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Six Seconds

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In six seconds, they realized the true meaning of unconditional love. Chris Sabin/OC. Conclusion to the Seconds of a Lifetime series

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Chris was enraptured with his tiny newborn son. He couldn’t help but stare at Liam’s impossibly
tiny fingers and toes, and as he sneaked a look at his wife, Chris saw that she was also beaming with pride.


Chris worried from the moment his wife’s water broke to the moment they prepped for the Cesarean section that would deliver their bundle of joy. His wife, however, hadn’t been worried. If anything, she had been the one telling Chris to relax as they rode to the hospital.


Liam. They had decided on the name together, but his wife was actually the one that had brought it up. Chris was terrible at picking names; he’d had enough trouble naming his cats. But Liam was a perfect fit for their son.


For the first week that Liam was home, Chris walked on eggshells. He did his best to help out, voluntarily taking over night feedings so that his loved one could sleep. But he treated Liam as though he were a delicate whatnot that would break, and Chris knew that he was overdoing it. But he was hopelessly in love with this little boy, and he didn’t want to do anything that could possibly jeopardize Liam’s existence.


They wanted to do everything humanly possible to ensure that they were better parents than their absentee ones. For the most part, Chris wasn’t worried about being a positive influence on his son’s life. But sometimes, when Liam cried, he wouldn’t stop for hours, and it worried Chris. He panicked every single time, and he wondered if he would ever feel like he knew what he was doing.


Chris was asleep, Liam cuddled to him protectively, when his wife walked in. She stood and surveyed the scene with a brilliant smile on her face. Nothing warmed her heart more than seeing the two loves of her life sprawled out on the couch together. When she thought about the time that she’d had reservations about Chris being a food father, she shook her head. Chris was phenomenal, attentive, loving, and everything that a girl could want or need in a partner.
She leaned in and kissed the top of Chris’ head. He stirred and yawned as he sat up, careful not to jar Liam.

“Don’t mind me, handsome,” she spoke. “You need the rest.”

“I’m fine,” Chris insisted, but the truth was that he was exhausted. He’d accumulated a total of 7 hours sleep over three days, and the lack of rest was beginning to catch up to him. He couldn’t stop himself from yawning again, and his wife chuckled.

“I’ll watch him for a while.” She patted Chris’ butt playfully. “Go get some sleep, handsome. By the way, you are a phenomenal daddy.”

Chris blushed at the compliment, but didn’t argue. He leaned in and kissed his wife gently.

“And you are a phenomenal wife, and mother.”
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