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Two Views Of The Force

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Darth Odious and Darth Sappho have two opposing views of the cosmic force.

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Darth Odious didn't think it was too soon to celebrate his victory. He gathered some of his closest associates and told them he had called a meeting. It wasn't really a meeting, it was just an opportunity for Darth Odious to boast of his victory. He waved his hand in the air, gesturing to the small group of men gathered around him, saying, "Comrades! Today is a great day! We had an assault team make an attack on a space station, and the attack went exactly as planned! In less than twenty minutes our assault team stole a class nine space cruiser, and destroyed an entire space station that was controlled by the Intergalactic Feminist Empire! It won't be long before the empire is completely destroyed, and then, we shall rule! We shall restore male supremacy to the universe!" The men cheered when they heard this, some of them shouted, "Hail, Odious!"

Darth Odious continued, he said, "In less than twenty minutes, our assault team got into the space station, stole the cruiser, and got out, taking the cruiser with them. As they departed, the fired a single missile, which destroyed the entire space station. The females on board did very little to defend themselves. Our assault team faced almost no opposition, it's more proof that woman are weak. There is no way that a woman can be a strong as a man. Even those rare, gifted women who are in touch with the cosmic force have aligned themselves with the wrong side of the force. They align themselves with the female side of the force." Some of the men in the room laughed, at this.

Darth Odious continued, saying, "The female side of the force leads to confusion and weakness. The female side of the force leads to poverty and unspeakable horrors, while the male side of the force gives us strength and power. The male side of the force leads to brilliance and clarity of thought." The men in the room agreed.

Meanwhile, on a planet many light-years away, Darth Sappho stood in the control room of a military command post of the Intergalactic Feminist Empire. Darth Sappho spoke to Darth Nympho, and asked, "Who was the young woman who told us the news about the space station being attacked?" Darth Nympho said, "She's just an adviser. I don't know her name." Darth Sappho said, "Can you bring her to me? I want to talk to her alone." Darth Nympho said, "Yes, of course." Darth Nympho brought the woman in, and left her alone with Darth Sappho.

When Darth Sappho was alone with the woman, she asked the woman her name. The woman said "Zora Zeller" Darth Sappho asked what her rank was. The woman answered, "Military Analyst first class." Darth Sappho said, "Analyst Zeller, I admired how calmly you behaved when you told us the bad news. You behaved like a perfect officer, you showed no emotion, you came in and told us the news calmly and clearly. I have the authority to promote you. I have decided to promote you to Arch Analyst. From now on you will be known as Arch Analyst Zeller."
Zora Zeller was thrilled to hear this. It was a grand promotion, a rare honor. It was like a bishop being promoted to arch-bishop. Zora bowed to Darth Sappho and said, "Thank you. I am honored."

Darth Sappho said, "I understand that you do not possess even a minimal level of psychic ability. Although you do not have any psychic powers, you will work directly with women who do. All the women in the upper ranks of the Feminist Empire are members of a secret cult that follows very ancient traditions. We embrace the female side of the force. Have you ever heard of it?" Zora said,"Yes, I've heard of it. It's called the cosmic force." Darth Sappho said, "There are two sides to the cosmic force. There is a male side and there is a female side. The male side of the force leads to anger, madness, and pain. The female side of the force leads to truth, wisdom, and enlightenment. In our little group, we train ourselves to stay in contact with the female side of the force, at all times."

Darth Sappho said, "Let me put my hand on your head". She reached out and put her hand on Zora's head. Darth Sappho said, "I am reading your thoughts. I see you loved a man named Lorris." Zora was startled by this. Was Darth Sappho capable of reading her mind? Zora said, "Years ago, I had a boyfriend named Lorris." Darth Sappho said,"You loved him, didn't you?" Zora was afraid to answer, but she said, "Yes". Darth Sappho said, "That's what I like about you, Zora, you are not afraid of the truth. Don't worry, it's not illegal to have a love affair with a man. Many of the women on our staff have had relationships with men." Zora said, "I never told anyone about Lorris. How did you know about him?" Darth Sappho said, "The force told me. The force made it possible for me to read your thoughts. Now, go back to your unit, Zora, and tell the unit commander that you have been promoted." Zora said, "Yes, thank you," and departed quickly.
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