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Just Sleep.

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Vampire Frerard/waycest fic. it was the average day for Gerard, until he ruins his chances with Frankie and meets a random stranger...

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I looked over at my best friend and laughed. He had his stupid face on, his lower lip was over his top lip and his eyes where crossed.

“Gerard Way! Frank Iero! Detection! this afternoon!”

I looked over at Frank who just smirked; neither of us would go to the detention, we’d be way to busy drinking and getting high for that... i smiled again at my best friend as we heard the bell and continued to our next class.

I pulled the third bottle of vodka to my lips and drank; I felt the burn of the crystal liquid sliding down my throat. I looked at frank and handed him the bottle, accidently spilling some of the drink over him.

“For fuck’s sake Gerard!!”

I looked over at Frank who seemed pretty pissed off; his black fringe flopped over his big hazel eye and his forehead was crinkled in the middle of his eyebrows. I paused for a second to take him all in, even in my inebriated state I could see how beautiful he was.

you want to kiss him...
Shut up! No I don’t he’s just kinda... breathtaking...
Just kiss him... You know you want to...

“I want to kiss you, B E A utiful,”

The words were out of my mouth before I could even think about them. Frank raised an eyebrow, quite annoyingly actually, (I can only lift both eyebrows) and smiled.

“Not in this state, sugar. Tell me that when you’re sober and maybe I’ll believe you,”

I leaned into him then and pressed my lips against his. They were as soft as I had imagined they’d be. He just sunk into it and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back before shoving his tongue roughly into my willing mouth. I moaned and started to grind against him when he stopped and pulled away.

“You’re really, really drunk,”

I started giggling uncontrollably then. He looked over at me again and smiled. The darkness welcomed me.

Suddenly we were in a club and the flashing lights hurt my eyes, but I danced against frank. I noticed many other guys staring at us, and smiled. The lights started changing colour as a new song started. I felt franks hands on my waist and his breath in my ear as he whispered to me.

“Wanna give them a show, baby?”

I nodded as we heard the first few chords of Nine Inch Nails Closer come on. Frank began to grind against me and I started to kiss his neck. His hands travelled from my hips to my ass. I moaned against his neck as a guy came up behind us and I ground into him losing myself, till I felt the sting of a slap across my face.

Frank stood in front of me in tears, outside of the club, how did we get here, why did he slap me?

“For a second I actually thought... that you and I... just fuck off Gerard! I don’t want to see you! I don’t want to feel the pain I’m feeling right now!”

He turned on his heal and left me, standing alone and confused. I heard a voice behind me. I felt tears running down my cheek. I didn’t want to face anyone. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw him. Then I fell into the darkness again.

I opened my eyes and tried to make out the shapes around me. I was sitting in an ally, the darkness around me was very real, and the fogginess I normally got after I sobered up was gone. Filled with hunger instead. It was a burning desire to eat. I saw something in the shadows moving. His face was in front of mine and I saw him.
His bright hazel eyes and long unshaven face scared me at first until I saw the love in those eyes. His hair was dirty blond and slicked back on his head. I looked at his chest; his shirt was covered in blood. I wanted to reach out and lick the blood from his shirt.

wait, what?!

Why do I want to lick blood?

What am I doing here?

What is going on?!?!

“Those are brilliant questions, Gerard, I will answer them all just ask away freely,”

“How do you know my name?”

He stood up then and offered his hand to me. He looked amused by my question as if he was laughing at it.

“You introduced yourself earlier, Gerard. But is that really the question you want the answer to? I, by the way, am Mikey. I’m a... relative of yours,”

It did make sense. He had the same cheek bones as I did. As mum use to say,

”You know you’re a Way when you cut you’re hand shaving,”

“Why is there blood on your shirt?”

He looked impressed for a second and then again mildly amused.
“It’s your blood Gerard. I killed you. With just a bite of my teeth. Then I gave you my blood and well... we’ll get to that when you ask the next question,”

“What do you mean you killed me? How am I here if you killed me?”

He stood for a second in silence. I didn’t want to know the answer of this question. He locked eyes with me; it was as if he was staring into my soul.

“You don’t have a soul, Gerard. Like me, you are now dead, walking among the real monsters, the ones that hunt down the protectors of their world. You are known around the world, like many of us are. You are the thing humans fear the most in the world. You are my blood brother. My master piece. My student. You, Gerard Way are now a protector of the world,”

My breath caught in my throat and I asked the final question.

“So what exactly are we?”

He put his head up and stood tall and pulled me from where I was still sitting.

“We are vampires Gerard,”

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