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L sends the other detectives home for the evening, leaving him alone in his hotel room with Light after the young man's father agreed in the hopes of clearing his sons name.

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I had to get this out, it's been driving me nuts! I was daydreaming a few weeks ago about Deathnote and this is basically my little mind ramble. I couldn't get this out of my head and it made it almost impossible for me to work on anything else so i hope you enjoy it and that I'll be able to complete my other oneshots now.

By the way, this isn't exactly following the exact story but I guess that's why they call it fanfiction!

If you read this, thank you!

The hotel room was quiet, just the sound of a quiet chewing breaking the almost silence. Light Yagami watched with a daring eye as L ate the strawberries he held delicately between his finger tips.

The task force had been given permission to leave, L telling them to get some rest before they set back at uncovering the identity of Kira, and Light had offered to stay with the detective; his father allowing it in a vain attempt at clearing his sons name.

Light scanned L's features, from his dark hair that stuck out messily in different directions, to his toes curled around the cushion of the chair he currently sat on. He noticed the way his eyes would flutter closed at a bite of a particularly sweet strawberry, the way he would suck a little of the juice from it before swallowing it down. It made his stomach clench.

He bit his lip as he thought of how attractive L really was, he was strange and had an odd manner about him but this seemed to make him all the more beautiful. And that amazing, clever mind of his, it made Light feel things he shouldn't. Made him wish things were different.

But why couldn't he just pretend things were different? He reasoned with himself, why couldn't he pretend that for one night there was no Kira? No shinigami, no death note and no investigation? Why can't, for just one night, they just be two regular people? There seemed no logical reason as to why they shouldn't.

For a few moments longer he continued to watch the other man, searching for a reason why he shouldn't just forget for the evening. Finding nothing he swallowed hard and leaned forward in his chair

"L? May I ask you something personal?"

"Mmm..." L replied, chewing on one of the red pieces of fruit and looking up at the younger man.

"Have you ever made love?" The detective swallowed roughly as his eyes widened. It was a question he'd neither been asked nor expected, certainly not from the young man before him

"Light Kun, I...I have told you before. You are my first friend, don't you remember?"

"But..." Light said as he stood from his chair and moved toward the detective, crouching in front of him and resting his hands on the arms of his seat "...That doesn't answer my question, have you ever made love?"

L stared down at Light, pulling his lower lip between his teeth and thinking of an answer. He couldn't reason with himself why Light would ask him such a thing, he'd never thought it was something he'd have to answer before. Placing the box of strawberries down, he hung his head low and closed his eyes

"No.." he whispered "I have not..."

"I see..." Light answered quietly, daring to raise himself higher so they were almost face to face. "Have you ever kissed anyone?"

"No..." L said softly, raising his head to look Light in the eye "...why do you ask, Light Kun?"

"Haven't you ever...wanted to?"

"I...I've never...I haven't ever considered it before..." The detective replied breathlessly, staring into the eyes of the younger man before him

"And now?"

"Perhaps..." L replied, noticing the younger lean closer still "Why do you ask these things?"

"Because I would like to kiss make love with you..." Light shifted closer still, their faces inches apart. He could feel the warm, shaky breaths of the detective against his lips, his hand trembling beside his own "Wouldn't you like to pretend things are different for a while? Please...May I? May I kiss you?"

L nodded his head gently before he could even register his own movements, he wasn't sure how he'd come to be in this position but couldn't deny that the thought had flashed across his mind before. His eyes fluttered closed as he felt Lights hands rest upon his chest and his soft lips brush against his own.

His head was spinning from the unexpected rush he felt, his toes curling tighter around the fabric. Slowly he moved his arms to wrap around the younger mans shoulders and pull him into the gap between his legs, pressing their lips together more firmly and feeling Light begin to move his own slowly. Quickly they fell into a gentle rythm, keeping the kiss soft and slow and their hands still. Suddenly Light pulled away and smiled, standing up and reaching out a hand.

L stared at it for a while, all wide eyed and swollen lips, before Light pulled it away and began unfastening the buttons on his own shirt. He removed it, laying it neatly over one of the chairs and moving to remove his trousers. Once in just his underwear he turned to look at L, finding the detective had placed his feet on the floor and was now gripping the sides of the chair as he watched the younger undress. Light took this as interest and motioned for L to follow him into the bedroom.

L stood, shuffling along behind Light to the bedroom. He could feel his steadily growing erection straining in his boxers as he walked, still slightly unsure of how he ended up in this situation, and bit his lip again as he entered the room. The door shut quietly behind him as he stepped inside, making him close his eyes and take a shaky breath. Light walked behind L and rested his hands on his hips, leaning to place a gentle kiss behind the detective's ear.

"I'm not...I don't know what I'm doing, Light Kun" Light ran his hands under L's shirt to feel the soft skin of his hips, feeling his erection twitch with want

"I'll help you, I'll show you what to do"

Light pulled the other man's shirt up over his head and dropped it to the floor, turning him around so he could admire his body. L's stomach was flat, his hip bones sticking out just slightly from his soft flesh. His chest was tight, not overly muscular but firm, just like his arms. He really was beautiful. Light pulled him to his chest, resting a hand on his ass to push their hips together and kissed the older man softly.

L gasped at the feeling of his erection brushing Light's through the constricting fabric between them, making him involuntarily push his hips closer. Light grinned at the reaction he was getting and pulled back, taking L's hand and walking toward the bed.

The younger turned, dropping to his knees and pulling the detective's pants down, before pushing him back onto the bed. L watched with curious, lust filled eyes as Light began kissing and sucking at the smooth skin of his thighs. His eyes grew wider as the younger man took hold of his erection and flicked his tongue over the head, moaning as he slipped his lips over it and down the shaft

"Light Kun, I..." he wasn't sure what he was trying to say but any coherent thought that he may have attempted to vocalise was lost, disappearing when Light began hollowing his cheeks and sucking at the head. Never had he felt anything like this, it was so new and different but so so good. It was like his whole body was electrified, every nerve sparking in a way he'd never experienced before.

Reaching down, he gripped Yagami's hair tightly and ran a hand through his own, desperately resisting the urge to buck his hips up into the youngers mouth. Instead he forced them down, biting his lip hard and whimpering with pleasure.

All too soon Light pulled back, wiping his hand across his mouth. He stood, dropping his own underwear and moved to crawl onto the bed.

L shifted back, watching as Light followed him, stopping as he reached the headboard. Before he had time to breathe, Light is above him, leaning down to nibble his ear.

"Do you want to make love, detective? Do you want me to make love to you?"


Light smirked down at the nervous man below him and moved to kiss him tenderly, biting softly on his lower lip and dipping his tongue inside his mouth to taste him. Slowly he pulled away and began to move down the detective's body, flicking his tongue over his soft skin and nibbling at his tender flesh.

Reaching out a hand, Light grabbed the hand lotion that stood unused on the bedside table. The click of the cap echoed around the room as Light poured a generous amount of the substance onto his fingers, slicking them up and reaching down to press a digit to the detectives entrance. Finding he couldn't immediately push past the resistance, he began circling the hole, blocking everything out and concentrating only on the signals of the detectives body. Light moved slow and steady, not wanting to hurt the detective or make him change his mind, and ever so gently pushed the first digit inside.

L gasped and pushed his hips down on instinct, the feeling of the younger man's finger was strange, invading, but at the same time he wanted to feel more. Propping himself up on his elbows, he stared down at Light, watching the concentration on his face with wide eyes and biting his lower lip at the strage sensation that coursed through his body. The detective gasped as a second finger entered alongside the first, causing a burning sensation to throb at his entrance. Closing his eyes, he lay back, wincing as the fingers began to scissor and open him up further. Light curled and spread his fingers inside of L, exploring his inner canal and widening his hole. He watched with careful, curious eyes as his fingers disappeared inside the detective once again and brushed against something inside of him.

L involuntarily let out a moan as a shock of pleasure shot through him, dancing across his nerve endings while Light brushed against his prostate again and again. Light carefully eyed the older man, gaging his reactions and biting his lip as he felt his erection throb almost painfully, the biggest turn on of course being that the detective had completely given himself over, giving all control to the younger man. Slowly Light pulled out his fingers and spread some more of the hand lotion over his cock, allowing his head to fall back as he moaned at finaly having some contact to his aching member.

L lay breathlessly watching as Light finally crawled above him, a cocktail of nerves and excitement filling his stomach and chest as his lover ducked his head to capture the older mans in a delicate yet passionate kiss. He felt Lights hand brush down his leg and over his thigh, gripping lightly as he pulled his leg up and hooked it over the crook of his elbow. On instinct the detective moved his other leg so they were spread wider and mumbled softly against Lights lips "I'm ready..."

Light took his time, guiding his cock to the detectives entrance and pushing gently inside. The lotion made the movement slick and easy, forcing Light to control his hips with precision, not wanting to rush the moment he'd found himself increasingly thinking about. L mewled delicately beneath him, holding on tight as he was penetrated and breathing heavily against Lights neck. Neither of them had ever expected this to happen, the detective had certainly never allowed his mind to travel this far before, but now they both found themselves wondering in their lusted haze, what stopped them from enjoying this moment together already? For a few short moments Light remained still, fully seated inside the older man and taking in the sensation of them being connected in such a way. He could feel his mind wandering to what could have been if this case wasn't how they'd come to encounter each other but quickly began to thrust gently to distract his mind from the things he didn't dare to think about. Tonight was a one time thing, after this the detective would be back on his case and Light would have to do what needed to be done, what was necessary to protect himself and the identity of Kira.

L moved his hands to grip Lights hips as he moved inside of him, helping him to angle his movements, searching out that spot that felt oh-so good. Their lips reconnected, sloppy and reckless as L moved his legs to wrap aroud the waist of Light and his arms to drape around his neck. Their tongues fought for dominance, sliding alongside each other until the youmger took full control as he nudged the little bundle of nerves that caused the detective to moan obscenely in his mouth. Light took this as a good sign and kept his thrust in the angle he'd searched for, moving faster and pounding harder, completely losing himself in the smell and sounds of L.

The detective gripped hard onto Lights back, scraping his nails across his skin as he felt him nip and suck at his collarbone, marking him as lovers do. All his coherent, intelligent thoughts seemed to disappear as they moved together, just longing and desperation filling his mind. Suddenly his stomach seemed to flip as a blaze set across his skin, every inch of him becoming super sensative as he neared his climax. Fighting his bodies natural reactions, he fought to keep on, not wanting to let the younger man go yet. This was something that he'd never felt before, and he knew, he'd never feel again. L's back arched as the fire tore through him again, causing him to gasp out his lover's name loudly. Light seemed to understand and shared the feeling as his hips jerked wildly, erratically thrusting as he slipped a hand between their bodies to stroke the detectives erection in time with his movements.

L was the first to reach his climax, his hands reaching up to grip the headboard tightly as he clenched around Light and arched once more. He came in thick ropes across their stomach and chests before slumping as his body released all it could. Light came shortly after, filling up the detective as he clenched tightly around his member, and collapsing on top of L. Neither was sure why but for a few minutes they shared soft kisses, brushing the hair from the others face and smiling widely. Slowly, Light pulled out of the detective and winced, the sensitivity being almost painful, and rolled to lay beside him. He lay on his side, watching the rise and fall of L's chest and the contented expression on his face. L frowned and stared up at the ceiling after a short while before closing his eyes as he realised he'd have to be the one to destroy the afterglow of what they'd just done

"Light Kun..."

"Hmm..." The younger answered lazily, enjoying the care free feeling he was encapsulated in

"You know we can't speak a word of this to anyone? And that tomorrow everything returns to how it was before...You're still a suspect and I'm still hunting for Kira. changes nothing..."

"Yes..." The younger answered as he propped himself up on his arms, staring down at the detective in the dim glow of the lamp "This was only tonight...just one chance to forget for a while, nothing more..."

L smiled and allowed the younger man to kiss him. It amused him how Light had become his first in quite a few things.

His first friend.
His first kiss.
His first lover.

Little did he know that he'd also be the first to break his heart...and the last.

The End.
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