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A Disturbance In The Force

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A young girl is kidnapped by robots, her disappearance causes a profound disturbance in the cosmic force.

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Synette was a young girl who lived on a farm on the planet Agrotarkus. Life was uneventful on Agrotarkus until the war started. Agrotarkus was an agricultural planet, nearly all of the planet's surface was covered with farms. The government of the Intergalactic Feminist Empire had prohibited any development except farms on Agrotarkus. The leaders of the Feminist Empire considered the rich soil of Agrotarkus to be so valuable, they could not allow any enterprises on the planet except agriculture. Darth Odious wanted the food that was grown on Agrotarkus, because it would make an ideal food supply for his soldiers. But he also wanted something else. He wanted a girl.

The girl Darth Odious wanted was named Synette. Darth Odious could feel her presence in the force. She was one of these rare individuals who was born with a gift, the gift of psychic power. Darth Odious wanted the girl to be educated by men, so she would serve men when she grew up and became an adult. Normally, Darth Odious avoided women and girls, he usually didn't waste his time on them, but this girl was special, this girl was different.

Synette was walking through a field on the farm where she lived when she saw ships flying overhead. Of course, she had seen ships before. Cargo ships came to her planet every season, to pick up the millions of tons of food that was grown there, to take the food to other planets, where it would be sold. But the ships Synette saw today were no cargo ships. They were military ships. They were ships that belonged to Darth Odious. The Male Aggressors led by Darth Odious had sent several battle cruisers to orbit the planet, and they established a blockade. Nobody was allowed to go through the blockade.

Without warning, a small ship landed near Synette. The door of the ship opened up, and a group of robots got out. One robot spoke, in his metallic, synthesized voice, saying, "That's her, that's the girl!" Another robot said, "Get her!" Synette tried to run but it was too late. the robots grabbed her, and forced her to get into the ship. She was confined in a small room on board the ship. She was taken away to the planet Robotarkus, and she was put into a jail.

Meanwhile, many light-years away, Darth Sappho suddenly stood up, she had been sitting cross-legged on the floor in a Yoga position, meditating. A disturbance in the force had interrupted her meditation. She went to see Darth Lesbo. She wasted no time telling Darth Lesbo about the problem. She said, "Lesbo, I want to send you out on your first assignment." Darth Lesbo said,"What is it?" Darth Sappho said, "I can sense a disturbance in the force. A young girl has been kidnapped, and she had been taken to the planet Robotarkus. She is being held there, as a prisoner." Darth Lesbo asked, "What do you want me to do?" Darth Sappho said "I want you to rescue her. I want you to go to Robotarkus and rescue the girl, then bring the girl to me."

Darth Lesbo was shocked to hear this, she said, "The planet Robotarkus is totally controlled by robots. There are millions of robots on the planet Robotarkus. If I went there, it would be like a suicide mission! I wouldn't last five minutes in a place like that!" Darth Sappho said, "You must go. The girl is in great danger. I will give you a small ship, and whatever weapons you will need, but you must leave immediately." Darth Lesbo said, "Are you crazy? That planet is crawling with robots! There are millions of robots all over the planet! If I go there, I'l get killed instantly! What's so important about this girl, anyway?"

Darth Sappho said, "The girl was born with a rare gift. She has certain gene that gives her great psychic powers. She has more psychic powers that anyone we have ever found. It is her destiny to control the cosmic force, but if she has been kidnapped, the males will try to corrupt her. They will try to convince her to serve the male side of the force. If we can find her, and bring her here, we can educate her so she will devote her life to serving the female side of the force. It's very important that you find this girl, and bring her to me, alive." Darth Lesbo said, 'How am I going to do all this? Do you have a plan?" Darth Sappho said, "The force will guide you."

Reluctantly, Darth Lesbo agreed to go. When she looked inside the ship that Darth Sappho had given to her, she was surprised to see so many weapons. There were enough weapons for a small army in there. Darth Lesbo started the ship's engines, while Darth Sappho said goodbye to her. After the ship took off, Darth Nympho met with Darth Sappho. Darth Nympho said, "I can sense fear in Darth Lesbo. I think Lesbo is afraid to go on this mission." Darth Sappho said, "I can sense anger in Lesbo. It's not fear, it's anger."
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