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Darth Odious Declares War

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Darth Odious is angry because the Intergalactic Feminist Empire has taken control of more than a hundred planets. Darth Odious has assembled a small army of angry men who are planning to wage war a...

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Darth Odious paced back and forth, his brow was furrowed with anger. Suddenly he stopped pacing and he turned to face the small crowd of men gathered there. He pounded his fist on the table, and shouted, "The Feminists have ruled the universe for too long! Darth Nympho sits on her high and mighty throne and gives orders, while billions of people on over a hundred planets obey her, as if she were some kind of god!" The men in the room murmured their agreement. Darth Odious continued his tirade, shouting, "I want to destroy her! I want to pull her down off that throne! I want to topple her empire, and bring the feminists to their knees! Who is with me?" The men in the room shouted their approval, some raised their fists and yelled.

One man stepped forward to confront Darth Odious. He said, "Lord Odious, everyone is tired of the feminist empire, everyone is tired of being ruled by women, but Darth Nympho and her army are powerful. How do you propose that we remove her from power?" Darth Odious smiled. Many of his loyal friends had never seen him smile before. It was a diabolical smile, Odious looked satanic dressed in his black cape,black robe, black boots, and black helmet. He said, "I have a plan!" Darth Odious stopped smiling and he started telling his men the details of his plan. His plan called for stealing several space cruisers from repair garages that belonged to the army of Darth Nympho. The garages had already been infiltrated by spies, who were posing as repair personnel. Darth Odious had other spies stationed in several locations, they were in position to steal weapons, nuclear reactors, and other vital military equipment from Darth Nympho and her army."

The room had become so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Finally one man asked, "Do you think this plan will work, Lord Odious?" Darth Odious said,, "I am certain of it. The time is now! We will attack as soon as possible! We will declare war against the Intergalactic Feminist Empire, and we will win! I will restore male supremacy to the universe! I promise you, I will restore male supremacy to the universe!"
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