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To Find a Home

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Pete fic. Mona isn't sure what she's looking for when she finds Pete.

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“Mona.” I looked up into my father’s eyes. “Do you really have to go?” He asked with a slight amount of hope in his voice.

I didn’t have to. Not in the literal sense at least. It was more of a metaphysical ‘I had to leave.’ ‘I had to go.’ ‘I had to get out of there.’ I couldn’t tell you what I had to do, or where I had to go, simply that it needed to be done.

I could have stayed for a few more years, my dad certainly wouldn’t have objected. It might have been better, but I just needed to do this.

“Yeah,” I sighed, turning back to packing my car. “I do.”

He nodded his head, already knowing this would be my answer. “I’m gonna miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too dad.” He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around, pulling me into a hug. I pulled back to see the tears welling in his eyes. “Dad, please don’t cry.” I understood his tears, I was his little girl. I was growing up and leaving him. It was hard, I understood. It was hard on me too and I didn’t want him making it harder. This was just something I had to do. “I’ll call home every day if you want me too, just please don’t cry.”

He nodded his head and held back the tears that desperately wanted to fall. “Promise me you’ll be careful.”

I laughed and held out my pinky to him. “Pinky swear.”

He took mine in his and smiled. “I love you baby girl.”

“I love you too dad.” Before I got in my car to leave I hugged my dad one more time.

Before I knew it I was on the road. I was actually leaving, driving away from everything I’ve ever known.

I looked down at the cage in the seat next to me. Edgar, my skunk, was sleeping, unaware that once again, we’ve moved on. He snorted a little and shook awake as I drove over a bump. He yawned, sat on his haunches and looked over at me, his black and white tail curling around his paws.

“Yeah, yeah. I know dude, I said this was the last move.” Since leaving my father’s in February I hadn’t been able to stay in one town and it was coming up on May. The longest I’d stayed in any place was about three weeks. This last town was Nixon, Nevada which was a far stretch from my home town of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

After a few minutes of silent driving I pulled to the side of the road and got my map of Nevada and neighboring states out of the glove compartment. I closed my eyes and dropped my finger to a random point. Los Angeles. I looked over to Edgar who was watching me attentively, “Looks like we’re going to LA, buddy.”

I quickly checked my mirrors before pulling out onto the busy stretch of highway and making my way to LA. I glanced at the back seat of my car where my guitar and lonely bags sat. I’d been able to make a lot of money with that guitar. In the busier cities I went to, I would sit on the streets playing it in hopes that I could get some food at a grocery store or something. It’s really the only place I could go because there is no way I’m feeding Edgar McDonald’s or other various fast food chains. Skunks may eat most everything but I have standards for my little guy.

After eight and a half hours of driving we reached LA and already I could tell this is it. I didn’t care if it was super expensive there; it was where I wanted to live. “I think we’ve finally found it, buddy,” I quietly mumbled to Edgar.

Just a few notes on this: I realize that it's super boring right now, and I'm sorry none of the guys are in it yet but they will be. I just needed to set this correctly. Also Edgar is a skunk. I didn't make it entirely clear but he is a skunk. And if you're wondering it is perfectly legal in certain states to have a skunk as a pet. If you want to know more about it you can go here: And last thing, I know it's kind of short now but it will get longer as it goes on. Please tell me what you think so far! Ok have a wonderful night my lovelies!
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