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This Could Mean Everything To Me

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Quinn Allman could get his hands on anything and anyone he wants, except the boy who has greasy blonde hair.

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Hi guys so, this is my first The Used (Quinn/Bert) story. I hope you guys like it.

It Could Mean Everything To Me

"No. I'm so done Gerard. I'm so fucking done!" Bert shouted at his boyfriend, Gerard Way who looks like he has a hangover.

"You don't mean that Bert." Gerard slurred. He removed the sunglasses off of his eyes to look directly at his lover, "You don't mean that right, babe?"

Bert glared at him, "I fucking mean it Gerard. I'm so sick and tired of you drinking all the fucking time instead of focusing on his studies maybe or his school or I don't know? MAYBE HIS BOYFRIEND!" he bit his lip and tried not to tear up as his blue eyes met the green ones in front of him, "I don't even know if you even love me anymore."

Gerard sighed, seeing Bert slowly tearing up in front of him. He pushed back some of Bert's blonde hair, "Of course I love you, babe. You're my only one."

Hearing those two last words made Bert want to vomit, "Fuck you Gerard! I'm not you're only one! I know you've been fucking that Iero kid behind my back! Why? Is it because he's a better fuck than me, huh? Tell me why Gerard! Tell me!"


Quinn stared at the couple who was fighting quietly across his locker. He didn't know why the boy with greasy blonde hair. still puts up with that Way kid. The boy doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Quinn's seen him around. He's in band class with Quinn and let me tell you, The Boy has a voice of an angel.

"Hey dorkface." Jeph poked Quinn's side, returning him to the present time. "Lunch's almost over."

Quinn quickly looked at his watch. He swore as he saw that they still have fifteen minutes til the next class and he still hasn't done his Math homework. "Dude, did you do your homework in Geometry?"

Jeph sighed and rolled his eyes in a way of saying that 'dude you fucking owe me'. He got his notebook from his bag and handed it to Quinn, "Five fucking minutes Allman, or I swear I'll hide the stash from you."

Quinn grinned and pecked his bestfriend on the cheek, "I love you too Jepharee." he quickly glanced at Bert and Gerard as their voices got a bit louder.

"What's up with them?" Jepha leaned on the wall as Quinn was copying his notes, staring at the couple opposite to them.

Quinn shrugged, "Dunno, it's been going on the whole lunch period." he gave Jepha back his notebook when he finished his notes. He looked at the boy with greasy blonde hair with sympathy, "He doesn't deserve to be treated like that."

Jeph raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Looks like Quinn has a crush!"

"Who has a crush?" Dan asked, as he appeared out of nowhere then slung his arm around Jepha, who was giggling like a little girl.

"No one!" Quinn said.

"That guy," Jepha pointed to Greasy Blonde boy.

"Oh. That guy." Dan nodded.

Quinn glared at Dan, "His boyfriend's been cheating on him with that Iero dude from the English Club." he then saw Jeph and Dan smirking at each other saying 'Quinn's so fucked' "why the hell are you guys smiling?"

Dan laughed, "Let's just say that you won't be getting laid, in like forever."

"What? Why?"

"I heard that he has STD's" Dan whispered. He looks around the area to see of anyone's listening to their conversation, "and that he got it from a guy in a bar just to get weed."

Quinn stared at him. "Is it true?" he looked at him again. "He looks like a nice guy to me."

"Dunno. Maybe it's him or his boyfriend" Jepha shrugged, "it's just a rumour though, Quinnface."

Quinn was about to say something when the bell rang. "Shit!" he cursed as he gathered his backpack. "Mr. Corgan's going to kill us if we're late."

Jepha kissed Dan goodbye and promised that he'll pick him up after school as he headed through his own class. He turned to face Quinn and picked up his messenger bag, "Then I say we run."

They both got in the class late for three minutes and Mr. Corgan didn't let that slip, "Allman, Howard! Detention later for being late in my class.

"But it's only for like a minute!" Jeph defended.

Mr. Corgan shook his head, "Late is late, Mr. Howard, and it is three mintes." just then, came into the room and closed the door with a bang, "So I see that Mr. McCracken is joining you guys in detention."

The rest of the students in the classroom laughed as Mr. Corgan sent them to their seats.

Quinn and Jeph sat at the very back of the classroom as Mr. Corgan rambled about circles and stuff.

"What do you think he'll make us do later?" Jeph whispered as he opened his notebook.

"I don't fucking care dude, I don't wanna go to detention." Quinn whispered back.

"But hey, at least we're not alone." he looked at the greasy blonde- McCracken apparently, who was seated beside the window. He was staring outside like he was staring at the clouds.

"Yeah. You're right." Quinn says as he slumped back to his seat, doodling on his notebook, "What's the worse that could happen?"

"Maybe let us sit there for three hours?" Jepha suggested.

"Okay... maybe it is bad but whateves."

They were both gave each other a moment of silence until Jeph decided to ask Quinn why he knows that the McCracken's boyfriend has been cheating on him.

Quinn shrugged, "I've been to Andy Hurley's party last week and I saw him making out and dragging Iero in one of the rooms."

"Well, they're drunk."

'"But it's still cheating."

When the class has been dismissed, Mr. Corgan called out the three of them.

"I want you three to stay here after class okay?" Mr. Corgan says, not looking at them as he still continues to write on his notebook.

"What if we don't want to come in detention?" Quinn asked.

Mr. Corgan sighed and dropped his pen then closed his notebook, "Then I'll double your detention and you guys will be in big trouble."

McCracken stepped up, "Wait. We? As in teacher trouble or principal trouble?"

"Principal trouble, Mr. McCracken."

"All this because we were late for like 5 minutes?"

Mr. Corgan nodded, "It's for the best. To teach you boys a lesson that a student must always be on time to be prepared for when he steps up to the real world, and I'll shorten it if you come early."

Jeph rolled his eyes, "Fine whatever." he then exited the classroom, followed by Quinn who was still processing what Mr. Corgan said.

"I fucking hate this." Jeph said.

"Hey, atleast, he'll shorten it if we attend."
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