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In the serpants lair

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Harry Potter at age eleven meets someone with purple hair in a shop.

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Disclaimer- I make no money and do not own Harry Potter multiverse all rights are owned by J.K Rowling no copyright infringement intended.

A.N this has been sitting on my laptop for a while and I found it just now so I put it up, I will be carrying on with the story and I hope to have the next chapter up before the 28th of April.

Chapter one It All Begins

Harry Potter woke up to someone shouting his name, sitting up fast, smacking his head on the underneath of the stairs he got up quickly and started getting changed.
“Up get up boy” a low voice snarled through the door. “I want your chores done before they arrive not after”

“Yes uncle Vernon” he dutifully replied. Pulling a pair of socks from underneath an umbrella he dusted of the spiders and put them on, getting up but staying low he made his way to the cupboard door and quickly rushed into the kitchen.
“Where’s my coffee boy?” just as he was about to put the bacon pan down is uncle snarled "don’t let the bacon burn-and hurry up with my coffee!” he started to juggle and reversely made a coffee and set it down in front of his uncle just as his aunt came in to give him his 2ft long list of chores.
“I want all these done by 2 in the afternoon or you won’t be getting and dinner boy” Harry shrugged and took the list after all it wasn’t the first time he’s went without dinner. His cousin came in and shoulders budged harry out of the way, after he finished serving he ate the leftovers and went to collect his mail. As he was sifting through the mail-putting all the junk towards the back he spotted a thick envelope with his name on it, he put in his pocket as he made his way back to the kitchen, he handed the mail off to his uncle and started his chores.

After what seemed like hours he was done and ate 2 pieces of bread and an apple and headed back to his cupboard. Just as he was lying down he remembered the letter and in haste to read it , sitting up quickly he smacked his head against the underside of the stairs with a thwack. He took out the letter and begun to read his first question is why would anyone bother to write to me?

Dear Harry James Potter
Here at gringotts would like you to come and seek advise on how to deal with your money. We have noticed several large withdrawers and we would like to question your motives and your heritage.
Please set up an appointment with Griphook the potter family adviser and come to Gringotts as soon as possible.
Quickslash, director of England goblins. Gringotts

When he had finished the letter he decided that it was a prank and that to believe it was real was to fall for the prank so he decided to ignore it and go to sleep.

The next day however, when he was shopping for groceries he was stopped by a woman in her thirties. What caught his attention wasn’t the fact that she had bright green hair but that she was wearing a bright purple robe.

“Wotcha harry” she said whilst looking him up and down, she had dark leather scaly boots and what looked like the shape of a gun holster on her forearm.

“Who are you?” he replied nervously. Still looking into her beady eyes.

“Tonks, me names Tonks.” She said it like she rehearsed it.

“Tonks? What kind of name is that?” going red as he blurted that line out. she did reply however with…

“Me surname isn't it.” Harry looked at her in the face and decided she was telling the truth. He then asked “how do you know my name?” she started to look a bit fed up with all of the questions and started to go pink in the face at the next one. “and why green hair outta all the colours in the rainbow why green?” she replied be grabbing his elbow and taking him into the ally and the next second they were gone.

When they arrived harry fell to his knees holding his tummy groaning. A man scooped him up onto his feet in a gigantic hug.

“Oof” he quickly let go and looked at Harrys face.

“just like James... except the eyes-lilies eyes” Harry suddenly came out of his stupor and scrambled away asking “ Who are you? Where am I? and how do ya know bout my parents?” the man quick as a flash whipped out a stick around 12 inches and Harry suddenly flew into his hands. Harry astounded, was speechless and the man and Tonks walked down a pathway towards a building which had a number of twelve on the door. They went inside with the man still holding Harry and went into the lounge were the man set Harry down. The man set back on the chair and kept his eyes on Harry whilst Harry let his wonder.

Harry noticed that the house was very dark and that most of the furniture looked like it was over 100 years old and had a gloomy look about it.

“Harry, Harry look at me.” Harry shifted his gaze towards the man and took in his appearance and had a sense of da ja view.

“Hey I know you, your my godfather, Sirius black!” Sirius looked like he had won the lottery his face lit up like he was a millionaire and he grabbed Harry round the middle and swung him round like he was a ballerina. “He remembers he remembers” Harrys face fell as he started to remember what happened to is parents tears started to form in his eyes which didn’t go a miss by Tonks.

A.N All of my first chapters of the books I write have small chapters which get progressively bigger throughout the story.
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