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The Apprentice Of Darth Sappho

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In her new identity as Darth Lesbo, Leslie becomes the apprentice of Darth Sappho.

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Darth Sappho flew Darth Lesbo and Luna to the planet Nymphotarkus. The planet Nymphotarkus was the home of Darth Nympho, the ruler of the Intergalactic Feminist Empire. The planet Nymphotarkus was heavily fortified. It was surrounded by dozens of space stations, all heavily armed. The space stations were capable of destroying any enemy ship that came too close. The surface of the planet had hundreds of military bases. These bases were mostly training camps for the female warriors that Darth Nympho used to defend the Feminist Empire. "There are no males on this planet," commented Darth Sappho as she landed the ship at a military base. "An entire planet without men?" said Luna. Darth Sappho said "Yes, the presence of men would be a distraction, so there are no men on this planet."

After they landed, Darth Sappho arranged for an apartment where Darth Lesbo and Luna could stay. Leslie noticed that everywhere she went, she was introduced as 'Darth Lesbo' instead of Leslie. Luna said, "I guess you're not Leslie any more." Darth Lesbo said, "It's my new name." Darth Sappho became the personal teacher, tutor, and mentor for Darth Lesbo. Since they were at war, Darth Sappho wanted to train Darth Lesbo as quickly as possible. Normally, the spiritual training of an apprentice took months or years, but Darth Sappho had to squeeze it into a few weeks. She wanted Darth Lesbo to complete her training quickly, so she could join the fight against Darth Odious, and fulfill her destiny as a warrior.

The training that Darth Lesbo received involved all aspects of space technology, she had to learn to fly several different types of spacecraft, and she also had to learn how to perform minor repairs on the spacecraft. She had to learn to use all types of weapons, including knives, guns, and of course, the laser sword. The mental training was difficult for Darth Lesbo. Darth Sappho told her, "The mind is the ultimate weapon, but the mind of a warrior must be properly trained." One of the training exercises that Darth Lesbo had to do was to pick up a rock without touching it. Darth Sappho would stand outside, in a field of rocks, and she would close her eyes, and concentrate on a huge boulder. The boulder would slowly rise into the air. It would float in the air, for a few moments, and then Darth Sappho would open her eyes, and the rock would suddenly fall down with a thud.

After demonstrating this skill, Darth Sapppho would turn to Darth Lesbo, and say, "Now you try it." Darth Lesbo would close her eyes and concentrate on the rock, but nothing would happen. Darth Sappho would say, "Concentrate,concentrate", but Darth Lesbo still didn't have the mental strength to raise the rock. Darth Lesbo said, "It's too heavy, I can't do it!" Darth Sappho would say, "Keep trying!" after a moment the rock would shake, and it would rise a short distance into the air. It would hover in the air for a second, then fall back to the ground. Darth Lesbo fell to her knees, gasping for breath. She was exhausted. Darth Sappho said, "Good! Good! You are learning to use the force! Now, that's all for today, I want you to come back tomorrow and we'll have another lesson."
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