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We don't care about the message...

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Christy is a school girl in the middle of a love triangle. but it's not just any love triangle. she has to decide between her three best friends. *self insert*

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I looked at the three guys stood in front of me. My three best friends.

A tall-ish red head, with big, bright hazel eyes, a smile to die for and cheek bones that you could cut yourself on, stood in the middle of them staring at me. His hands moved as he spoke in the thick New Jersey accent that I had grown to love. I didn’t listen to what he was saying, but I knew from the tone in his voice that he was determined to tell me something.

I turned to the one on the right of the red head, he was looking at the ground as if it was about to swallow him up, I couldn’t see his eyes right then but I knew he shared the same eyes as the red head. I saw the thick white and black framed glasses poking out from underneath his dirty blond fringe. He stood about 5 foot 10 but at the moment he was hunched over. He didn’t say anything he just stood looking at the ground, but I remembered smiling with him, laughing with him, crying with him.

I looked over to the third and final boy, he stood staring at me when he noticed i was looking at him he smiled, but it didn’t reach his beautiful emerald green eyes. His fringe flopped over one of those eyes; it was jet black and the sides of his head where bleached and short. He was the shortest of the three and was probably the scariest looking one, with his tattooed hands and arms. His lip and nose where pierced and he has a stretcher in both ears.

I smiled back at him and decided to finally pay attention to the red head.

“Chris, you know how we feel about you, it’s decision time, please just tell us which one of us you want. We can’t live like this!”

Before I tell you my choice I should probably start from the beginning...

Heyy guys so I haven't written in ages and I'd really appreciate the R&R's those of you that don't know me, check out my older stuff and let me know what you like, thanks, Christy xoxo
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