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The Origins Of Darth Lesbo

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A young woman named Leslie is pulled into the war, Darth Sappho finds her, and changes Leslie's name to Lesbo.

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The advance of Darth Odious and his Male Aggressors was swift. Darth Odious wanted to destroy the Intergalactic Feminist Empire and restore male supremacy to the universe. This would not be an easy task, since the Feminist Empire controlled over a hundred Planets. Naturally Darth Odious and his army would avoid the smaller planets, and would attack the larger, more important ones, instead. A direct attack on the planet Cosmotarkus was one of the first items on his agenda.

A young woman named Leslie was walking down the street with her girlfriend, Luna, in the city of Cosmotropolis. The huge city of Cosmotropolis was the largest city on the planet Cosmotarkus, and it was one of the largest cities in the universe. Darth Odious had placed several of his battle cruisers in orbit around Cosmotarkus, and then shuttle craft began landing his army of occupation. A woman had broadcast the terrible news on all the major news networks in Cosmotroplis, she said, "I guess the feminist Empire had become too complacent, because we had never taken adequate precautions to prevent this kind of attack..." She was quickly cut off, and the Male Aggressors began to censor all the broadcasts on the planet. The women in the planet's government told the populace to remain calm, but the woman were disappearing, and they were being replaced by male soldiers.

Darth Odious began bombarding the planet with propaganda, the propaganda broadcasts told the denizens of Cosmotarkus that they had been liberated from the dark days of feminist rule and now that feminist rule had ended, there were be a new age of peace and prosperity. Most people on Cosmotarkus just went about their business as usual, but the checkpoints in the cities were difficult to ignore. The soldiers usually allowed men to pass through the checkpoints, but women were always stopped, and harassed by the soldiers.

Leslie was watching TV one day, with her girlfriend Luna, and she said, "All the good TV shows are gone! Darth Odious took them all off the air!" Luna said, "Now, it's nothing but propaganda!" The propaganda show they were watching was all about pregnancy and reproduction. The narrator said, "In the past, when this planet was ruled by the insipid Feminist Empire, woman always chose who their mate would be. Fortunately, those dark days have ended now that your planet had been liberated by the heroic forces of Darth Odious! In his wisdom, Darth Odious has decreed that women shall no longer choose who their mates will be. That choice shall be made by men, since men possess superior intellect, and a superior sense of morality. We have noticed that the many years of being ruled by women has devastated your planet's population, and many of your people were born with genetic defects. These defects were caused by the simplistic breeding practices of women who were allowed to choose their own mates, of course, this problem will be corrected in future generations, because the heroic forces of Darth Odious will introduce a complete program of genetic hygiene and sperm donors will be provided, so that a superior breed can be produced for future generations."

Luna said, "This is sick! Turn the TV off, it's all propaganda!" Leslie said, "No, wait, I want to see what the males are planning! If we watch this, we might be able to find out what they are going to do!" So, they left the TV set on. The narrator continued with his lecture, saying, "Our genetic experts have divided your population into three groups, these groups are called class one citizens, class two citizens, and class three citizens. Class one citizens will be allowed to reproduce freely, there is nothing genetically wrong with them. Class two citizens will be allowed to reproduce only if they obtain sperm from a sperm donor who has been approved by the racial hygiene department. Class three citizens will not be permitted to reproduce at all, since they have serious genetic defects."

The narrator continued, and he gave a few details of how the plan would be carried out. He said, "To make sure that class three citizens will not reproduce, the government is mailing contraceptive patches to all the women who are members of the class three group of citizens. Each patch is small enough to be mailed to you, and if you are a class three citizen, you should have received one of these patches in the mail already. You are required to wear the patch. The patch is sticky, like glue, so you can stick it directly on to your skin. The patch contains a chemical contraceptive that soaks into your skin, after you wear the patch for a few hours. The chemical in the patch is harmless, it only prevents pregnancy, it does not interfere with your other bodily functions. Women who are class three citizens are required to wear these patches at all times. There will be check points in every area, and soldiers will check women that they see on the street, to make sure that women are wearing the patches. Of course, if a woman if found without her patch, she will be arrested..."

Leslie shut off the TV set, and asked Luna, "Did you get anything like that in the mail?" Luna said, "Yes, A few days ago I got a weird letter, and there was a plastic patch in it. The letter said that I had to wear the patch." Leslie said, "What did you do with it?" Luna said, I threw it away! I was afraid to stick something like that on my skin! I was afraid it might be poisonous, or something! I didn't want a toxic chemical soaking into my skin!" Leslie grabbed Luna by the arm, and said, "We can't stay here! We have to go!" Leslie led Luna out of the apartment, without even getting any clothes, and without stopping to pack a suitcase. Luna was frightened, she said, "Where will be go?" Leslie said, "I know some women who worked on an agricultural collective out in farm country. We can go there."

Leslie and Luna walked down the street and made their way to a bus station, they hoped that there weren't any soldiers at the bus station. Leslie's plan was to get on a bus and go out into the country, as far away from the city as possible. After walking a few blocks, they saw soldiers at a checkpoint. They turned another corner, to go down another street, but they saw soldiers at the next corner, too. The soldiers had established checkpoints at all the main intersections. Leslie and Luna were looking for somewhere to run when a group of soldiers approached them. A soldier said, "You must be class three citizens! Get over there with those other women!" Leslie and Luna had to stand in line with a group of women. The soldiers were checking each woman, so see if they were wearing the contraceptive patches. One woman stepped up to the front of the line, and a soldier yelled at her, "Where's your patch? Let me see it!" The woman lifted up her shirt and showed the soldier that she had a patch stuck on to her belly, right next to her belly button. The soldier seemed satisfied with that, and he said, "Okay, next!"

The next woman stepped up and the soldier said, "Where's your patch?" The woman rolled up her sleeve and showed that she had a patch stuck on to her arm. The soldier let her go, and said, "Okay, next!" It was Leslie's turn, and Leslie didn't have a patch. The soldier demanded to see her patch. Leslie didn't say anything, and the soldiers became angry. One soldier shouted, "If you don't have a patch we're going to arrest you!" Leslie said, "Oh, I must have forgotten where my patch was...I think it was under my shirt..." Leslie pretended that she was going to unbutton her shirt, and then she swung her fist and hit the soldier in the face. The force of the blow knocked the plastic mask off his face and sent him sprawling on the ground. The other soldiers saw this, and pointed their guns at Leslie. One soldier shouted, "Kill her!"

Instinctively, Leslie managed to invoke the cosmic force. There was a trash can on the sidewalk, and Leslie waved her hand at it. The trash can flew into the air, as if by magic, and it hit a solider in the face, knocking him to the ground. There was a bicycle that some kid had left leaning against a wall, Leslie waved her hand at it, and instantly, the bicycle flew into the air and hit the other soldier in the face. When the bicycle hit him, he dropped his gun. Leslie instantly picked up his gun, and shot him with it, then she shot the other soldiers. She grabbed Luna by the arm and ran.

They ran into an alley and Luna, gasping for breath, asked, "How did you do that? How did you make that bicycle fly into the air?" Leslie said, "Be quiet! Stay down, someone might hear you!" Luna said, "Leslie, are you one of those people who can use the cosmic force? The way you made that bicycle fly into the air, it was like magic, only the cosmic force could do that!" Then someone walked into the alley where Leslie and Luna were hiding. It was a woman. The woman said, "Leslie? Is that you?" Leslie stood up and said, "How do you know my name?" The woman said, "My name is Darth Sappho, I am here to help you! You must come with me!" Leslie said, 'What do you want?" Darth Sappho said, "I'll explain later, you must come quickly!" Leslie and Luna went with the woman. She had a car parked nearby, and she drove them to a garage, where a small shuttle craft was parked.

Darth Sappho explained, 'This shuttle craft has just enough fuel to reach orbit. We will go to a space cruiser, which is concealed with an electronic cloaking device, and that will take us away from this planet." There was no place to sit inside the shuttle craft, except on the floor, so Leslie and Luna sat in the floor and watched while Darth Sappho handled the controls of the ship. Within minutes, they were clear of the planet's atmosphere, and they immediately got on board the cloaked ship. As soon as she got on board, Leslie noticed that all the crew members on the ship were women. Darth Sappho took Leslie into a room, and said, "I want to talk to you you alone. Your girlfriend can wait for you outside." Leslie turned around and looked at Luna, and Luna told her, "It's okay, Leslie, I'm not scared." Leslie went alone into the room with Darth Sappho.

Darth Sappho said 'Sit down," and offered Leslie a chair. Darth Sappho spoke quietly, she said, 'Some of the women who were being searched for patches were eye-witnesses to what happened. According to eye-witness accounts, you waved your hand at a trash can, and it flew into the air and hit a soldier in the face and knocked him down. Then you waved your hand again, and a bicycle flew into the air and hit another soldier in the face and knocked him down. Can you explain how you did that?" Leslie looked down at the floor, and said "I don't know." Darth Sappho said "You are one of these rare people who can manipulate the cosmic force. You were born with a rare gift, Leslie, I can teach you how to use it. I can teach you how to use the force." Leslie said "I don't know what you are talking about."

Darth Sappho said, "Leslie, listen to me carefully. There is a war going on. The Male Aggressors led by Darth Odious have attacked the Feminist Empire. Many innocent women have been killed. Your gift can help us fight the war. Your powers can help us fight against Darth Odious. You must join us. You must let me teach you how to use the force." Leslie thought about it for a moment, and finally she said, :"Okay. I'll join you. I'll help you fight the war." Darth Sappho said, Good! I am proud of you Leslie, you have made the right choice!" Darth Sappho leaned over and hugged Leslie. After embracing her she said, " I will give you a new name. From now on your name will be Darth Lesbo. You will become my paduwan." Leslie asked what a paduwan was. Darth Sappho said, "The word 'paduwan' means apprentice. You will become my apprentice, and I will teach you the ways of the force."
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