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Words can be posionous to the brain...

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She twisted and turned in her bed. She couldn't sleep. Words kept on echoing in her head.

"You're ugly"

"You're fat"

"You're such a fake"



She hated school. She couldn't take those words from those kids, every single day. She begged her mom to switch schools, but she always said there was tomorrow. Everything would be alright, things will look up. But things never did. She was crying, but no one heard or saw her tears. Tears of broken dreams, tears of what she once was.

They distroyed her. All those posionous words, stunning her heart, leaving scars that won't heal. She was a loner. She had no friend. And they wondered why she never smiled. People tried to help her. She only pushed them awake, being scared to be hurt again.

Her confidence was gone. Her faith was gone. Her pride was gone. Her life was gone. The real her was gone. Never to be found again.

She only goes asleep to shut down her brain. Her thoughts are her own worst enemy, tearing herself apart. She only falls asleep being physically and emmotionally exhaused. She walks through a black and white hallway. People starring and laughing...labling her.

She tried to impress them. She put on masks, just trying to impress everyone. But she could never impress herself. Her feelings were no more. Her feelings were only in her poetry. She couldn't take the pain. She couldn't. She didn't want to see the darkness of tomorrow. But she had to.

For she was the forgotten soul, hiding in the shadows.


xxDarkness' Kidxx

I wrote this story, to show you how painful it is to have bullying issues...just because you're being yourself. Please, think about what I wrote.
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