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chapter 2

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One-shot. Okay this is a major CRACK fic. where the power the Dark Lord knows not is Axe deodorant. Just read it and it will all make sense.

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Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover
Harry was just setting up his tent for his vacation in Yellow Stone National Park when he heard a growling, turning he saw a large black dog the size of a rhino coming towards him eyeing him angrily, rolling his eyes Harry shot a reducto at its head and watched in surprise as the creature turned into a pile of golden sand. Suddenly two very attractive girls in silvery camouflage came out of the trees with bows and pissed off expressions, “How dare you interfere in our hunt boy?” the first, a blonde, asked angrily while the second, a raven haired girl, looked at him warily.
Harry raised an eyebrow, “So you expected me to just sit back and let it try to eat me? Not going to happen.” he said sarcastically while silently hoping that his axe would work on girls that weren’t magical, who would have thought that his body released pheromones that when mixed with that particular deodorant would make him all but a man veela… oh well he wasn’t complaining.
“I, uh…. I…uuuuuug.” the blonde stammered as she and her friend started sniffing the air and drooling while Harry smirked, oh how he loved axe.
A couple of hours later a very disheveled Harry was walking with two equally disheveled girls under each of his arms as they lead him to their camp. Suddenly an arrow flew out of the trees, striking the ground just ahead of the small group, “Who are you to be so close to my hunters like this?” the girl who was clearly their leader, a small twelve year girl with auburn hair, demanded.
Harry snarled and drew his wand, “Who are you to dare attack me?” he demanded while subtly spraying some axe with his other hand.
“I am Artemis, goddess of the hunt and you… and you…” the girl began before falling silent, giving him a hungry look, grew to look like a twenty year old woman, and she and the other teenage girls behind her charged him.
----On Olympus----
The gods of Olympus were assembled around a viewing globe in the council room as they watched Lady Artemis break her oath of maiden hood. Suddenly a black rift appeared in the room and a woman with pale skin and midnight black hair walked out of it, “Where is Artemis!” she yelled angrily, “How dare she… wow.” the woman trailed off looking at the viewing sphere and saw what was going on. “Screw the oath I want in on that!” the goddess of the river Styx called out before vanishing and reappearing on the viewing globe as naked as Artemis and her hunters.
After a moment Lady Aphrodite yelled “Wait for me!” before she too vanished only to appear on the globe along with all of her single demigod daughters as well as Hecate the goddess of magic
“Are we all in agreement to never speak of this again” Zeus demanded and the rest of the council present quickly agreed.
----Potter Manor----
Harry and his new, uh, friends reappeared in a flash of light and Hermione, Fleur, and Daphne walked off. “Really Harry?” Hermione asked, “Can you go anywhere without adding new additions to your Harem?”.
“Why would I want to do that?” Harry asked cheekily before saying, “Everyone meet Lady Artemis goddess of the hunt and her hunters, Lady Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty and her demigod daughters, Lady Hecate goddess of magic, and Lady Styx goddess of the river Styx.”.
After a moment Fleur asked, “Where’s your next vacation going to be?”.
Thinking for a moment Harry responded “Well I heard that there is a Veela and Siren convention going on in the Mediterranean next month.
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