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Search and destroy

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Jack Of Hearts is a well know killjoy who kills the male dracs but never the females, as she watches everyone she love get taken from her, can she stand and watch Gerard become what he hates the most?

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The girl stood clutching her younger sisters arm. She was 18 with long blonde hair. Her big brown eyes where filled with fear as her father pushed both her and her sister behind himself. He ran to the door and double bolted it. He pushed a chest of draws in front of it, trying to hold of the monsters.

"Girls get back please, climb out the window,"

He grabbed the eldest girls arms and looked into her eyes, tears filling his own.

"You can do this, Chris, you know you can, I've taught you well, it's time to start running babes. Take Sophia with you, she'll need your protection,"

The eldest shook her head as she heard banging against the old wooden door.

"But dad I can't not without you, you promised!"

He wiped the tears from her cheeks and hugged her tight. Her told her she'd be ok, that she could do this, he turned to the youngest, told her to be good and do as Chris said. She smiled and nodded sucking her thumb as she cried, not understand why there father was saying goodbye.

Sophia climbed out the window and onto the roof bellow it first. Chris turned to her father once more.

"Please dad, if you come now you can make it, you don't have to do this, I can make you change your mind!"

He smiled sadly.

"Not on this darling. I promised I'd protect both of you girls. Whatever the cost,"

He turned away and passed her a pink mask. He then put hers over her watering eyes and spoke softly.

"Can't forget these. Please. Jack, go,"

He helped her out of the window just as the monsters came in and pulled him back.


I woke up in a cold sweat and checked my sister next to me. She was fine, sound asleep. It had been 3 years since the attack on my family and I was 21. Sophia had just turned 12. I reached out and stroked her hair.

She was beautiful. Tanned skin like my fathers, brown eyes like my own and a small body like my mothers. She also had my fathers jet black hair. I'd never let her dye it. Me and her where almost opposites.

Where her skin was tanned, mine was deathly pale. Her hair naturally black, mine blonde, although I dyed it bright blue. She had a slim almost skinny frame whereas mine was more curvy and feminine.

I smiled down at her and looked around. Something was here. In the old house we found in the desert, it might have been an old farm house. It looked that way. I grabbed my jacked, mask and put both of them on before grabbing my bow and quiver. I got up and listened to the sound of the steps. More then one something. I focused on two things, the steps and my breathing.

I loaded an arrow and was just about to shoot before he stepped out of the shadows. Bright red hair. Brown-green eyes. Cute button nose and a smile that melted my heart. I lowered my bow as I looked into the masked eyes of someone that I use to be my idol. Party Poison

"Please, don't shoot. I don't wanna die by the hands of another killjoy. Especially not one that's such a legend,"

It wasn't Party that spoke, but Fun Ghoul. I looked at him and he smiled at me, his floppy black hair in his face. Party looked over my shoulder at the sleeping form of my sister.

"Can we wake her up and get you guys somewhere secure or are you going to..."

I looked at him and nodded slowly. I finally got the courage to speak.

"She's 12, but mentally she's about six. Special needs she doesn't understand any of this. Please. If you can help me keep her safe and fed, I'll be in your debt forever,"

He nodded at me understanding me and I went to wake her up.

"Bitter, Bitter. It's time to wake up babes we have company,"

I shook her softly and passed her the pink and black mask. She rubbed her eyes and pulled on the mask. I helped her into her leather jacket and she realised the two people in the room with us. She looked at me questioningly.

"There here to take us to a safe place Bitter,"

She nodded then spoke.

"Aren't they the guys you use to fancy from that band?"

I blushed and Party and Ghoul both smiled and winked at me. Ghoul spoke up though.

"So which one of us was is that you fancied?"

Bitter was only too pleased to answer as I hid my face in my hands.

"Well, chr.. Jack, says that you're both hot as hell but Gerard has the biggest.."

I interrupted her.

"Sorry about my sister, she doesn't know what she's saying, haha,"

Both smiled at me and again winked. I sighed and we walked out of the old farm house. The sun beat down on us burning into my eyes, making my mouth dry. I looked over to Party and Ghoul they opened the door of a truck. I looked at the truck with my hands on my hips. It was probably white a long time ago but it had rusted slightly to a sickly orange colour. The front was large and obvious, I went to the back and opened the doors. My mouth watered. Food, water, energy drinks and other thing filled the back of the truck. As much as I wanted to now, I couldn't get in.

I pulled my car keys from my jacket pocket and smiled. Party looked at me questioningly.

"What's so funny?"

I just smiled and walked over to the garage of the old farm house and pulled up the door as Party and Ghoul stood in awe. My car was parked inside of the garage, a 1987 Trans am, it was covered in a thin sheet of dust, the American flag on the right of the hood was still intact. I smiled at Party who stood with his mouth open.

"So who's riding with me?"
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