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A new character is introduced

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Omega Chronicles
August 7th 2025
19:35 Obsidian Building
A long day was drawing to a close as Osiris Winter slowly approached the desk of his office. He enjoyed the seclusion that he felt from the heights of the top floor, far away from the numerous busy bodies working for him underneath. He reached into a nearby cabinet and took out a very old, very expensive bottle of wine. Gently, he raised the bottle to his lips and drank from it, all the while looking out of his window to observe the workers going home. “That’s right my little busy bees. Go on back to your nests and rest. There’s a lot more honey that daddy needs you to make!” he gleefully thought to himself. As he saw the last worker vacate the premises, he sat down in his chair and pressed a small button on his desk which activated his intercom. “Doris! Do me a favour and send in the twins. After that, feel free to go home for the night”
“Of course Mr Winter”, replied a cheerful voice from the intercom, “Whatever you say!”
“Thanks a bunch”
Osiris took his finger off the button and placed his elbows on the table, tenting his fingers together. He impatiently tapped his foot on the floor as he waited for his guests to arrive. A few moments later, the double doors at the end of his office burst open as two teenage boys casually strolled through and made their way to the desk. They were identical twins but could be told apart by the fact that one of them had dreadlocks and wore a blue bandana around his forehead, whilst the other one had cane rows and wore a red bandana instead. They were dressed in jeans and black hoodies with the Jamaican flag stitched onto their left breast pockets. When they reached the desk they stood still and crossed their arms, slowly forming a grin as they faced Osiris. “Whaguan Osiris!” they said simultaneously, with heavy Jamaican accents.
“Cut that out!” Osiris replied, “You know how much I hate it when you two talk in unison! It freaks me out!” The two boys laughed to themselves and bumped fists together. Osiris placed his head in the palm of his hand, distraught that he had resolved to calling them.
“Well bossman, what seems to be the trouble?” asked the boy with the blue bandana.
“Ok, here’s the thing Danny...”
“Chill! My name is Chill”
“.....Here’s the thing Chill. As you know, I conduct some very private and important experiments at this compound. I’ve been allowed to conduct these experiments with the help of a few government officials who have agreed to look the other way and with the help of generous contributions from people like your father, of course.”
“Oh yeah, that’s right! Father told us to send you his regards”, the boy with the red bandana interrupted.
“Thank you Max.....”
“Blaze! My name is Blaze”
“......Thank you Blaze. Anyway, it has come to my attention that there is a group of Omega wannabe teenagers running around, who are determined to take me down. See, I could send my Enforcer Bots after them but they are too well known to the public and so even more unwanted attention would be drawn to me. Do you see now where you two come in?”
“Yeah man! I see what ya need!” Chill answered, “You want us to...put dem on ice for awhile”
“No brudda”, Blaze interjected, “He wants us to...heat tings up a little” The boys started to laugh once again, causing Osiris to roll his eyes.
“Well, it seems that you two get the general idea. Shall we drink to this arrangement? I would offer you this wine, but I know you two come prepared” Osiris held out his bottle in anticipation of a toast. The twins smiled and withdrew flasks of rum from their belts. They clashed the flasks against Osiris’ bottle and the three enjoyed a long drink to mark the occasion.

August 9th 2025
12:30 Omega Island
Team Omega was sitting in the middle of the cafeteria enjoying the delights that Madame Rouge had prepared for them. Each one of them was determined to move past recent revelations and focus on becoming more cohesive as a team. “So Captain, you getting any closer to learning how to fly?” The Beast enquired whilst contently biting into a chicken leg.
“Well if hovering awkwardly for a few seconds count as flying, then I’m pretty much an expert. I’ll keep going though. After all, Deshawn told me that it took my dad a long time to learn it as well.”
“Yeah that’s the spirit amigo. You keep on trying. That way you’ll have less time to embarrass me on the ground” The Knight said. The team burst into laughter at The Knight’s remark. However, their laughter soon came to a stop when Deshawn stepped into the cafeteria and hastily made his way to their table.
“Wow, aint this a rare sight? What’s the big boss doing slumming it with the small fry’s?” The Beast chuckled.
“Office! Now! All of you!” Deshawn abruptly replied.
The team detected the urgency in his voice and sprang to their feet. The other students in the cafeteria quickly stepped to one side, ensuring a clear path for them to walk through. They knew better than to hinder Deshawn in anyway. They briskly made their way into Deshawn’s office and stood upright in single file, waiting for him to speak. “Alright guys, I’m gonna get straight to the point. Reports are coming in from New Detroit about a string of robberies occurring in local shops and businesses. The robberies have been committed by two teenagers, supposedly Jamaican, who have been reported to have some form of control over fire and ice. Now, as you know, Jamaica has the highest concentration of Omega energy since the Meteor incident, which means that these kids could be very dangerous and so that puts them in our domain. I want you guys to bring these clowns in for questioning. There’s something about this situation that doesn’t feel right to me...”

August 9th 2025
14:15 New Detroit
Team Omega made their way into the heart of the city, all the while keeping a lookout for anything out of the ordinary. They were barely in the city centre for ten minutes when they encountered a large crowd of people rushing in their direction. Half of the people were shaking as if they had just come out of a freezer where as the other half were emanating smoke from their clothes. “Well gee Captain; I wonder what they are running away from?” The Vixen sarcastically questioned.
“Only one way to find out I suppose!” The Captain replied, keeping up the pretence. The team turned a corner to find the twins leaning against a car in the middle of the road, whilst casually sipping from flasks of rum. Upon seeing the team arrive, the one with the red bandana nudged his counterpart and both of them stood to attention, placing the flasks back into their belts.
“Whaguan bredren! My name is Blaze and this is my brudda Chill! We’re both new to the city and we were looking for a few friends to play with. Ya tink you’re up to it?”
“Sure. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s making new friends. Team Omega: Manoeuvre A!!” The four teenagers nodded and immediately set out to perform the manoeuvre. The Beast ran to the left whilst The Captain ran to the right. The Vixen turned invisible and The Knight ran at full super speed toward the twins. Chill saw this and reacted in a timely manner by covering the road in ice, causing The Knight to slide out of control and straight into a lamppost. By this time, The Beast had made his way parallel to Chill and launched at him, ready to deliver a knockout punch. However, his assault was interrupted by a small fireball to the chest. He looked up to see Blaze covering his brother’s back and charging up for another blast. The Beast grabbed a nearby car and propped it up as a shield to protect him from a barrage of incoming fireballs.
“Ya can’t protect yourself forever. Sooner or later, I’m gonna....” Blaze’s cocky rant was interrupted as a stream of water collided into his back extinguishing his flames. He moved his head out of the stream and traced it back to a nearby broken fire hydrant. His face formed a confused expression as he couldn’t figure out who had broken it. Chill, on the other hand, had wised up to the situation and sent a torrent of snow towards the fire hydrant. Some of the snow had fallen on something which formed a humanoid shape.
“Gotcha!” Chill exclaimed, as the sudden shift in temperature caused The Vixen to become visible again. He then formed a long icicle sword out of his arm and lunged towards her, only to be blocked by The Knight and his sword.
“You got lucky earlier on hombre! Let’s see how you do when things get up close and personal”
“Don’t trouble yourself”, Chill retorted, “I just hope ya can keep up with me when I get a little....frosty!” He grew another icicle sword from his other arm and began a vicious assault against The Knight. This did not disturb The Knight however as he proceeded to put on a very impressive sword display, blocking the icy blades from every angle and even managing to go on the offensive, forcing Chill to take several steps back. Blaze saw that his brother needed help and turned to run to his aid, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw The Beast chuck a car at him. At the last possible second, Blaze launched a stream of fire towards the ground in order to jettison himself high into the air. However, as he escaped into safety, a dark blue light shined in front of him, out from which teleported The Captain, who unleashed a devastating right hook onto Blaze’s face. The surprise attack sent Blaze hurtling back towards the ground. This had not gone unnoticed by Chill, who constructed an ice wall to separate himself from The Knight before unleashing a blanket of snow on the ground to cushion his brother’s fall.
“Thank you brudda!” Blaze graciously said, as he got back on his feet.
“It’s cool!”
The brothers stood back to back as Team Omega regrouped around them. They put up a good fight but were outmatched and they knew it. “Listen...uhh...Elemental Twins....or whatever, it’s over. You’re coming back with us to answer a few questions!” The Captain confidently stated.
“Well Blaze, it seems that the two of us are no match for them!”
“Yes Chill, it would seem that way”
“In that case, let’s see how they stack up against just one of us!” Team Omega was puzzled at the prospect of that last statement. The twins on the other hand just smiled.
“Sorry...could you explain that to us?” The Beast asked.
“Better yet, why don’t we just show you?” Blaze replied. The twins moved closer to each other, still smiling at the bewildered Team Omega. Suddenly they clasped their hands together, raised them towards the sky and bellowed the words “MALIBOOM BOOM!!!!” A thunderous shockwave, accompanied with a dazzling flash of light, erupted from their location which forced Team Omega back by several yards. A few moments later when the light had vanished and the smoke had cleared, Team Omega observed that the two boys had disappeared and in their place stood one figure- a slightly older Jamaican boy, wearing a black jumpsuit with yellow and green stripes running down the side and a purple bandana around his forehead. There was a serious expression across his face which indicated that he was not as laid back as the two boys before him. Team Omega continued to stare at this boy with complete shock and awe, awaiting some sort of explanation.
“Who the hell are you?” The Beast asked.
“My name is Soldier Kingston.” The boy replied in a deep monotone voice, “I’ll try to make these next few minutes as enjoyable as possible, seeing that they will be your last on this Earth”
“.....I like this guy” The Beast then took a colossal leap through the air, with his fist outstretched ready to make a connection with Soldier Kingston’s face. However, with a mere flick of his wrist, Soldier Kingston had managed to suspend The Beast hovering in midair, rendering him useless.
“What the hell?? This guy has telekinesis?” said The Knight, whilst scratching his head
“No, not quite”, The Captain added, causing The Knight and The Vixen to turn to his direction, “Didn’t you feel that brief rush of air that came into their direction? I believe that ‘Soldier Kingston’ possesses the ability to manipulate the air, much like Chill and Blaze can manipulate ice and fire” The Knight and The Vixen were amazed at the speed at which The Captain had made his deductions. They turned back to the battle to find their muscular comrade being hurled back at them, accompanied by a huge gust of air which nearly blew them over.
“Alright Beast, how about you sit this one out? I’m swifter than the wind. There aint no way this hombre’s gonna stop me!
“Whatever you say Knight”, replied The Beast who was rubbing a grazed arm. The Knight nodded and zipped his way towards Soldier Kingston, who by this time was crouching on the ground. He touched both his hands to the floor and a large crack emerged which split the ground in two. The Knight fell into the chasm which only came up to his waist as Soldier Kingston had resealed the ground around him. “You have got to be kidding me” he shouted frustratingly.
“This is futile”, The Captain thought, “If we are going to stand a chance we’ve got to distract him first. I wonder...” “Hey Vixen, do me a favour and lay down some cover fire. I want to test something out!”
“No problem”, The Vixen grinned. She reached into the bag on her back and withdrew two of the prototype positron guns that the team had acquired from their meeting with Osiris. She began firing them on Soldier Kingston which caused him to construct a long pillar of earth to protect him. The Captain then used this opportunity to teleport behind Soldier Kingston. He lunged forward to strike but suddenly found that he was incapable of moving his feet. He looked down and discovered that his feet were frozen solid to the ground.
“Huh... you’ve got a lot more tricks up your sleeve than you would lead us to believe!” he said, attempting to appear unfazed by the setback.
“And you’re not as useless as the rest of your team are currently demonstrating!” Soldier Kingston retorted.
“.....I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking abo-“
“Come on now. Let’s not play games. We both know that you are holding back your aura in an attempt to make your teammates feel more.....competent.”
The Captain was stunned after hearing this, but came to the conclusion that there was no sense in attempting to hide it any longer. He smiled as his body began to be covered in a dark blue aura, allowing his feet to break free from the ice. “Well then, now that we are finally being honest with each other, let’s play this game seriously” The Captain then launched a barrage of aura infused punches at Soldier Kingston, colliding with the regenerating earth armour which he had consequently made over his body. He then teleported around Soldier Kingston’s body, throwing a number of punches and kicks designed to slowly wear down his opponent. However, Soldier Kingston had noticed a pattern to these teleportations and managed to successfully predict where The Captain would appear next. He encased his fist in a hard, rocky substance and threw a punch that collided with The Captain’s stomach just as he materialised, temporarily stunning him. Soldier Kingston then launched an ice/fire beam which sent The Captain careening backwards. He had managed to bring himself to a stop where The Knight was still trapped in the ground. He carefully pulled his comrade up from the ground and whispered some instructions into his ear, which came as a great annoyance to Soldier Kingston. After receiving the orders, The Knight nodded and sped back to his other comrades whilst The Captain sped back to Soldier Kingston, who was surprised that The Captain was also capable of moving at high speeds. Before he could react to the threat however, The Captain teleported at the last second. Soldier Kingston was momentarily disorientated until he felt a shift in the wind from behind him. He turned around and realised that The Captain was now approaching him from the other direction. “How very clever! Too bad that I....”His thoughts were interrupted as The Knight had slammed into his back at a considerable speed, sending him closer to the oncoming pain train that was The Captain. The impact from The Captain’s fist then caused Soldier Kingston to hurtle through the air, past The Knight and towards The Beast and The Vixen. The Beast stood ready to fulfil his part of the plan, waiting for the perfect moment whilst charging his aura.
“3...2...1...NOW!” The Beast then slammed the palms of his hands together, producing a mighty thunderclap on both sides of Soldier Kingston’s face. The shockwave was so intense that the very ground beneath their feet almost gave way. Soldier Kingston then collapsed to the ground and disappeared with a flash of light. When the light had cleared, Chill and Blaze were found lying in the same position as Soldier Kingston was, clutching their heads and moaning. They looked up to find The Vixen standing in front of them with two positron guns pointed to their chests.
“I won’t lie to you guys...This is gonna hurt a lot!” She then winked and fired two low burst blasts at the twins, knocking them unconscious onto the ground. The rest of the team gathered around their defeated enemy and patted each other on the back.
“Feels good to get a nice clean victory for once” The Beast said.
“Yeah, although for once I’d like to do one of these missions without getting my ass kicked” The Knight added.
“We did a good job guys. You should all be proud. Now let’s load these guys onto the Omega Dragon and report back to Deshawn.” The Captain said, before leading the team back to their ship. As The Beast carried the twins on his back, he walked behind the other members and couldn’t help but notice how better the team was developing and how much of that was down to their Captain.
“He’s got this leadership thing down, not to mention the fact that he stood up to that Soldier Kingston guy all on his own far better than any of us. I wonder what he was doing that day he was training with Deshawn...” The Beast snapped out of his thoughts when he realised he was trailing behind his fellow cohorts and began to pick up the pace, eager to return to their headquarters and bask in their victory....
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