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A Simple Question.

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After nearly a year, one day Yugi asks Yami a simple question. Short and sweet.

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He heard it, suddenly. Yami’s footsteps approaching. Yugi’s heart skipped a beat.

It’d been ages since the millenium puzzle had broke, which in turn, broke Yugi’s heart. He thought he had lost Yami forever. He couldn’t hold back the tears, and began sobbing uncontrollably.
A comforting touch came to rest on his shoulder. Yugi spun around to see Yami standing there: flesh, blood, and all. His pain and sadness turned to boundless joy. Since then, their bond had grown trifold, and they had never been closer.

The footsteps grew closer, still. Yugi drew in a deep breath to calm his nerves, then waited. A tap on the shoulder. Yugi turned, finding himself looking into those brilliant ruby eyes.
Yugi gave a small smile. “You came.”
“Of course. I’ll always come for you, Yugi. But why did you ask for me to come meet you during school hours?”
“Well, I-” Yugi hesitated, “There’s something I wanted to talk about for a long time, and I can’t wait any longer. But I’d rather talk on the school roof than in the hallway.”

Yugi and Yami travelled the stairway side by side until they reached the roof’s entrance. They stepped onto the rooftop and closed the entry door behind them.
“Now, what is it Yugi? You really must say something if it’s been lingering upon your thoughts for such a long time.”
“Alright. Well, here goes nothing…
“Yami, what exactly do you think of me?”
Yami’s face flashed momentary confusion.
“What do you mean? You already know what I think of you. I support you in everything you do, Yugi. Doesn’t that mean something?”
“Yes, of course it does. I’m grateful for the help, believe me, but that doesn’t tell me anything about what you think of me as...well, me. A person can help someone else, but that doesn’t specifically mean that they like or hate that person. I’m kind of in the dark here.”
Yami grew quiet for a moment, then,
“So you really want to know what I think of you?”
Yugi nodded, holding his breath. Yami pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Yugi.
“Read it.”
Yugi unfolded the paper. It read:

Yugi, you are so important to me. There is nothing that can
Undo our bond. Even though we may part someday, I know the
Great memories that we’ve made together will never disappear. Your kindness, your smile, your heart
Is forever with me. I love you, Yugi.


Yugi stared at Yami, awestruck.
“ really mean this?”
Yami looked at Yugi, smiling.
“Every word.”
Yugi smiled back. “Thank you. This is...this is the kindest...the best thing anyone has ever said or written to me. I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to.”

And he was right.
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