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Happy Easter

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Smutty Easter Frerard! Frank organises an Easter egg hunt for the guys, but Gerard gets a little more than he bargained for... in Mikey and Gerard's POV.

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Mikey's POV

"Motherfucker!" I thought to myself angrily, frowning. "Why do we have go through with this? This is a fucking ordeal!" I didn't like getting angry, but I also didn't like getting treated like a baby. 25 years old and I had to go on a fucking Easter egg hunt...

We'd been told what to do on our Easter egg hunt by Frank. We were all standing in the pretty garden with flowers that somehow seemed to lighten my mood. Frank then walked through the glass patio door, looked at Gerard, Ray, Bob and I with a shit-eating grin, a white t-shirt with a pink Easter egg embroidered onto the front and a fucking pair of fucking pink, fluffy bunny ears atop his scruffy mop of dark, brown hair, making us all cringe, and he said in a giddy voice that somehow seemed to worsen my mood:
"Hey, guys! We're gonna have an Easter egg hunt! It's gonna be... eggcelent! Haha, geddit? EGGcelent! Haha, I crack myself up... anyways, you all have to find your Easter eggs out here in the garden... well, all except one... or should I say, EGGcept one! Hahaha! Anyways, one mystery person's egg is inside the house, but you all have to look out here first. Now, no cheating! If you find someone else's egg, you have to keep it a secret, no hints! Just find your own egg. Now, happy hunting!"
Just listening to that faggot talk was fucking torture. In fact, there was only one thing worse than listening to him talk, and that was watching him turn around - there was a fucking pink, fluffy bunny tail attatched to his belt. As soon as Frank had disappeared from our sights, we all groaned, sighed, facepalmed, shook our heads in disappointment and complained to each other...

"This is bullshit." I grumbled ungratefully to Gerard, Ray and Bob. "I mean, come on. A fucking Easter egg hunt!? We're not fucking five years old anymore!"
"You WHAT!?" yelled Gerard in surprise.
"I said, we're not fucking five years old anymore. Why, what did you think I said?" I asked curiously.
"I thought you said, we're not fucking five-year-olds anymore..." sighed Gerard in relief. Trust my freak of a big brother to say something like that, the fucking weirdo.
"Now, why the fuck would he say that?" asked Bob, laughing uncontrollably, and Ray was too.
"Well, that's why I was surprised." answered Gerard.
"Alright, let's stop dicking about. Why don't we just find these fucking Easter eggs?" suggested Ray, who had just about stopped laughing.
"Why the fuck should we? This is fucking bullshit." I swore unenthusiastically.
"Exactly. The quicker we find these eggs, the better. I just wanna get this babyish crap over and done with as quick as possible." replied Ray, also unenthusiastic.
"Good idea, Ray. Why did Frank even organise this, anyway?" questioned Bob.
"I don't know, because he's a prick. Now, let's go find these damn eggs." I scoffed.
"Hey, look at the bright side, guys..." suggested Gerard, trying to be optimistic. "...we all get free chocolate."
"Hey, that's a good point... but this is still fucking bullshit." I grumbled. "Now, let's all go find these eggs before I go even more insane."

After we'd all finished complaining, we eventually set off on our wonderful Easter adventure to find a bunch of stupid fucking eggs in Frank's large garden... to make myself somewhat cheerier, I remembered what Ray and Gerard had said. We'll just get this over and done with, and we'll get free chocolate. Hopefully, it wouldn't be as bad as I was making it... hopefully. I lazily trudged through the green grass, "trying" to find my egg. Although I wasn't really trying, I really wanted to find this motherfucking egg as soon as fucking possible. I could see Gerard, Ray and Bob looking thoroughly through the garden, and, while it was obvious to me already, I was clearly the grumpiest man there. I didn't want it, and I sure as fuck didn't need it. I just wanted to go home, shut my eyes, kiss Easter goodbye and sleep.

The first place I "checked" was the flower pots, and by "checked", I mean lazily brushing the flower petals out of the way with my hand. As I couldn't find any eggs under the petals, I lifted up the pots and checked under them... no egg there, either.
"Hey, I found my egg!" yelled Bob in excitement, clutching a white, paper bag with a chocolate egg inside and waving it above his head to show us all. "Bob" was written in black felt-tip on the front of the bag, and the "o" had bunny ears and a happy bunny face with a buck-toothed smile. What the fuck had gotten into Frank? I knew he was annoying, but... damn.
"Where'd you find it?" asked Ray.
"In the bush behind me." answered Bob, pointing to the bush. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important work to do."
"Oh, yeah? Like what?" questioned Gerard.
"I'm gonna sit over there, fall asleep, and no-one's gonna be able to get my egg 'cause I'm gonna stuff it in my hoodie." replied Bob, walking over to a corner, pulling his hood up and putting the bag with the egg up his black hoodie. He slumped down lazily, and fell asleep almost instantly.
"Hmm..." hummed Ray, thinking aloud. "...maybe one of our eggs is over there where Bob's sleeping. I'm gonna go have a look."
"OK, but be quiet. Don't wanna wake the beast from his slumber." I joked, getting a giggle out of Ray and my older brother. Ray searched the ground for a bag, but he couldn't find anything. He poked around in the bush behind Bob, until he felt something inside.
"Hey, what's this?" he asked to himself, keeping his voice quiet so that he didn't wake Bob. "Hey, it's my egg!"
"Damn, this egg hunt is easy." commented Gerard.
"Yeah, it really is." I agreed. "Now, I'm gonna go find my fucking egg."
"Damn, Mikey, you're really pissed off, aren't you?" replied Ray, walking over to the centre of the garden, standing next to Gerard.
"Yup." I answered bluntly. "This is a waste of fucking time, we could have just gone to the shop and bought some eggs." I added, walking over to the patio door and having a good, hard, enthusiastic look for my egg there. I brushed blades of grass slightly out of the way, then instantly declared that I couldn't find my egg.
"Right, guys, I can't find my egg, it's gotta be in the house." I announced lazily, walking over to Gerard and Ray.
"Yes, you can, Mikey, you're just being a lazy prat." insulted Gerard. "I can see your bag from where I'm standing."
"How do you know it's mine?" I asked.
"I can see it too. See, it's got an "M" on it." replied Ray, pointing over to the corner opposite Bob.
"Oh, OK, thanks." I responded, collecting my egg and joining Bob in the corner. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sleep. Gerard, your egg must be in the house somewhere."
"Good luck, Gerard." said Ray with a yawn. "I'm gonna go join Mikey and Bob."

Gerard's POV

The "eggcelent" Easter egg hunt had almost ended, thank God. Mikey, Ray and Bob's eggs were piss-easy to find, so I figured mine would be pretty fucking easy as well. I opened the patio door, closed it quietly so that I didn't wake up the rest of the guys and scanned the room for my egg. I didn't see an egg, or a paper bag with my name on it, but I did notice something on the table in front of the sofa. I walked around the sofa and had a look at the table, and I saw a paper note with some writing on it. I picked it up and read it in my head. It read:

"Hey, Gee, meet me upstairs! I'll be in my room.

What the fuck? I was confused. Did I have to find an egg first, then meet Frank in his room, or did I just go upstairs? I didn't trust this. I knew that as soon as I opened his bedroom door, he'd shout "BOO!" and "scare" me, or squirt water at me with a water pistol, or something stupid and pathetic like that. As much as I didn't trust him, I was prepared for any silly, childish prank he was going to play on me, so I walked up the stairs and gingerly opened Frank's bedroom door.
"Frank, what the... FUCK." I swore, standing back to make sure that what I was seeing was real and not just some sort of creepy hallucination.
"Hey, sugar." replied Frank flirtatiously. He was lying on his left side on the bed wearing nothing but those annoying fucking bunny ears and his boxers. He had his right hand placed seductively on his hip, and he licked his lips as he stared directly into my hazel-brown eyes that were wide with shock.
"I... er... Frank, what the fuck is this!?" I yelled, confused.
"Shh, shh, shh..." hushed Frank, getting up off of the bed and placing his tattooed index finger over my pale pink lips, his free left hand resting on my shoulder. "I know you want this, baby."
"Wha - bu..." I stammered, unable to form a full sentence, Frank's finger dragging over my bottom lip as I tried to speak.
"I can tell you want this so bad..." he whispered into my ear, putting both hands on my shoulders, standing on his tiptoes and nibbling on my ear lobe.
"Frank, don't do that..." I sighed.
"But you want me to." replied Frank, who had stopped his nibbling to stare into my eyes again with a lustful smirk. His eyes then travelled down my body and glared at my crotch. Noticing the obvious bulge, Frank fell backwards onto the bed, his feet still on the floor. He removed the fluffy bunny ears and chucked them to the side. "Baby, we both know you want it..."
Shaking nervously, I climbed on top of him, kicking my shoes off onto the floor and rocking slowly as I admired his perfect body decorated with the most beautiful tattoos I'd ever seen.
"Oh, baby, yes..." sighed Frank in pleasure, his erection pressing against his boxers so that I could feel it against mine through our clothes. "...oh, Gee, you don't know how long I've waited for this day..." he moaned, grabbing my waist and shuffling up the bed so that his head rested on the soft, white pillows.
"I-I've never done this before." I admitted to Frank.
"Shh, shh, shh..." he hushed gently. "...I've never done this before either, baby. I've been saving myself for you... I wanna be all yours. And don't worry, we don't have to have sex right away."
I lowered my head down so that my face was hovering above Frank's, and I softly pressed my lips against his. I could feel him smiling into the wonderful kiss as his tattooed hands felt up and down my back. When I eventually pulled away, I smiled a warm smile at him.
"Frankie?" I asked.
"Yeah, Gee?" he replied, smiling back at me.
"I love you..." I told him, kissing his lips again, but the kiss wasn't quite as long as the one before.
"Oh, baby, I love you too..." he responded. " much..."
He flipped me onto my back in an instant so that he was sitting on top of me with his back straight, holding my waist. He grinded slowly against my crotch, moaning each time he moved forwards. I moaned with him, admiring how utterly beautiful he was... his gorgeous, dark brown hair that softly danced around his head as he moved, his wonderful, unique, hazel-gold eyes with dark grey rings outlining them and russet rings around the small pupils, his small, curved nose... his every feature was perfect, but what made his appearance even more perfect was the fact that he was only wearing his boxers.
"Do you want me to go faster?" asked Frank, bowing his head down to quickly yet passionately kiss my lips.
"Fuck, yeah." I answered, and Frank - who was happy with my answer - began to rock faster on top of me. The wooden back of the bed hit the wall, making a loud banging noise.
"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh..." I moaned in pleasure, and Frank tipped his head back and let out a long, breathy moan. As he rocked even harder and faster than before, the bed springs squeaked beneath us and I could barely breathe.
"Ohhhh... Frankie..." I groaned, my eyes half-closed and my dick rock-solid.
"Baby..." panted Frank in response, stopping his hard rocking to unbutton my black shirt. Once he had pushed all six buttons through the holes, I sat up, slid it down my arms and chucked it at the foot of the bed.
"Baby, get naked..." panted Frank, kissing my bare chest, rolling off of me and burying his face in my neck. Without hesitating, I removed my belt and chucked it in the same place I threw my shirt. I then pulled down my tight, black skinny jeans, my boxers coming down with them, and I groaned happily as my stiff cock was no longer aching from pressing against my jeans. Once I had removed my jeans and boxers, which I dropped on the floor next to my black shoes, I then took off my socks and dropped them on top of the rest of the clothes on the floor.
"Mmm, Frankie, get those boxers off..." I whispered into Frank's ear, holding his warm, sweaty body close to mine. He kissed me softly and sweetly before sliding his white boxers down his slender legs, staring with obvious desire at my boner as he removed them. Once they were removed and chucked at the foot of the bed next to my shirt and belt, I licked up Frank's right leg, making him moan and groan. I licked it all over, teasing him and making him wait for what I knew he desired.
"Baby, please, just suck my dick already..." groaned Frank impatiently. I slowly and seductively crawled up on top of him, my knees beside his hips, and as I crawled, I smirked at him and bit my bottom lip, just to turn that hot little slut on even more, and by the sound of the moan he let out, I could easily tell he was getting more turned on. I leant down to kiss him on the lips before moving down to kiss his neck, then I left a long trail of gentle kisses down his bare chest until the head of his boner was tickling my neck. I snuggled my face into his balls, his erection brushing against my head. Frank moaned loudly as I licked his tasty balls, and he held my head there and gripped at my long, raven hair. He pushed my head into his crotch, and I sucked hard on his balls, making him moan even louder, and it felt so fucking amazing for us both. Frank pulled my head up, and I looked up at him to see him staring at me with a lustful look on his face. He suddenly sat up and pushed me onto my back so that my head was near the foot of the bed, near some of my clothes. He climbed on top of me, lied down so that our chests were touching, hugged me and nibbled playfully at the right side of my neck.
"Ah, Frankie! Sto-op it!" I giggled to him, squirming underneath him. He giggled too, nibbling my neck a little harder. "Ohh, ohhhhhh... baby..." I moaned, Frank sucking on my neck and licking along the bite marks he'd just left there.
"Oh, baby, I am gonna give you the biggest hickey ever..." whispered Frank onto my neck.
"Ungh, don't stop! Just give it to me, you whore!" I shouted, almost out of control. Frank was turning me into a fucking animal.
"Oh, baby!" sighed Frank in pleasure, sitting up. I sat up with him, and we rocked in each other's laps and panted erratically.
"Ohhh, Frankie, you like dirty talk, don't you?" I growled into Frank's left ear, not stopping my fast movements.
"Yeah, baby!" he panted back.
"Yeah, you like that, don't you, you little bitch?" I swore, pushing him onto his back so that his head was resting on the cushions again.
"Oh, fuck yes!" he yelled, and I could feel his precum leaking onto the head of my hard dick. I grinded hard and fast on top of him, and those fucking noises he was making... they were even louder than that banging noise the bed made whenever it hit the wall. His shouting just turned me on even more though, and I could feel my dick growing even harder and more solid.
"Ahh..." I whined, stopping my fast grinding.
"What's wrong, Gee?" asked Frank, concerned.
"My cock... it's aching..." I moaned, rolling off of Frank. "...sugar, bend over."
"Wha - why?" Frank questioned.
"Why the fuck do you think? I wanna fuck that hot little ass of yours." I answered bluntly.
"A-are you sure you're ready?" asked Frank.
"Yeah... why, are you not ready yet?" I replied. "You know we don't have to..."
"No, I want this..." responded Frank, bending over and presenting his ass to me. I groaned and ran my index finger along the crack and over the hole, making it widen briefly, and my finger nearly slipped into the hole as it widened. He moaned in response, closing his beautiful eyes. I stroked up and down the crack with my finger for a while, making Frank whine impatiently.
"Baby, just do it already..." he demanded.
"Soon." I replied. "I like to tease you... it turns me on, seeing how hungry I can make you..."
"Ohhhh..." groaned Frank lustfully. After a while, I stopped tracing my finger up and down Frank's ass, and I bowed my head down so that I was facing it.
"Baby, what are you doing?" asked Frank, turning his head around to look at me. "Oh... I think I know." he added with a smirk. I smirked back at him, opened my mouth and licked along Frank's ass crack.
"Uh... unnnngggghh..." he groaned, his arms and legs shaking. I gently glided my pink tongue up and down the crack, and it tasted so great. I wanted to taste more of Frank, and I wanted to be inside of him... yet, at the same time, I didn't want to fuck him straight away. I still wanted to tease him, so I poked my tongue inside of Frank's asshole, making him moan and pant like a fucking pornstar.
"Uh, uh, uhhhhhh... oh, yeah... ohhhh, yeah, baby, don't stop, don't ever stop!" he yelled euphorically, making me feel even hornier than before, if that was even possible. I loved it when he moaned for me, as it showed how horny for me he was, and when he was horny for me, I knew that I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to him and he'd absolutely fucking love it. I wiggled my tongue around in messy circles in Frank's ass as he continued to moan and shout for me in sexual pleasure, and he pushed his ass against my tongue as I wiggled it inside of him. I could hear what sounded like some sort of liquid dripping on the bed, so I slowly pulled my tongue out of his ass to see what it was.
"Gee, why'd you stop?" asked Frank, a hint of sadness in his voice.
"Baby, I heard something... it sounded like dripping." I answered.
"Yeah... take a look." replied Frank, grinning a wide, cheeky grin at me and turning around to sit on my lap with his legs wrapped tightly around my waist. I peeked over his shoulder, Frank still grinning at me, and I noticed a puddle of thick, white liquid on the bed where Frank was bending over. I smiled and softly pressed my lips to Frank's before gently moving him off of me and crawling towards the puddle. I stuck my tongue in the liquid and licked upwards, and it dripped from my tongue and hung there like a bit of string. I slurped it up and swallowed it, moaning at how fucking delicious it tasted, then I lapped up the rest like a thirsty dog. Frank stroked my left ass cheek as I licked up his tasty cum, and I groaned as he squeezed it, his fingernails digging into the skin. "Yeah, baby, you like that?" he whispered into my ear, his hands now clamped firmly on my waist.
"Oh..." I groaned as he squeezed it. "...fuck, yeah. But... I still wanna fuck you, sugar. I don't wanna wait any longer, just get on your hands and knees for me..." Frank giggled cutely, kissed my cheek and did as I asked.
"I really want this... b-but, I-I'm nervous." he stammered. "What if it hurts?"
"Just tell me if it does, and I'll go slow, OK?" I assured.
"OK, baby." he replied, smiling back at me. I positioned myself behind him, kneeling on the bed with my hands on his waist, and I tickled his asshole with the head of my cock. It widened like it did before, and I pushed in the tip of the head as his ass opened for me.
"Uh..." moaned Frank.
"That nice?" I asked, making sure he was OK.
"Yeah... baby, that's nice." he answered. "Push a little more in, but go slow." I slowly pushed in more of the head, listening to Frank panting and groaning as the he felt the feeling of penetration for the first time. As soon as the head was all the way in, I began to thrust forwards and backwards, pushing in some of the shaft and then pulling it out. Frank moaned in time with my thrusts, cursing and panting as I gradually sped up. "Baby, more!" he yelled, sounding desperate, like I could do anything to him and he'd just take it. I quickly pushed in more of my cock, watching Frank's asshole stretch and twitch as I thrusted hard and fast into his tight ass. The bed banged up against the wall again, and my long, black hair danced wildly around my head as my whole body moved - my legs twitched as I knew I was so close to cumming inside of Frank, my hands kept feeling him all over and gripping at his hot, sweaty skin, and my hips repeatedly moved forwards and backwards.
"Oh, baby, I want it ALL! Just fucking GIVE IT TO ME!" screamed Frank like a whore.
"Ohhh, Frankie, I'm so fucking close..." I sighed, pushing in all of my cock. I slowed down a little, making Frank turn his head around and look at me with a puzzled expression on his face. I looked back at him - right into his hazel-gold eyes - and I pulled all of my cock out, then I shoved it all the way back in and hit Frank's prostate, making him shout loudly.
"OH, BABY, YES!" he yelled, making me cum inside of him with a loud groan, my voice hoarse from all the moaning and shouting.

"Alright, what the fuck's all that..." began Mikey, suddenly bursting in on me and Frank. My younger brother froze with a look of horror on his face. He was speechless. Frank looked back at him, and he said to him...

"Happy Easter."

And it truly was.
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