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Like Battleships

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Alex and Everly fought exactly like they loved: at breakneck speed, with feverish passion. Alex Shelley/OC. Part 1 of an as yet untitled series.

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A/N: New series. No idea how many parts this will be yet, or what the title will be.

Lyrics used are from the song "Battleships", by Daughtry.

I’m sinking inside
And the maps and lines are broken down tonight.

They were both extremely exhausted. The last six months of their relationship had been spent fighting, and neither of them could do it anymore. It was clear that even though they claimed to love each other, there was no more love there. If there was, would they be at each other’s throats every single day, over the tiniest little things? Alex didn’t know how much more he could take, and neither did Everly. He could only swallow his pride so many times before he reached his breaking point.

One minute they were making love—and Alex had to admit, when they were making love, they were on fire—and the next, they were fighting. And it wasn’t just your basic argument with a few screams and insults thrown around, either. Alex and Everly fought exactly like they loved: at breakneck speed, with feverish passion. The change in emotions made Alex’s head spin, and he wished desperately that there was some middle ground that they could reach, but he knew deep down that nothing would change. Even if they were able to curb their fights, it wouldn’t last forever.

Alex wanted to believe that they would make it out of this storm alive, in immaculate condition, but who was he kidding? He couldn’t make that happen even if he wanted to, because it wasn’t what Everly wanted.

Everly was just done. She loved Alex and always would, but she was defeated. She had exhausted every option that she knew of with him, and truth be told, she just didn’t want to fight anymore. She wanted Alex to give her a sign, no matter how insignificant, that he wanted to be with her, that he wanted to make this work. Because she couldn’t carry the weight of them both on her shoulders. She needed Alex to assume some of the responsibility as well. She needed to know that the man she had been in love with ever since she was 19 years old loved her just as much as he always had. Alex had never been the most romantic guy, this much was true, but Everly had never doubted Alex’s love for her. But lately, he’d stopped trying, and they’d started fighting more. Everly had always hated arguing, but for some inexplicable reason, she’d found herself purposely starting fights as of late. Any reaction she could get from Alex was better than none at all, but once the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, they were right back at square one.

Everly wanted so badly to fight for their love. She wanted to say that, no matter what they said or did to one another, that they were a couple that could weather through even the most devastating storms. But this wasn’t a simple storm—this was a tsunami, and she feared that they wouldn’t come through it completely whole.

A single tear slowly rolled down her cheek, and Everly wiped it away hastily. She didn’t want Alex to see her crying again, not that he would care. She bit her lip as hard as she could, in an attempt to divert her thoughts to something other than Alex. She didn’t want to keep fighting this war; she didn’t want to hurt Alex anymore than she already had, but she also didn’t want to subject herself to any more abuse and pain. She wanted to love Alex, but she didn’t want to have to cross a battlefield to do it.

And I don’t wanna fight this war
Bullets coming off our lips
But we stick to our guns and we love like battleships
Like battleships.
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