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On its way to another adventure, the TARDIS bumps into something. Later, somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, a meteorite is seen.

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Disclaimer: Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Ouran High School Host Club belongs to Bisco Hatori. I'm just playing with the characters and concepts. No harm is intended.

Note: I've tried to write this so that it's not required to know both fandoms, knowledge of either one should suffice to understand the fic. Should anything be unclear, you can always ask me.

Why? Because I can. And it works.

Credit: I'm always a little nervous when writing crossovers, especially if one of the fandoms I'm writing in is new to me. So there are lots of people to thank for their feedback and assistance in making this fic better. First of all, the folks at ouran_crit for their insightful comments on an early snippet of this fic. Then there's my wonderful betas; Dune for her comments from the DW corner, pointing out what from the Ouran side I needed to explain a bit better. And Tamar, Moonbeam, and leesy_metallium for advice on some needly questions with regards to use of tenses and honorifics. I couldn't take all of their advice, unfortunately, so any strange things and errors you might still come across are wholly and entirely my fault.

Feedback: Yes please. Lots of it. Reviews make me smile, concrit makes me cheer. Tell me what you think I could do better next time!



This is not the darkness of deep space. This is a swirling mass of colour, currently red, with no directions discernible to an outside human observer, in the extremely unlikely event that there should be one. Looking for some hold, this hypothetical observer's eye would catch on a spinning blue box, suspended amidst the riot of colour.

Inside this box, which does not from the outside look like it could house such a roomy interior, are two people: a youngish looking man who is busying himself around what must be some sort of control console, and a young woman with long blond hair. She is watching the man dance around the ship and listening to him extolling the virtues of a planet he has not yet named.

"Meteor showers, every two hundred years. And I'm not talking about ten or a hundred stars falling from the sky," the man says, looking up at the woman for a second. He uses his hands to emphasise the enormity of the number he's about to say. "I mean billions of streaks of light, like fireworks visible over the whole planet." He leans on the console and grins at the woman. "Think about it, Rose; all that beauty and nobody there to see it."

"No one?"

"Except us, of course. We're on our way now." The man sits himself down on a bench near the console, using the latter to prop up his feet. "The planet's got plenty of wildlife, but nothing with sentience. Most of the time."

"That sounds like there are people there sometimes."

The man grins again. "There are. The meteors do something to some of the animals. After that display, about ten percent of the large predators suddenly develop a society. But it only lasts a genera..." He is interrupted by a shudder of the ship and flashing lights on the console. Jumping up from his prone position, he asks: "What was that?"

"Doctor, what happened" The woman, Rose, asks in return.

The Doctor, frantically hopping around the console, doesn't stop to look at her to reply.
"Didn't you see that flash back there?" He points to a bulb on the console that doesn't at first glance appear to be connected to anything. "A spatial glitch. That means something isn't where it should be." He muddles around some more with the controls and stares at the monitor. Now he finally stands still long enough to look up at Rose and grin. "And I've just managed to track it down. The meteors will have to wait. Here we go!"


Midnight. Not a sound from From one of the balconies of the grandiose building that is part of the even grander campus that houses the Ouran Academy, there is a sound: the sound of a young man yelling.

"Haruhi! Haruhi! A falling star! Come to Daddy so we can look at it together!"

After a short pause, there is a response from another young voice. "It is very beautiful."

From that point on, the silence of the night is broken further as the first voice starts muttering all sorts of things about romance and wishing on stars.

About a minute into the ramble, this is interrupted again by the second young voice. "Can I go back inside now, Tamaki-senpai? Only there's still a lot to clean up from tonight's party and even though there is a holiday coming up I don't want to be home too late."

"Oh how sweet, Haruhi! Of course you may, and daddy will make sure you get home safely afterwards, too!"

Then silence descends again. So does the object that Tamaki has taken for a falling star. It closes on a large, Gothic mansion, disturbing several cats on their nightly prowl with its brightness. There is a collective 'meow' when the object splashes into a pond near the house, thereby emptying it of all its water. The crash serves to extinguish the light, plunging the estate back into darkness. When perfect silence returns, a shadow darker even than the surrounding night emerges from where the pond was. It crawls up the side of the house to a first floor window, through which it disappears.

Then it is as if nothing had ever happened.
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