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Meeting Kendall-Rae

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Character Profile of Kendall-Rae. (OC.)

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Name: Kendall-Rae Brynn Hayden Ripley.

Preferred Name: Rae.

Nicknames: Kendie-Rae. Kenna. Kendy. Kennie.

Age: 25.

D.O.B: April 17, 2117.

Astrological sign: Aries.

Looks: Emily Rudd.
-Hair Color: Dark Brown with Jet Black Hi-Lights.
-Eye Color: Slate Gray Eyes.
-Body: Curvy. Fit. Slim. Not too skinny.

Human/Robot/Xenomorph(Alien.): Human.

Ellen Ripley. (Mother. Alive.)
Amanda Ripley. (Sister. Alive.)

Ellen Ripley.
Rebbeca "Newt" Jorden.
Corporal Dwayne Hicks.
Lance Bishop. (Later on.)
Private William Hudson.
Private Jenette Vazquez.
Sergeant Al Apone.
Private Mark Drake.
Private Ricco Frost.
Corporal Colette Ferro.
Private Daniel Spunkmeyer.
Corporal Cynthia Dietrich.
Private Tim Crowe.
Private Trevor Wierzbowski.

Crush: Corporal Dwayne Hicks.

Ship: USCSS Nostromo.

Position: 2nd Warrent Officer, and a Lieutenant. (Also, if Dallas, Kane, or Ripley aren't on board, she's in charge.)

Personality: Lieutenant Kendall-Rae Brynn Hayden Ripley is the eldest daughter to Ellen Ripley. She can be the contrasting daughter, but she has quite a variety of personality traits similar to Ripley. She is highly enthusiastic, and she too has a bright personality. Sometimes. She is very accepting, but she sometimes has a bit of trouble with forgiving. Kendall is an intelligent woman, who can present an uncommunicative demeanor, only when she is extremely ticked off, or pissed off, or just stressed out. Kendall can lie like the wind. Sometimes that is a good trait, and sometimes it is not. She can be bubbly and goofy, but also warm, edgy and witty. She can see the best in others, and she is quite good at improvisation. She is very courageous, and determined. When her friends lives are at risk, she is not afraid to lay her life on the line for them. When she meets Newt, like her mother, she is very protective of her. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she can be a bit cocky sometimes. Kendall has a mixture of personality traits. She is very adventurous when it comes to certain things. After her experience on the Nostromo, she is very alert to new places, and people. When she meets someone new, she can be a bit awkward, and shy. Sometimes, in certain situations, she is very calm, and she has a charismatic persona. She is very caring, even though she may not show it at first. She is quite a civilized person, and she is also quite clever. She can be cooperative, when it comes to certain things. Since dealing with the Xenomorph, she has become very courageous, but she is also quite dangerous. She knows how to handle herself, and she is quite daring. Kendall-Rae is very fearless, feisty, fierce, and a fighter.

Physical Description: Kendall has a slim round face, with high cheek bones, and a slightly rounded chin. She has roundish-almond like eyes, that always seem to have a childlike gleam to them. Her eyes are gray, and her thinly plucked eyebrows are shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch that followed the slight curve of her eye. She also has a small, ideal nose, above her full lips, which seem to have the 'perfect imprint' shape to them. Her natural, wavy dark brown is almost at waist length, and she has a few jet black highlights hidden in there as well. She walks with long strides, with her shoulders back, and her head held high. The usual thing for her to be seen in is, cargo pants, leather jacket, and combat boots.
Very brilliant.
Very flexible.
Accurate aim.

Peace and Quiet.
Books. (Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit. The Silmarillion. To Kill A Mockingbird. The Great Gatsby. Huck Finn...Classic Novels.)
Outer Space.

Sour wine.
Closed Spaces.
Heights. (Sometimes.)
Water. (Almost drowned.)
Androids. (She always found them a bit creepy.)
Aliens. (Xenomorphs...)

Her mom. (She's scared that something is going to happen to her.)
Dallas. (Like her mom, she's scared that something is going to happen to him.)
Theme Song: What Doesn't Kill You. (Makes You Stronger.):- Kelly Clarkson.
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