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Nikki Style

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Just a serious of drabbles on Nikki/Tommy - inspired by something I saw in a group on FB.

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Hot lips…

There’s a lot of things sexy about Nikki Sixx – Tommy knows. Straight from those gorgeous green eyes he could lose himself in, all the way down to the man’s feet that would give any girl (or gay male) a foot fetish. Okay, maybe that’s going a little too far but to Tommy Lee it’s truth. Nikki Sixx is packed full of sexiness but Tommy has his select parts that he adores more on the man.

Nikki’s lips for example. Those lips are perfect, so kissable and soft and perfect.

Tommy simply can’t get enough of Nikki’s heated kisses of passion that sends a chill straight down his spine and arousal to his cock.

Tommy Lee can never resist those hot lips.
[/Dirty hips…


It’s no secret, Nikki’s a beast in bed. Tommy Lee’s had plenty of years to experience that time and time again and oh, Tommy just relishes in the moments when Nikki’s plowing into him, slim hips bucking against him and it’s not long until Tommy’s hands find their way to Nikki’s waist, gripping along those dirty – but gorgeous tattooed hips of Nikki’s and pulling the man in as deep as he could go, just before Nikki cums.
[/Sexy smile…


Nikki lights up the room, he can brighten anyone’s mood and all it takes is that smile of his. It’s unique in its own way, it’s Nikki’s and there’s no other smile who compares to Nikki’s.

Tommy can’t help but think Nikki’s smile is beautiful, bright, sexy and everything in between. Nikki’s smile alone, can assure and comfort a person.

Nikki’s smile is worth the world’s gold and then some.
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