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Harry discovers magic

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Disclaimer- I don not own Harry Potter Characters' but plot is mine

A.N I got bored and was in the mood for writing so ...(I need a BETA)

Chapter two Discovery

'Faster, faster, need to run faster' harry runs around the corner and comes to a dead end, the footsteps are coming closer now with every second. he sees a dumpster bin and runs to jump in it thinking that he maybe able to climb onto the ledge and safely away when he finds himself on the school roof. 'oh shite, oh shite, oh shite' he takes a couple of steps back and hides himself in the shadow of a nearby chimney.

On the ground below the boys who were chasing him had stopped and were searching for him in the alley with Dudley Dersley issuing commands.

"Piers check in the bins, Malcom check in the left bin and Gorden, Denis help me with behind the gate and around the grounds" Dudley said in his own unique way sounding like a marshal but looking like the fat bullying pig that he is.

Dudley Dursley was known for his bullying, the whole school was scarred of him he would take lunch money and beat up kids if they looked the wrong way at him. Piers Polkins was the one who would hold the victims hands whilst the others would beat up the victim of the day.

Harry got a phone call home that day for climbing on school building and got punished.
some would say that its fair for getting punished for climbing on buildings but when it comes to the Dursley but here punishments aren't fair. Once he got a phone call home for turning a teachers wig blue he got two broken ribs and a fractured wrist for that, of course when he had to go to the hospital the next day he had to say how he fell down the stairs and that it had nothing to do to with beatings.

This time however he got a whipping and sent to the attic to clean it and was not aloud to come out until it was immaculate and was not aloud any food until he was done. so that's were he was on a brilliant Saturday morning with the sun up he was in a dusty, dirty gloomy attic going through mouldy and broken stuff.

It was in the dirty, dusty gloomy attic that he was in the next day sorting through some photos of what looked like a pig in a blond wig when he came across a chest, on this chest had the name in big bold golden inlay print 'Harry James Potter'

5 minutes later he was still looking at the name like it was the second coming of Christ. when a crash was heard downstairs he snapped out of the trance and opened the trunk to find very unusual stuff in there;
- a cauldron
- two small rectangular twin boxers.
- some books about transfiguration and other branch of magic.
- two letters sitting on the top addressed to him.

He picked the trunk up and dragged it to the 'keep' pile and carried on cleaning but more enthusiastically than another two hours he was done and was dragging the trunk back to the middle of the room and nearly bouncing with excitement. He sat in front the trunk and with shaky hands opened the trunk up and took the letters out to read. The first had small scratchy writing and said 'Harry James Potter' on the front he opened it to find thick heavy paper inside and a small ring box.


Dear Harry
Hi its your father hear and I hope your well, it should be your eleventh birthday now and you should have gotten your Hogwarts letter by now and let me be the first to say happy birthday and i hope you have a good one.
Right now im sitting in a chair next to your crib whilst your asleep and writing this in the hopes you never need to read it.
Now you probably have some questions so I'll try to answer them, first Hogwarts is a school that both me and your mother went to and its one that we have signed you up for.
At Hogwarts you learn magic... yes magic, might be hard for you to believe but its all in the books you've probably been given by the muggles.
Muggle means not magical human or non magical, its what we wizards call non magical.
Now this is a lot to take in and i understand that so i shall stop now by explaining what the box is for. Inside the box is a ring that when you put on means you are the heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter so as soon as you put it on you can try to get emancipated to get rights, this also means you can get away from the old codgers manipulations, he means well but does not fully understand.
So I'll say bye now and I hope I wont see you for at least another 100 years and I'll ask that you repeat this 'I swear on a marauders word that I will to the best of my ability prank everyone in Hogwarts at least once a week on this do I promise as a marauder'

Love your father

P.S the marauders were a group of people who would keep the spirits high in Hogwarts and you have to be an animagus (i was a stag called prongs, Sirius Black a grim like dog called padfoot, Remus Lupin is a werewolf called moony and Peter Pettigrew a rat called wormtail) to be one, you will also have to get swore in by a living marauder, I recommend Remus Lupin or Sirius Black. Don't and I mean Don't go anywhere Peter Pettigrew. Good luck!


By the end of the letter Harry had laughed, cried and whooped for joy as well as getting confused a couple of times. He upturned the thick envelop and watched as a ring box fell out and when he opened the box he gasped at how the ring looked. it was a soled silver ring with a red ruby and a what he assumed as the potter coat of arms on it . the coat of arms was a shield divided into four, on the top left it had four wands in a box shape with a stone in the middle, the top right was plain but for two rings inter-twined, the bottom left had a staff with an phoenix at the head and the bottom right had a book that was open and had a picture of a white dragon on it. on either side of the shield there were two griffins facing inwards on hind legs. as he put the ring on it glowed a light blue and it resized to fit his finger and that's were it laid as he was staring at it in complete awe.

When he got to his mothers letter he was still a touch distracted and didn't really pay attention until he started to read what it said.

Dear Harrison
Hi its your mum, I got your dad to write one of these for you because I've got this weird feeling like something bad is going to happen so let me say happy eleventh birthday and I hope you are well, you have just turned one and your godfather Sirius has just got you a training broom.
So because I know what its like to grow up without magic and then suddenly you have it im going to explain and probably get rid of all of your questions that your dad has given you from his letter.
To get emancipated just go to London with you ring and find the leaky cauldron. Speak to the bartender called tom and he will open the entrance, walk straight through and there should be a massive marble buildings with goblins in and go to a teller and ask politely for a inheritance test.
To great a Goblin bow at your waist not to low just dip and speak these words 'greetings may your gold always flow' Whenever addressing a goblin speak 'master' be four there name and always end the conversation with something that includes there enemies dying and there gold flowing for instants 'may your enemies cower be four you and your gold flow freer.
Now I would like to ask you to ask for Griphook as he is one of the more polite Goblins and he will help you understand what is happening and the significance of some of the events.
I wont spoil any of your surprises so I'll finish with this, buy and owl while your there and send a letter to Andromeder Tonks anout getting a solicitor and Mrs Longbottom about meeting up with Neville Longbottom, Neville was your playmate and he is a little shy but fun to be with.

love and kisses
your mother XOXO

Harry after reading that decided to get the bus to London to go to the leaky cauldron tomorrow morning and fell into a restless sleep.

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-// \\||// \\
-- -"' '"
^My owl... he he^
A.N okay so its late I am tired, I've got an interview for a job tomorrow and i didn't plan on writing this until the 27th, so I'm gonna call it a day, and ill probably update tomorrow and edit this instead of starting a new chapter so... night, see ya.
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