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The One Where A Stranger Comes to Town

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"It turned out so right for strangers in the night."

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Two evenings later, Patrick and Addison were sitting eating dinner together, after the kids had gone to bed. Pete had left to go back home yesterday morning and he hadn't been in touch since. Patrick didn't know why, but he had a sickening feeling in his stomach. He pushed his food around his plate and barely ate anything, answering Addison's questions half heartedly.
"Honey, are you okay?" She asked him, eventually. Patrick looked up in surprise.
"Yeah, I'm sorry. My mind is just miles away," he explained.
"What's wrong?"
Patrick chewed his lip as he debated whether or not to bring up the subject.
"There's something I need to do," he told her. She looked at him, confused, and waited for him to elaborate.
"I need to go to Australia."
There was a silence as the couple watched each other, Addison waiting for Patrick to go on, while Patrick wondered whether he was doing the right thing.
"I called Rachel the other night while Pete was staying here. And she's agreed to meeet me." Patrick said, putting down his fork.
"Why do you have to go all the way over there?"
"I can't ask her to come here. She'll feel like I'm forcing her into seeing Pete again."
Addison surveyed him, looking at the confused look in his eyes. She loved her husband so much and to see him struggling to help his best friend who was like a brother to him was awful to watch.
"This is my only option, sweetheart," Patrick carried on. "She's got post natal depression and she can't see anything straight. I think that's why she's blaming Pete for everything and won't speak to him. I think she feels he's the root of all her problems but she's really, really sick, Addison."
There was an agonizing silence while Addison considered the situation. Patrick watched her with baited breath and then found himself rambling on.
"I've known Rachel for years, I know she's not herself. And I'm worried for her. I really am. Of course I want to help Pete, too, but even if their relationship can't be fixed, I at least want to get her the help she needs, and to make sure Pete sees his son."
Addison studied her husband's face, fraught with worry and concern. He was such a kind man, he always wanted to help everybody else before even considering his own feelings. Although sometimes that was a curse, she couldn't help but love him for it.
"You should go."
Patrick looked at her apprehensively.
"Go... like... leave the table? Or go to Australia?"
"I mean Australia, you dork," Addison laughed, reaching over and taking his hand. "I know you want to help and if you feel you need to do this, then I'll support you."
Relief flooded throughout Patrick and he sighed softly.
"Thank you," he replied, then sat back in his chair. Addison went back to finishing her meal and he watched her while the radio began to play Neil Young.
"I would have gone anyway, you know. 'Cause I'm so not whipped."
"Oh, you think so, huh?" She challenged jokingly.
"Yep," he said, a cheeky grin spreading over his face. He caught her eye and grinned mischieviously. Addison shook her head while laughing and put her cutlery down.
"Why are you staring at me?"
"I was just thinking." Patrick replied, tenderly.
"About what?"
"What I ever did to deserve such a wonderful woman."
"Well, you must have done something right." Addison said, getting up and picking up the plates. As she put them in the sink she felt Patrick's arms around her from behind. He slid them towards her jeans and kissed her neck, burying his chin in the crook of her neck and shoulder. She moaned softly and turned around to face him. He was so close their bodies were touching, and she reached up and cupped his face in her hands.
"You know, we can have sex right now." She whispered.
"Right here?" Patrick said, excitedly. "On the table?"
"Wherever you want. On one condition."
"That I let you finish first?"
"Yeah, right. When's that ever happened?" She retorted.
Patrick opened his mouth in feigned shock, and scoffed, pushing her against the counter with his hip.
"Well, you're certainly full of yourself tonight." He replied in jest, his face inches away from hers. Addison giggled and opened her mouth to reply.
"Oh, no, no," Patrick said, shaking his head and laughing too. He put his hand over her mouth and she squealed. "I know exactly what you're gonna say, you dirty woman!"
"What was I gonna say?" She asked, grinning at him as he removed his hand.
"You were gonna say you could be full of ME." He said, scanning her face while smirking.
"Oh, you know me so well," she winked.
"So what's this one condition?" Patrick asked, tucking her hair behind her ear.
"That you wash up." She informed him. Patrick groaned. "I know you hate it, but that's the rule."
"Fine." Patrick replied, in a greatly exaggerated moody tone. "I think we should make a new deal. I wash up every night and we have sex every night in return for my hard work."
"Patrick, you get out of breath climbing the stairs. Washing up and then sex will kill you."
"You know, I was meaning to start that diet weeks ago."
"Yeah, right." She replied with a laugh. She leaned in and kissed him so hard he couldn't keep his moans of pleasure in anymore. He pressed his body against her even tighter and kissed her back, his hands exploring her body.
"I can't sleep!" A demanding voice echoed around the kitchen. Patrick positively jumped out of his skin as they both looked towards the door, where Riley was stood watching them in her pajamas.
"Riley, your mommy and I are a bit busy just now. Why don't you go back to bed and we'll be up in a few minutes?" Patrick said, trying not to sound so breathless.
"Or thirty seconds?" Addison chimed in. Patrick tried not to laugh and nudged her with his hip. He didn't dare look at her or he would burst out laughing.
"Okay baby, let's go upstairs." Addison said.
"You mean me or Riles?" Patrick murmured. She elbowed him and leaned in close to his ear.
"I'll be upstairs once she's back in bed. You join me when the kitchen is sparkling clean." She winked, before untangling herself from his embrace. Patrick whined as he watched her leave the kitchen and turned to the dirty plates in the sink.
"Why did I become a parent again?" He muttered to himself.

"So what did you tell Pete?" Joe asked Patrick as he drove him to the airport two days later.
"I told him I had to go visit some family members." Patrick replied. Joe didn't answer and briefly looked over at him with his eyebrows raised before turning his eyes back to the road.
"What? What was I supposed to tell him?" Patrick asked. Joe shrugged.
"I dunno. I just thought you woulda told him the truth, that's all." Joe admitted.
"Yeah, well, believe me, I hate lying to him. Especially when I know he'd never lie to me."
"That's not strictly speaking, true..." Joe began. "Remember when he told you..."
"Okay, he'd never lie to me now." Patrick said, holding up his hand. "But you know how he's been the past few months. If I tell him I'm going to see his estranged fiance it'll kill him."
"Why do I have to be involved in this lie? You know I'm not good with secrets." Joe complained.
"You were the one who wanted to drive me to the airport! And you were the one who forced me to tell you why I was going." Patrick challenged.
"I know, but I never would have asked if I knew it was this!" Joe moaned in a sing song voice.
"Just shut up and drive."
"Shut up and drive, drive, drive!" Joe began to sang the Rihanna song from years ago and Patrick lay his head back in his seat.
"Why oh why did I think this was a good idea?"

A week later, Patrick and Pete were in Patrick's kitchen, Pete up to his elbows in flour. Patrick had returned from Australia, but he hadn't mentioned a word about it to Pete, who hadn't spoken about Rachel since the night he spent at Patrick's. An overwheling feeling of guilt was building up in Patrick's head, but he struggled with Rachel's request. There was no way he could tell Pete about his trip. But he had invited Pete over with an ulterior motive. In half an hour Pete would probably hate him, but he had to at least try.
"You suck at making cupcakes Uncle Pete." Josh informed him defiantly. Pete looked offended and tried to shake the flour off his hands, but only succeeded in creating a cloud of flour that settled all over the kitchen.
"You suck." He retorted. "Now give me that spoon."
"Uh, I have a question?" Patrick said from the other side of the kitchen. He had flour, dough and God knows what else all over his face and clothes, even in his hair.
"Why do I get stuck making the girl cupcakes? I hate pink." Patrick complained.
"Because Patrick starts with P and Princess starts with P, too." Riley responded. "So we're making Princess cupcakes."
"With pink!" Danielle added.
"Uh, stating the obvious here, my darling daughters, but Pete starts with a P, too."
"Shut up! I don't wanna make stupid girl cupcakes. We're making manly cupcakes." Pete called over his shoulder.
"I wanna make manly cupcakes!" Patrick shot back, trying to wipe the side of his face on his shoulder, but all he did was make more of a mess.
"You guys sound younger than these three," Addison laughed, coming into the kitchen. "How's it going in here?"
"You're clearing up," Patrick told her, walking towards her. He lowered his voice as he neared her. "And this time, I get to have my way with you."
"Get away, you're all dirty!" Addison shrieked as he bent towards her for a kiss.
"Oh, you have no idea." He replied, chasing after her. She ran up the stairs and the doorbell stopped him in his tracks.
"You're still for it, missy!" He called up the stairs and went to the front door. He struggled to open it without smearing dough all over the handle, but he had no time to worry about that.
"Hi, is Addison here?" A male stood before him, all five foot eleven of him, with black tousled hair and piercing blue eyes. Patrick surveyed him for a second, wondering if he had ever met this guy before.
"Uh, yeah. Who are you?" He asked. He couldn't help but sound rude.
"I'm Matthew."
Patrick froze for a second, before turning away. "I'll go get her."

"Stay away! I just got this shirt!" Addison called from the bathroom as Patrick entered the bedroom. When Patrick didn't respond, she came out of the bathroom and walked nearer him.
"What's up? Look at the state of you. You have flour everywhere." She laughed, running her fingers through his hair. Patrick ducked out of her grasp and she frowned.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Your ex husband is at the door."
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