I skated past them, when all of a sudden one grabbed me by my arm, knocking me to the ground and sending my board speeding down the pathway.

“What the fuck, man?” I yelled as I slapped the asshole’s hand away from my arm. He took hold of both my arms in his steely grip.

“You got a mouth on ya, fish,” he whispered as he got close to my face. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes was overwhelming. “I wonder what else you could do with it.” I slammed my knee into his groin as hard as I could. While I did that a boy I hadn’t noticed before, swung a left hook and made contact with the second boy. They both got up and after hissing threats through clenched teeth, they ran off toward the school.

“What assholes,” I muttered as I dusted my sweater and went to retrieve my skateboard. The mystery boy whom I didn’t notice was already walking back with it.

“Oh my God,” I exclaimed a little too loud. This boy was cute. He had deep hazel eyes and short black hair with bangs that glided over his face. He was wearing a Metallica jersey and he had what seemed to be dishcloths taped around a majority of his arms. There was also a big Band-Aid on his neck.

The mystery boy stopped and looked at himself, thinking I must’ve noticed something wrong about him. My face turned the color of my favorite carbonated beverage.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he got closer to me. His voice was like music. “I’m not beat too bad, am I?” That’s when I noticed his lip was cut and his left eye was starting to swell.

I swallowed the spit that was building up and blinked at him.

“Umm, you-you-you, uhh,” Talk Vic, talk! I thought to myself. “Your eye is bleeding.”

He laughed the laugh of an angel.

“That sounds bad,” He said as he handed my board back.

He opened his mouth to say something when the principal or head mistress or warden, whatever the hell she was, came running up to us.

“You two!” She yelled as quickened her pace.

“Fuck,” Mystery boy and I both muttered.

“You’re the new student aren’t you?” She yelled.

“Yes?” He gave a confused answer to this tyrant of a woman.

“You’re the one who beat up those nice boys! You’re coming with me,” She grabbed him by his shirt and began pulling him. That’s when she noticed my board still in Mystery boy’s hand. “You were skateboarding on school grounds?”

“No!” I yelled, finally finding my voice. “I was, and I helped him beat up those two stupid dogs!”

The look she gave me would make you think I set her granny panties on fire. She grabbed me by my hoodie and pulled us all the way to her office.

She babbled on and on about discipline and rules and something about being tired of dealing with juvenile delinquents. I wasn’t paying attention. Mystery boy was staring at me.

She roughly sat us into a bench right next to each other in front of the glass wall that looks into her office. I saw those two boys in there, smirking at us when she wasn’t looking.

I can’t believe I’m already in trouble.

I can’t believe Mystery boy just scooted closer to me.

“I don’t want you to worry about it,” He whispered, which sent chills down my spine.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I turned to face him, gasping as I saw how close his face was to mine.

He gave me a grin.

“I’ll take the fall; you didn’t do anything so you shouldn’t get in trouble for something I did.” How nice of Mystery boy.

“Well, it wasn’t all you. I fought them and it was my skateboard. I kind of already told her that.” He looked down at his hands and so did I.

They were so scarred.

We looked up from them at the same time, and I blushed.

I blushed like a fucking loser.

I turned away from him quickly, and heard a small chuckle.

I cleared my throat when I thought my face was back to normal.

“So,” I started. “You’re new here?” He leaned back against the benched and stretched his arms out; bring them to rest along the top. I had to resist the urge to lean back as well.

“Yea, I just moved here, with my brothers.” Brothers, wow.

“Oh, you have brothers, how nice.” I said as I flashed him a smile. His eyes lit up. I hoped to God I wasn’t blushing.

“Yea, it’s nice to not be alone all the time, ya know?” I didn’t know if he was looking at me, because I was looking at the ground, fighting the urge to cry in front of this cute Mystery boy.

“Oh, shit, are you crying?”


“Oh, no, I’m just allergic to the bitch in there,” I gave a weak smile and he didn’t buy at all.

“Was it something I said?” He questioned, and when I didn’t answer, he didn’t push.

‘Trust him, he seems nice enough and he seems genuine.’ The voice inside me said repeatedly in just a span of thirty seconds.

So I gave in to it.

“Okay,” I began. However I wasn’t able to finish.

“Frank Iero, get in here!” I heard the lady (or was it a man?) yell out of her door as the two supposedly ‘good’ boys walked out.

Mystery boy, well Frank, glared them down as he walked past them. He looked terrifying and beautiful.

He looked back at me before he walked into the office.

“I’ll be seeing you around, Vic.” Before I had a chance to respond, the door glided shut.

I only had one thing on my mind as I leaned back against that bench in front of that she-males office: how did he know my name?
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