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Gold Lion

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Beth thinks about the changes 2009 will bring her when she gives a certain e-mail.

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Gold Lion:


Something glorious is about to happen. 2009 looks like a big year for us all. Rose is in Chicago with Pete now. Greg and Morgan are getting married. Garry looks like he's in love. Sakura and Adam might get together. There's just so much love going around.

However, not all change is good in this case. Nessa's sister is staying with her and she isn't too happy about this arrangement. Katherine's dealing with one daughter pregnant and another one getting married while she's still in college. Rachel and Gareth look like they're having problems of their own. Both deny this, of course, but I can already see the truth. Their open marriage isn't working out after all. I think I need to talk to one of them one day.

Then there are some things that didn't chance. Duncan is still fabulous and isn't afraid to show it off. Mandy is still struggling with herself. She's been like that since New Year's Eve. Robyn is still pregnant and bitchy about it. As for me? I've really changed. I don't know if I want to or not. However, today could use a bit of a change.

It's so quiet around the office since Saturday's party. I kind of wish for something else to happen. However, that doesn't really look like it'll be so today or the next. I'll just keep typing and spying on the others until... wait hang on.

My eyes spied an e-mail sent to me. The subject line only contained a sideways smiley face. I narrowed my eyes at the address in question. Who is... My jaw dropped as my brain made the connection. No way! After so long too? I opened the e-mail that would lead to chain reaction of change around me and for me as well. The message only contain seven little words.

Hello Beth, I'm coming out to Miami.

I Know You're Bleedding, Baby
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