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Weapon X22

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Everyone knows about Weapon X23, Laura Kinney. But what about her twin sister, Kalila Kinney, Weapon X22. When Kalila finally escapes HYDRA will she be able to fit in with the other students at ...

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Chapter 1: Freedom

The blazing sun radiated its fiery heat over the Canadian horizon. I could feel the sun's energy swarming inside of me, raging with uncontrollable emotions as I sprinted through the snowy forests. My legs ached, screaming at me to stop, but I didn't. I couldn't stop, not now not ever! I had come this far, I wasn't going to let HER take me back now. My entire body ached, I could feel my skin slowly stitching itself back together, as my regenerative healing factor kicked in. I wasn't just running for me, I was doing it in honour of one of my best friends. It was my fault she was gone. My fault she couldn't live her life. My rebellious nature cost her her freedom....

My thoughts were interrupted by the barking of the killer wolves as they hunted me down. They were faster than regular wolves and a million times more viscous. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my leg as one of the massive wolves jumped on me, sinking its fangs into my leg. I cried out in agony as it shook its head, ripping the skin of my leg open. I clenched my fist, releasing my three adamantium claws and punched the beast in the face, hard. The beast gave a whimper and released my leg. I wasted no time in scampering from the snow covered floor and sprinting off again with more wolves behind me.

As I sprinted through the forest, I could hear more and more agents yelling as they chased after me along with their killer wolves. I could see an old fashioned tavern in the distance. I was so close! So close that I could hear the sound of drunken laughter and clinking of glasses. But as I broke out of the forest, a truck came out of nowhere and crashed right into me. The force of the impact flung me off my feet and I landed in the snow with a painful thud. I groaned at the impact. I could hear footsteps coming towards me. I lay as still as a corpse, unaware of whether the approaching footsteps were a threat to me.

"Oh ma gad! Is she okay!?" A thick Mississippi accent asked

"Yeah...she's breathing...shit! I didn't even she 'er!" A Canadian accent replied.

"What are we gonna do!?" The girl asked. I could hear the fear and worry in her voice.

"I dunno Rogue, I need to make sure she ain't too badly hurt!" The Canadian said. His footsteps echoed towards me. "Hey...kid? Ya okay!?" I heard the man ask me as he bent towards me. I felt him place a hand on my shoulder. My eyes snapped open and I freaked, vanishing in a swarm of shadows and teleported away from him.

I snarled at him. My bottom lip rippled as I couched in a fighting stance and released my adamantium claws. Dark fire started to rise around me. I stared at the 6ft Canadian. He had a lot of muscle and had brown hair and hazel eyes with a gentle face. The girl, Rogue I think the man said, had medium length brown hair with a single white streak, her green eyes shone with awe and fear. The girl looked around 17 years old. I noticed that apart from her face, no other part of skin was showing. I mean I knew Canada was cold but you wouldn't get frostbite! The man took a step towards me.

"Hey. Chill! We ain't gonna hurt ya!" He told me, his hands raised showing innocence and that he didn't have a weapon. Somehow his voice soothed me. I could feel my muscles relaxing despite my efforts to stop them. There was something about him that told me I could trust him...but I didn't what. Would that trust be broken again?

"What's yer name?" Rogue asked me

I opened my mouth to reply when I was attacked by one of the beasts. It jumped on me and began clawing at me. I screamed in agony as its claws ripped through my arm as I struggled beneath it. I could hear Rogue screaming. Before I knew what was going on the beast was suddenly off me. I groaned as I slowly got up. I stared in shock and amazement as I saw the man wrestling the beast and was winning!!!! Rogue helped me up as more beats appeared. Oh this was just fan-fucking-tastic!

"Rogue! RUN!" The man yelled.

Rogue didn't argue. She took my hand and was about to run when more appeared. "LOGAN!" Rogue yelled as the beasts began closing in on us. One suddenly lunged at her. I didn't think. I just reacted. I pulled Rogue close into me and we vanished in shadows and reappeared on the roof of the tavern. "Wow! H-how did ya do that!?" She asked me as I released her. I didn't have a chance to answer as the sound of wood breaking echoed to my ears and the wood beneath us gave way. We fell. We were pretty high up! Rogue would die! For some reason I knew I had to save her. Even it would expose me as the freak that I was.

Rogue screamed as we drew closer to the floor. I pulled her into me and swerved so I would hit the ground instead of her. Breaking her fall. The impact wasn't too bad, it just knocked all the air from my lungs as I slammed into the ground with a bone shattering thud.

"Rogue!" I heard the Canadian call as he ran into the tavern. "Marie! Are ya okay!?" He asked her. At least she was okay.

"Ah'm fine! She broke ma fall! Will she be alright!?" I heard Rogue ask as my vison began to darken. The last thing I heard was the Canadian's voice.

"Yeah Kid...she will be..."
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