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Trade Mistakes

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Ryan Ross is the insecure, shy and only openly gay guy at Palo Verde High School. Brendon Urie is the guy who's a flaming homosexual inside but doesn't have the guts to admit it and he's also the g...

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Brendon slammed his locker shut closed with a heavy sigh as he glanced over at another locker section a bit away from his own. He sighed softly as he saw Ryan Ross, the guy he had a huge crush on, walking over to his own locker. Ryan Ross was in the year above Brendon, but they were in the same music class.

Ryan was this really pale, thin and insecure boy. He was usually dressed in v-necks, which made his pale skin and collarbones even more visible, and he always wore these really tight jeans, making the shape of his skinny legs more visible. He was the total opposite of all the stereotyped boys at their school. Ryan was also openly gay, both in their school and in the town they lived in, and he got shit for that. He got shit for being honest and for being gay. And Brendon, who was gay but definitely not out of the closet, wanted to help Ryan so badly, but he didn't have the fucking guts to do so. The thing was that Ryan got slammed into lockers and hit everyday, especially by the jocks. Ryan got called different kinds of names and other verbal harassments everyday by almost everyone. Brendon got shit for being different as well, but not even half as much as Ryan did.

Brendon took a deep breath before he slowly walked over to Ryan, who still stood by his locker, talking to his best friend, Spencer. Right when Brendon was about to take a few more steps towards them one of the jocks ran through the corridor and slammed Ryan into a locker, laughing loudly. "Fucking faggot!" Ryan sighed and stared down at the floor while Brendon stared at the jock before he pushed him up against a locker.

"Shut the fuck up and leave Ross alone." Brendon said, looking him right in the eyes. "The only faggot here is you and you won't even admit it." The jock stared at Brendon in shock, pushing Brendon off him so Brendon fell down to the floor, and left immideately. Both Ryan and Spencer stared at Brendon, totally taken away. Brendon pushed himself up onto his feet and sighed deeply. "Just ignore the fuckers," he murmured.

Ryan cleared his throat, looking at Brendon. "Uh, thank you... You didn't have to do that you know..."

Brendon rolled his eyes with a sigh. "Maybe not, I don't know," he shrugged. "But I wanted to. So I did. You shouldn't put up with their shit. You're worth more than that, so much more. Think about that, and stand up for yourself." Brendon looked down at the floor and walked away from the two frowning and shocked boys.

Spencer looked at his friend. "Ry, what the fuck just happened? Did Brendon Urie just defend you and stand up for you, against a jock?"

Ryan nodded slowly. "Looks like it... This is just..." he looked at Spencer. "Why did he do that? I'm so fucking confused right now." They walked off, both shaking their heads as they made their way to the school cafeteria.

A/N This first chapter is very short, but this is just like an introduction to the story, if you get what I mean by that? The next chapter will be longer, I promise.
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