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I'll Find A Way ch. 2 removed scene 1

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Inuyasha and Kagome will have to separate for a while, and they exchange their goodbyes.

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I'll Find A Way
Removed scene number 1, chapter 2
"So, you've got everything packed I see."
"Yep, everything is ready to go."
"Are you?"
"The quicker I get this over with, the better."
"And why is that?"
At her question, Inuyasha smirked and walked across his room to her. Wrapping her in a tight hug, he answered.
"The quicker I can get back to you, Kagome."
Said girl only looked up and smiled at the person holding her. Being in his arms felt incredibly right and she was going to make the best of their moment together.
"I wish you didn't have to leave" she whined. Inuyasha smirked again and leaned down to place a quick kiss to her pouting lips.
"Me either, but duty calls. I just wish I knew how long this was going to take" he responded. He didn't know how long he and Kouga would be on this mission, he just hoped it wasn't too long.
"I understand, Inuyasha" she responded, and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss him a little but longer. For some reason, tonight his embrace felt different, his kisses felt different, his eyes looked different, his body felt different. All evening Kagome had been trying to figure out what is was. There wasn't a new moon tonight, so Inuyasha wouldn't be shifting, so what was it?
"What's wrong?" Inuyasha asked gruffly, but with concern. Kagome's stomach developed a case of butterflies; she loved his voice as much as she loved him. When they were alone, he would speak calmer with her than he did with anyone else, and it made her feel special. His calm voice enticed her all the time, but tonight felt different. Realizing that she was staring at him, and he was waiting for an answer, she quickly gave him one.
"Nothing. I just...I don't know. Things feel different tonight; not in a bad way, but something feels different." The famous Taisho cock of the eyebrow had befallen Inuyasha's face, letting Kagome know that he was confused. She only giggled and stood up on the tippy toes again to kiss him harder and longer this time, and a surprised noise left Inuyasha's mouth.
"Kagome, what's with you tonight? You're all eager" Inuyasha began to smile and rub his hands in circles on her back; he knew she liked that. Kagome's cheeks flushed red and she pulled herself from his grasp. Inuyasha quickly cursed himself for saying that. She was obviously just showing affection; he would be leaving in the morning after all.
"Kags" he called her by nickname "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to offend you or anything, I was just joking. I know you're not like that." Inuyasha was clearly still confused when her cheeks darkened in blush at his 'apology.'
"What did I say now!?" he asked loudly. He disliked when people would beat around the bush, and it bothered him that Kagome might feel uncomfortable telling him what was on her mind. If he was offending her, she needed to say something.
Meanwhile, to Kagome, Inuyasha's statement was quite accurate; she was eager. All night, she had been admiring longer than normal, and found that she couldn't keep her hands off his chest and arms; not that he minded. She had already known that he would be leaving tomorrow for a few days now, and this wasn't the first mission he had been on during the time they had been dating, so why was tonight any different?
"Inuyasha, I'm sorry. I'm not mad or's just..." Kagome didn't want to finish her sentence in fear of him being turned off by her feelings. She crossed her arms over her chest and began to worry her bottom lip; Inuyasha immediately recognized this as a sign that she was embarrassed to say something. Whenever she tugged her lip between her teeth, she was debating on whether to say something or not. He sighed and took one step so that he was right in front of her. Bringing two fingers to her chin, he turned her head upward to him so that he could look in her eyes. There was something different about her blue orbs tonight; there was a hint of curiosity in them that engaged his.
"Talk to me" he softly demanded. "It's just what?"
Kagome sighed and uncrossed her arms to lie at her sides. She had no clue why she was so nervous to say this; the two had touched each other before, but what she wanted now wasn't just touching, it was the final step in physicality. How would she come out and say it? Seeing the nervous look on Inuyasha's face made her feel guilty; she didn't want him to worry.
"Ugh! This is so frustrating" she groaned out. Inuyasha brought his arms to her arms and held them to focus her attention on him.
"What?" he asked "What do you want to say, Kagome?" he was becoming increasingly impatient.
"Inuyasha" she started "I" she stopped talking and pursed her lips together in hopes he wouldn't pick now to be dense. Hopefully he understood what she was asking.
"Want to what, Kagome?" He watched as she rolled her eyes in annoyance and had to fight himself from smiling. He knew damn well what she wanted now; it was slightly lingering in her delicious scent, but he wanted to hear her say it. Teasing her wasn't going to get her to say it; she needed encouragement, and that's exactly what he was going to give her. Inuyasha brought her body to his and wrapped his arms around her once more. Leaning in to her face a little farther put his lips inches away from hers; he could feel her heartbeat increase, and he was glad; his was pumping faster as well.
"What do you want me to do, Kagome?" He purposely continued to say her name in every sentence he spoke because it excited her, and he wondered what she would sound like saying his name if she ever worked up the gall to tell him what she wanted.
"I know we've never gone this far" she began, stopping when he leaned in even farther, pressing his nose to hers slightly. She could feel his warm breath on her face, his arms rubbing her back, and it was making her spine tingle in anticipation.
"Go on" he said. He inhaled her and slowly breathed back out through his nose. Her scent was growing stronger with arousal each time her got closer to her. It was starting to flood his head, and he, needed more of her.
"I want this night to be special" she said, closing her eyes "Inuyasha, I...I want you to make love to me. Please" she stated. His actions with his hands ceased, and she opened her eyes to look at his face, expecting to find disbelief written there, but was relieved when she found something completely different.
"Kagome" he said lowly "I would be the luckiest guy in the world. Are you sure you want this?"
"Yes, Inuyasha" she breathed out "I am sure."
"Why?" he asked. He wanted to know what brought this bold behavior about.
"Because" she said, kissing him quickly before she continued "there is no one else that I've ever wanted, as much as I want you. I know this is a big step, but I want this with you Inuyasha. You always say that you can never trust someone as much as you trust me. Well, I trust you enough to let this happen. I want to feel you, in every way I can." Kagome hoped this was enough to convince him that she was having no second thoughts, and was surprised and turned on when he hugged her tighter and met her lips with his. Soon, lips turned into tongue and teeth; the kiss becoming more aggressive and needy with each passing second. The only thing that could be heard in his large bedroom was breathing and heady kisses. The sound only excited them both further, but they also needed air. Inuyasha broke the kiss and stared down at the girl that made him the happiest, and saw need in her eyes, along with need in her scent; it was stimulating his body like he had never felt before.
"Come on" he said, while pulling her in the direction to his king sized bed. As long as they had been together, she had never once been in his bed. She had sat on it, but hadn't been in it, and certainly not without clothes. When they were closer to the bed, Inuyasha looked her up and down, and Kagome automatically knew what he was asking. She unlaced her hands from his and placed them at the hem of her shirt. She felt the butterflies grow, but now was not the time for hesitation; she needed to assert confidence, even if she had never done this before. Once her top was over her head and on the floor, she looked right into Inuyasha's eyes and saw that they were staring right at her chest.
Inuyasha was extremely pleased at the sight before him. Her breasts sat perfectly in her purple bra, and her raven hair cascaded around them to paint an even more beautiful picture. He looked up and met her eyes, seeing no nervousness, but smugness written all over her face. He silently asked for permission to explore her, and she nodded her head and smirked, granting his wish. She stepped closer to him, and Inuyasha's hands went to the sides of her face to pull her in for another heated kiss. He pulled away soon after to discard his own shirt, so that she wouldn't feel alone in this situation.
Kagome looked at Inuyasha's taught chest, and her breathing deepened. She had seen him shirtless before, but the situation this time was different. They weren't at a water park, and he wasn't exercising; he was presenting himself to her as she had done for him, and she only felt more love for him in that moment. They closed the distance between them once more and kissed. Kagome let her hands rest between them on his chest, and Inuyasha's hands slowly trailed up her waist to his currently desired destination. When he reached her perky mounds, she let out a labored breath into his mouth, but continued to kiss him. He squeezed slightly, reveling in their softness, and squeezed a little bit harder, earning more labored breaths from his love, and a straining in his jeans. Inuyasha began to move the new treasures in circular motion, occasionally squeezing and lifting them, enjoying it all the way, but he wanted to feel more of her of course. They continued to explore each other's mouths when he snaked his hands to her back and found the clip of her bra. He broke the kiss and looked in her eyes to confirm his actions; finding nothing but love there, he smirked and proceeded to undo what was keeping her flesh from him. When it was loose, she moved her arms and let the bra fall to the floor, and Inuyasha looked down and bit his lip at the more beautiful sight before him. Her breasts were just as perky without the bra as they were with it. He filled his hands with them and watched as Kagome bit her lip at the skin on skin contact. Inuyasha leaned forward and began to trail hot kisses all around her neck while massaging her. Kagome let her head fall back and focused on the new feelings her body was experiencing. Inuyasha had a firm, yet gentle grip on her chest, and his kisses to her neck were making her sigh in pleasure. There was an unfamiliar tugging in her lower belly that she couldn't distinguish as nerves or something else.
Inuyasha ceased his actions and found his hands trailing down her abdomen to the hem of her skirt. He desperately wanted to rid her of the rest of her clothing and survey the sight he had waited so long to see, but he paused to look back up in her eyes for permission.
"Inuyasha, it's okay. Keep going" she stated. The power of need flowing through her was too strong to stop at this point.
Pleased with her confidence, Inuyasha let his hands travel up her skirt, stopping to squeeze her thighs along the way. He wrapped his arms around to squeeze her ass, and slightly groaned in her mouth when he felt how soft it was. His hands quickly left the underneath of the skirt to come to the outside and unzip the zipper in the back. Once he did this, Kagome's hands left his chest to tug down her skirt. When it reached her ankles, Inuyasha picked her up and placed her softly on his bed. He laughed at her surprised squeal and stood up to undo his pants. He noticed that her cheeks blushed, and wasn't sure if it was from lust or nervousness. He let his pants fall and stepped out of them, leaving him in his boxers. He quickly ran to the other side of his room to turn off the light, leaving the two lamps on each side of his bed on. He walked back to the bed and placed his body over hers, balancing himself on his hands on the sides of her head. The couple joined in another kissing embrace, and Inuyasha found himself moving lower, laying kisses to each part of her body that came into his view.
Kagome's grabbed onto his strong arms when he looked her in the eyes and took a nipple into his mouth. She felt her eyes start to slip closed when he continued to worship them with his tongue, but forced her eyes to stay on his; she wanted remember everything he was doing to her. One hand found its way to the breast he was just treating and massaged it, while he moved his mouth to the other nipple to pay it the same. He loved hearing her suck in breath through her teeth, and exhale with an open mouth; her noises were driving him insane. He ended his attention to her breasts and moved his warm body down hers to reach the center of her; not forgetting to kiss her toned stomach on the way down. When his mouth met the rim of her underwear, he looked up and met her eyes while trailing a hand to her center and pressing down through her panties. She squirmed and slightly bucked her hips, enticing him to press harder. When he did, a small whimper of pleasure escaped her lips, and kami did Inuyasha want to hear more. He leaned up to pull her underwear off and was instantly hit with the clearer scent of her arousal, and he found is own excitement rising to the occasion.
Kagome bit her lip as Inuyasha pulled her underwear down. She was still slightly nervous, but definitely not enough to stop the sensations her boyfriend was making her feel. When they were off, she saw his body tense and immediately thought something was wrong. 'Oh kami, I shaved! So what's the problem?'
"Inuyasha" she spoke softly. He looked into her eyes and Kagome saw that they were filled with more passion than she had ever seen in him before.
Inuyasha looked her up and down and found that he was extremely pleased; she was beautiful. Her hair was fanning around her head, the dim lighting bathing her body; at almost looked as if she was glowing. Blush painting her cheeks, her body was right in all the right placed, and her legs were slightly spread. Despite his nagging excitement, he found that he was happier in that moment than he had ever been in his life. He had only dreamed of seeing her like this, and never knew when or if it was going to happen, but here she was; looking like an angel in his bed.
"Kagome" he said back with rasp in his voice, and leaned back down to place his face eye level with her center. He laid one hand on the back of her knee, and the other slid up her other to experiment with this new treasure. He prayed that he wouldn't mess this up; if that was possible. He hadn't done this before, but Kagome had never had this happen to her before. So, if he was bad, would she notice? He let a finger press on her pearl, and felt her body stir upon contact; good start so far. Inuyasha slowly and lazily moved his fingers in circles over her, and was pleased when he felt her body continue to move, so he decided to pick up the pace. Another finger joined the one that was experimenting and slid in circles faster than before, and he marveled at how wet she was becoming. Kagome was trying her best to not whimper too much in need, but Inuyasha was making that impossible. His slightly rough fingers on her sensitive button was almost too pleasurable, but she wanted him to speed up.
"Faster" she moaned. Inuyasha happily complied, and changed his circular motion to a side to side one, so that going faster would be easier. Kagome immediately moaned at the increased speed, which only enticed him to go faster. Her hands found the back of his head and held on to his long silver strands. He listened to the sexy sound of his fingers moving on her wet flesh, and wondered what she would do if he replaced them with something else. He smirked at his own thought, and pulled his fingers away to quickly move in with his tongue. She gasped, and groaned at his tongue worshiping her core, and knotted her hands in his hair more. His tongue gradually increased in speed just as his fingers had, and soon Kagome felt the pressure rising.
"Ah, Inuyasha! I...I'm..." she couldn't finish her sentence before her cord snapped, and she released herself on his tongue, all while releasing high pitched moans into the air. Inuyasha brought his head up; making sure to keep his tongue placed, and watched her face as she climaxed on his tongue. Her back arched and her grip in his hair tightened, and he groaned at the slight pain her nails were causing. He waited for her to come down from her high before sitting up and licking his lips, which made her giggle.
"Inuyasha, that" she breathed. Then she sat up on her knees and wobbled, finding that her legs felt like jelly.
"Are you okay?" he asked with little sympathy in his voice. He found her unbalanced state pretty funny, and it was only better knowing that he was the one that caused it. Kagome didn't answer; she only moved in and leaned on her hands to kiss him. She could taste herself on his tongue, and groaned at that discovery. Moving in closer, her hands explored his chest again, and she saw him bite his lip when one hand traveled lower than he had expected. She looked into his eyes and spoke as sexily as she could manage.
"Lie down for me."
He gulped and did as she said. Taking the place on the bed where she had been before, he laid his head back on a pillow, and watched her eyes trail down his body to his lap. Seeing her eyes widen at his obvious erection only made him smile in pride. He knew that his size was surely more than average, and nervousness was trickling into her scent, along with more arousal. That nervousness hadn't deterred her from her goal though, and he was reveling at her small hand rubbing him through his boxers. Kagome watched her love's face as she rubbed, and took note on the actions he reacted to the most. She was very turned on at his sounds when she grabbed his tip and squeezed, and wanted to see his reactions to skin on skin contact. Her hands reached the hem of his boxers and she looked at him for conformation. When he nodded, he lifted himself up so he could assist her with completely removing his boxers, and sighed in relief when he no longer felt that constraint on himself. Before resuming her actions, Kagome looked the object of her desire over. The light was dancing over his toned muscles, and his golden hues were obstructed from her view as he closed his eyes in anticipation. At that moment, Kagome felt more powerful than ever. Here she had this gorgeous demon, waiting for her to touch him.
"I'm the luckiest girl in the world" she spoke unregistered. Inuyasha didn't open his eyes, but only smirked at her declaration, and soon found his mouth open when a something warm traveled down his length, and knew that she was preparing him for actions with her hands. He had always wondered what this moment would feel like, and was glad to find that it felt much better in practice than in thought. Her speed on his length increased, as she used one hand to stroke, and the other to slightly rub his balls. A heavy groan escaped him due to the dual sensations she was causing, and knew that he couldn't hold on much longer.
Kagome was becoming wetter the longer she watched Inuyasha. His body slightly squirming under her insistent touch, and deep groans were emulating from his chest when she added a hand to another part of his anatomy. Honestly she had no experience in this activity, but from hearing her best friends confess their stories and just knowing generally about sex, she experimented her way through. She thought it would be too bold to spit on his length to wet it, but apparently he had enjoyed that. So, every action from that point was done with total confidence. She moaned and stroked faster, and saw Inuyasha's face contort with what looked like pain. Kagome instantly stopped her actions and spoke.
"Did I do something wrong?" she asked innocently. Had she squeezed too hard? Was she not doing as well as she thought she had been? She shrieked in surprise when she suddenly found herself lying where Inuyasha was just seconds before with him on top of her.
"Kagome, kami I need you" he breathed out, and started pressing kisses to her neck. The couple met each other in another visual embrace before Kagome felt him at her opening. She automatically swallowed and took a deep breath, knowing that soon she would feel pain. But there weren't any regrets on her part. If pain was what it took to be with him, then so be it. When he pushed in, he pushed in slow; only going as far as she encouraged him to. Inuyasha buried his face in her neck and whispered in her ear, trying to distract her from the sharp pain she was experiencing. When he was fully sheathed, there were tears slowly flowing from Kagome's eyes, and Inuyasha brought a hand up to wipe them away. He was making sure not to move, when that's surely all that he wanted to do. Her warmth felt like utter bliss; nothing could ruin this moment.
"It's okay, Inuyasha. You can move" she whispered. Inuyasha complied and began a slow rhythm within her depths; not holding back any sound that wanted to pour from him. He had spent his entire life being careful and restrained with people. He never imagined that at this age, he would trust someone as much as he trusted Kagome. Sure, he had friends and comrades that he could count on, but to give himself completely to someone was a different story. And there was no one else that would ever fill the void in his heart like Kagome did. He could spend the rest of his days like this; trapped within her, gazing into her glazed over, ocean blue eyes. It didn't take long for him to speed up, and hear moans this time were different. They were deeper, breathless, and inviting. All he wanted to do was hear her cry his name when he finished her, and he would surely follow.
His body continued to move into hers, and Kagome was on cloud 10, if that was even possible. The feeling of being filled with him excited her, and when she would meet his eyes, she saw as much adoration in them as she was sure was in hers. Inuyasha was forming the sexiest noises she had ever heard come out of a man, and she wondered what he would sound like when he released himself. As soon as that thought ran through her head, she felt her cord tightening again, and braced herself for her impending climax.
"Inuyasha" she moaned urgently, almost in a warning tone. Her voice only made him thrust faster, and he brought his forehead down to hers so they were eye level with each other. He could feel her squeezing him in anticipation, and he was beyond ready to reach completion. Labored breaths and loud moans were flowing from her mouth the closer she got, and groans were flowing from his. At one point, both had stopped making sound and only listened to Inuyasha's body collide with Kagome's echoing throughout the room, and it was immediately following that that they both gave in.
"Inuyasha!" she yelled. Yelling was all it seemed she could do while climaxing. He groaned her name right when he felt himself give way, and more moans flowed from him. Both continued to moan softly as they came down from their high, and made sure to lock their eyes on the other person. Reluctantly, Inuyasha pulled out slowly, already missing her warmth the second he was out of it. He pulled back the covers and placed them over Kagome. When she felt him lay next to her under the sheets, she turned her head to meet his, still panting. It seemed that he was still breathing heavy as well. Smiling, he pulled her into a spooning position and let her head lay on his chest.
"Inuyasha, I love you" she breathed, feeling exhausted. 'I love you' was not something they said to each other often. Somehow, they had both known how the other person felt, and saved the three word phrase for special occasion; this being one of them.
"Kami, I love you too Kagome" he responded, and smiled again when he felt her giggle against him. He really hated that he would have to leave her tomorrow morning, and hoped that this Band of Seven mission took as little time as possible. The quicker they were detained, the sooner he could come back and be with Kagome as he was right now.
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