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Little Wonders

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In moments like these, Jon realizes just how lucky he is. Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)/OC. For RhiannonLeighBlack.

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A/N: Lyrics included are from "I Could Not Ask For More," by Sara Evans (originally by Edwin McCain)

Lying here with you
Listening to the rain
Smiling just to see the smile upon your face

At the present moment, Jon Moxley was tangled up under soft sheets, his girlfriend wrapped in his arms. The rain was beating down in thick drops outside, and Jon had drawn the blinds shut in an attempt to close themselves off from the rest of the world. Downtime was rare, and he wanted nothing more than to spend the few days that he had off with his beloved.

She was sleeping in his arms, her head resting on his chest, with one of her slim, porcelain skinned hands on his stomach. Jon brushed away a stray strand of curly auburn hair and kissed the woman’s temple. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. It was common for the two of them to argue over which one of them was the lucky one in the relationship, but no matter how many times his girlfriend said it, Jon still couldn’t believe it. Relationships had never been his forte, and he was still terrified that he sucked at being a boyfriend, despite the claims to the contrary.

Moments like these, when they were able to shut the world out and close themselves in, were the
moments that Jon cherished above all else. Professional wrestling and the adrenaline rush it gave to him was nothing compared to the love of his girlfriend. With her, he felt as though he could do anything, like he could jump off of the Empire State Building and soar if he so desired. Obviously he couldn’t, but the point was that her strength gave him strength. Jon wasn’t very confident in himself and his abilities. Mox was, but Jonathan Good, the man behind the character, couldn’t be more different than his on-screen persona.

Jon despised Mox at times. He hated that he always had to be the hard-hitting, brash young man with a quick temper twenty-four seven. It got really old really quickly, but luckily, he never had to worry about that issue with his girlfriend. She preferred Jon to Mox any day, and she affirmed this daily. Still, Jon couldn’t help but indulge his feelings of doubt and self-loathing. The truth was that he was never the most confident guy in the world. He was quiet, but not shy, preferring to observe rather than jump in and assert his opinion, and to some, Jon knew he came across as standoffish. It had always been that way. But he didn’t care.

The thought of marriage terrified him, but Jon did want to take his relationship to the next level. The way he saw it, both of them were young, and if they decided they wanted to get married, then they could certainly do that. A smile tugged at his lips as he stared down at his still sleeping girlfriend. He could wake her up, but she looked so peaceful that Jon didn’t want to. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to spend all day in bed with his lover, alternately sleeping and staring at her as she slept.

Jon had never been a religious man, but every time that he looked in his girlfriend’s eyes, and every time that he kissed her, Jon believed he was one step closer to heaven. He could find no other explanation for his girlfriend coming into his life when he was at his lowest point. Jon would probably never believe in God, but he couldn’t deny that something out there was responsible for the beautiful woman that had turned his life around and helped to build him up again.

I could not ask for more than the love you give me
'Cause it's all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more
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