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Harry Potter and the Joining of Destinies

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After the end of GoF, Harry is transported to another time. Thinking he can never return home, Harry gains a family and learns new skills that will prepare him for his eventual fight with Voldemor...

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Disclaimer: I don't own (unfortunately) anything related to Rowling's Harry Potter or Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Summary: AU Crossover. After the end of GoF, Harry is transported to another time. Thinking he can never return home, Harry gains a family and learns new skills that will prepare him for his eventual fight with Voldemort. Will feature Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore.

Initial chapters will take place primarily in the Wheel of Time setting. The setting will return to Harry Potter around chapter 6 or 7.

The Wheel of Time chapters do not fit in with the books. They take place in the Age of Legends prior to and during the War of the Power.

This is my first HP Fan fiction, so be kind. Constructive criticism/ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

Chapter 1: What am I Doing?

It was the third week of June in the town of Little Whinging England. In the house at #4 Privet drive sat an unusual 14 year-old boy, Harry Potter. Harry was different from the other occupants of the home for many reasons, not the least being that he was a wizard. More specifically, he was Boy-Who-Lived and more recently the reluctant champion of the Tri-Wizard tournament.

Harry currently had a lot on his mind as he was lying on his bed. At the end of the tournament, he had witnessed the death of Cedric Diggory at the hands of his parents' betrayer, Peter Pettigrew. As if that wasn't enough, he was then forced to participate in a blood ritual to finally return Lord Voldemort to a full body and health.

Dumbledore...How could he send me back here like nothing has changed, Harry thought angrily to himself. He knew Dumbledore understood how the Dursleys treated Harry, so why did he have to come back he year after year.

As he continued to think about Dumbledore and his current living arrangements, Harry began to get angry at many of his current actions. Specifically, Harry wondered why Dumbledore could not use his position in the Wizengamot to get a trial for Sirius, since he never had one to begin with and was simply thrown in jail for twelve years. And, while he had no proof, Harry was sure that there must have been some way for Dumbledore to get him out of the tournament.

As his anger continued to grow, Harry's thoughts turned to his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. He couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't heard from them since the end of school. Surely they realized that he needed to talk to some other than the Dursleys about Cedric.

Harry paused in his rant as he thought once again about Cedric or more specifically Cedric's death. If I had just taken the cup, then Cedric would be alive, he couldn't help but think. While he didn't know Cedric very well, Harry felt responsible for his death and was slowly drowning in his guilt over not just Cedric's death, but Voldemort's rebirth.

Taking a deep breath, Harry tried to settle his emotions and focus on something other than Dumbledore, Cedric, Voldemort or his friends. Finally, after going nowhere with this particular strategy, Harry decided he needed to write a letter to Sirius. Despite the fact that he hardly knew Sirius, he looked up to him as something close to a father.

Getting out of bed, Harry walked over to the small desk near the bedroom window and sat down to write his letter.


First off, I haven't had any more dreams from Voldemort since the end of the tournament.
I still can't help but think it is my fault that Cedric is dead and Voldemort is back. If I had just taken the cup myself, then Cedric would be alive and with his family right now.

What is going on with Voldemort? Has he attacked anyone? Have you heard from anyone else, I sent letters to Ron and Hermione but I haven't heard anything? I hope they are ok.

Things here are about the same always, meaning it is miserable. I don't understand how anyone can treat family (and I use the term loosely) the way mine treats me. Why does Dumbledore make me come back here every year, why can't I stay with Ron or at Hogwarts?

I know you probably can't respond, but try and let me know if you are ok.

I am going to go for a walk to clear my head. I just need to get away from here and forget about Cedric and Voldemort for a while.


Once Harry was done with his letter, he rolled it up and tied it to Hedwig's leg. "Hedwig, take this to Sirius, and make sure you are not followed." He said quietly. Hedwig rolled her eyes and cuffed him on the head with her wing affectionately before flying out of the window.

With Hedwig gone Harry changed clothes and snuck downstairs to avoid his aunt and uncle. As he was on his way through the kitchen, he heard his aunt screech his name. Rather than answer her, he quickly left through the kitchen door and ran towards the nearby forest.

After reaching the end of the block, Harry stopped running and slowed to a walk until he reached the forest. He had always loved walking in the forest when he was younger. It was very peaceful, full of large oak trees that covered the few paths in shadows and softened the noise from the city. As he walked deeper into the forest towards his favorite spot, he listened to birds singing and he occasionally saw a rabbit or squirrel shoot into the underbrush as he got too close.

#12 Grimmauld Place

As Harry was making his way through the forest, Hedwig was delivering his letter to Sirius.

Sirius was sitting alone at the kitchen table when Hedwig flew in. The Weasley clan and Hermione Granger who were also staying at 12 Grimmauld Place had arrived a week earlier.

Smiling as Hedwig dropped the letter and flew back out the way she came. Sirius grabbed the letter and opened it.

As he began to read the short note, Sirius' smile fell to be replaced with a pensive expression. He was worried about Harry. On Dumbledore's orders, both his best friends were ignoring Harry's letters. He couldn't understand what Dumbledore was thinking cutting Harry off from everyone who loved him.

Getting up from the table, Sirius went to the library to find Remus; a plan forming is his mind. He was going to get Harry out of that house whether Dumbledore liked it or not.

On entering the library, Sirius found Remus sitting in a leather armchair reading a book. Taking a deep breath and preparing for the inevitable debate, Sirius said "Remus, I think we need to go get Harry and bring him back here. It is not healthy for him to live with those people; he belongs here with us, his family."

"Sirius, we have been through this with Dumbledore. He said that Harry needs space and time alone to deal with everything that happened last year." Remus said in a monotone, not really believing it himself.

"I don't care what Dumbledore said. Look at his letter, it may be short but it doesn't leave me with a good feeling. We have left him alone with those damn people and cut off all contact with his friends. How the hell is he supposed to move one?" Sirius said in a firm tone. "And when did Dumbledore get the authority to make these decisions for Harry? I am his godfather not Dumbledore!"

Remus replied "I am sure he is only look after Harry's well being ..."

"If Dumbledore was so interested in Harry's well-being, then why has head two different death eaters as DADA teachers? Why has Harry faced Voldemort in some shape or form for 3 of his 4 years at Hogwarts? No. Dumbledore may be powerful but when it comes to Harry he has made bad decision after bad decision. It is time I started acting like Harry's godfather and stopped looking to other people to take care of him. I love him and he is my responsibility to take care and no one else's." Sirius finished firmly.

Agreeing with Sirius in his heart, Remus gave in and said "OK, but don't think there won't be a fight over this."

Looking Remus in the eye and in a quiet voice he said "I know, but Harry is worth it."

Smiling, Remus said "In that case, let's pick him up this evening."

Forest outside of Little Whinging

Harry had finally reached his favorite spot in the forest. It was a clearing atop a small hill deep in the forest. At the top of the hill was a round dull-white pillar that was approximately 3 feet high and was smooth but for symbols and runes that were carved into the surface.

Harry had found the clearing a few years ago, before he got his Hogwarts letter. Dudley and crew had been engaging in their favorite pastime (Harry Hunting) and in his haste to escape them Harry had run much deeper into the forest than in the past and came upon the clearing and the pillar. After that day, Harry returned often to the clearing. He always felt at peace in the clearing, surrounded by the forest with the sounds of the birds and other forest animals playing softly in the background

As he looked at the pillar again for what felt like the thousandth time, he tried to figure out the strange markings on the pillar. He had long ago noticed that there seemed to be two sets of symbols of the pillar which were separated about halfway up. Also, no symbol was every repeated. Quickly giving up on the mystery of the pillar, he sat down in the long grass and leaned back against the pillar to stare up at the sky.

As he was sitting against the pillar in the warm summer sun, Harry began to relax and forget about his problems and the events of his 4th year. Slowly, his eyes began to droop and he fell asleep and began to dream.

In his dream, Harry was on the hill with the pillar but it was now night instead of mid-afternoon. As he looked around the clearing, he noticed a white glow that was much stronger than any moonlight that appeared almost as a river of light above him. Reaching out to touch the river of light, he felt a part of it pour into him sharpening his senses as if for the first time he was seeing the world as it was meant to be seen. Everything was clearer, he could see minute cracks in the pillar, he could pick out individual details on each blade of grass and he could hear the night sounds of the forest with greater clarity than ever before.

The power that the river was pouring into him was intoxicating and he wanted more of it. But, as he was marveling at these experiences and the feeling of power growing in him, the river of light continued to pour more power into him, threatening to burn him up from the inside as he struggled to contain it all. Even as Harry withdrew his hand, he could feel more power from the river flowing into him and in desperation he looked around for something to do with it. His eyes fell on the pillar and in particular and symbol on the pillar of a long sinuous beast with four claws and maned head that reminded him of a Chinese dragon. Focusing on that symbol, Harry redirected the power that was flowing into him towards the symbol and in that instant, everything changed.

The symbol on the pillar gave off a white glow briefly as Harry poured power into it. Quickly, the symbol began to draw more power from Harry, not just the power given to him by the strange river of light but his magic as well. As the power and his magic were pulled out him, Harry started to scream in pain. Unable to stop the outpouring of power, Harry sank to his knees in agony and exhaustion. Just as Harry was about to pass out, the symbol flashed a bright incandescent white. As the light faded Harry noticed he was no longer in the forest clearing. With that, he pitched forward unconscious.

Later that night at #4 Privet Drive

With a loud crack, two figures appeared on the front lawn of the Dursleys home. One man had long graying light brown hair and was wearing somewhat worn and tattered wizard robes. The second was thin with straggly black hair and clear blue eyes. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt.

"Are we going to take Harry back with us?" Remus asked.

"Of course!" Sirius said heatedly. "I don't care what Dumbledore says, Harry has no business living with these people."

Not wanting to upset Sirius further Remus said quickly "I agree with you Padfoot but you know there are going to be questions and Dumbledore is going to try to send Harry back to his relatives."

"Well, Dumbledore can kiss my ass. Harry is my godson and it is my decision not his." Sirius continued, "How is he supposed to 'accept' the Diggory boy's death in this kind of environment and with no communication with us or his friends."

"No, Dumbledore is flat out wrong! I will not let him leave Harry is this environment anymore isolated from his friends and his real family." Sirius practically hissed. "Harry is coming home to live with us and there is nothing anyone can say about it."

Remus stared at Sirius for a moment before nodding his head in agreement. Together they walked up the manicured lawn and into the home without bothering to knock. Once inside Sirius called for Harry.

Unfortunately, Harry was not there, but it wasn't long before his oaf of an uncle came lumbering into the room to see who was calling for his freak of a nephew.

"What are you freaks doing in my home?" Vernon yelled. "Get out this instant. I will not have you kind contaminate my house or my family with your degenerate ways!"

Not wasting any time, Sirius pulled his wand from his robes and leveled at Vernon's chest before growling "Where is Harry? We are not leaving until he is with us."

Face red, Vernon puffed himself up attempting to hide his fear of these two freaks and answered "That boy has not been here since this morning. He ran out of the house ignoring all his chores and hasn't been back since." Adding under his breath "Good riddance, we never wanted the freak hear to begin with."

Unfortunately for Vernon, Remus clearly heard his last comment because of his heightened hearing. Eyes glowing amber, Remus snarled before pulling his wand out and uttering Stupefy to stun Vernon.

Turning to Sirius, he said "Sirius, you need to go back to Grimmauld Place and get Albus. If Harry is missing, we need to begin looking for him before it is too late."

Not wanting to leave, but understanding the situation, Sirius left to gather the people needed to search for his godson.

Unbeknownst to Sirius or the rest of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry would not be found.
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