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Someone, make it stop.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2014-02-23 - 267 words

Lipstick kisses,
Crumbling under quivering lips,
Paint me a picture of a palace in flames,
Trade me these words for poetry, secure,
Built with strong walls from the ground up,
Padlock my heart, tie me up,
Cage me like my heart, trapped,
These chains hold me down,
Wrapped around my neck,
Tight around my neck,
A silver snake suffocating me,
This fascination,
Troubled by sentences written,
Utterances spoken,
So long ago and yesterdays,
Yesteryears, too far away,
Too far to smother my screams,
Screams of pleasure and pain that grow,
Become one and the same, insane,
No way am I staying,
But with no way to leave,
I plead and tighten my chunky chains,
Roll another joint, struggle to make a point,
Cloud over the memories of yesterdays,
Lost in a daze, a haze, time to erase,
Sneeze away this craze of my rage,
And paste a poster over my pallid painted face,
Fuck me into tomorrow, shoot me into oblivion,
I'm no angel, nor a devil,
Instead I'm a circus freak,
Play me like a guitar, lay me down and out,
Strangle me with your bare, bruised hands,
Watch me choke, stare down at me,
Stare with your spaced out eyes,
In lithium skies, will we meet again, my old friend?
Never again shall we breathe this air,
Stagger along the empty road,
It's a quarter past midnight and my stockings are ripped,
Still not enough cash for my fix,
Someone give this story a twist,
Someone, make it stop,
It's all wrong,
Make it stop,
Help me,
Help me,
Please, help me.
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