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pet names

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Tix never meant to overhear it.

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It starts on Monday.

Tix never meant to overhear it. She’s making amazing progress, Kester says. Baby steps after her little accident. One less glance at the nutrition facts on the cans – it doesn’t even matter that she knows them all by heart, down to what each mouthful costs her and how long it would take to burn the calories. It doesn’t matter. She’s getting better.

But she hears it and the idea absolutely mocks her.

“Hi babes,” says Rae when she answers Finn on the phone.

Babes. Babes. She lays her chin on her knees. Rae’s been dating Finn for 658 days, if she counts correctly. There isn’t a lot Tix doesn’t know about Rae. This, however, is new.

She doesn’t talk about it until the next day, when Rae visits her again.

“Since when do you call Finn babes?” Tix cuts in, interrupting Rae’s ode to her boyfriend’s butt.

“I dunno,” Rae replies through the stall wall. “Just kinda slipped, I suppose.”

“Do you think…Do you think I should call Danny something cutesy like that?”

“What?” Rae sounds downright confused and Tix feels a bit like a mess.

“What I mean is, if we’re proper together-together now, me and Danny, we should do coupley things. Right?”

“Well,” Tix hugs her legs closer as she listens to Rae shifting around. “Of course.”

Friday is the day she sees Danny. Not that she had been avoiding him.

In group therapy, her eyes never leave her shirt-sleeves and she mumbles through her turn. She’s shaky when they reach Danny. He happily rambles about the ducks in the fountain.

Finally, they’re done. Tix is about to bolt when she hears him.

“Tix!” is what she catches, bubbly and delighted.

She doesn’t turn. “Yeah?”

Tix!” he says again, louder.

She turns and blueblueblue are Danny’s eyes. “Danny,” she breathes.

His grin is wide. “Tix,” and it’s soft and fond.

What, Danny?”

“Nothing, I, uh,” he sticks his pinkie out. Heart pounding, she links hers to it. “I like it when you say my name.”

Tix deserts the idea of pet names that second.

(a little something to make myself feel better after the sad thing happened in "my mad fat diary": )
"thanks for reading":
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