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In The Grip Of Darth Odious

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Synette Is held captive by Darth Odious.

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Synette was held in a room, all alone, for several hours, when Darth Odious came to pay her a visit. Darth Odious spoke to an attendant outside Synette's room, and said, "Give me a bio-scanner, I want to take a reading of her psychic energy level." The attendant gave Darth Odious a small electronic device, and Darth Odious went inside. Synette was tied up, both her legs were bound with ropes, both her arms were bound with ropes. Darth Odious said nothing, he only waved the scanner around her body, taking readings of her psychic energy level. "What are you doing?" shouted Synette. Darth Odious said, "I'm scanning your psychic energy level. These scans should determine how valuable you are."

Synette shouted, "Let me go! Let me go, you creep!" Darth Odious put down the scanner and looked at Synette. He said, " I can help you. Don't listen to those female fools who work for the Feminist Empire. I can make you quite comfortable, I can give you everything you want. All you have to do is pledge your life to me. Serve me, and I shall teach you how to serve the male side of the force. Together, you and I can be a powerful team." Synette just yelled at him. Darth Odious turned away, and before he left, he said, "I can send in a woman to talk to you. Perhaps you'll fell more comfortable if you speak to a woman.

Darth Odious left the room. He was met by a woman. Her name was Vell Vartash. She was one of only seventeen female staff members in the army of Darth Odious. Darth Odious had more than three million men in his army, and more than 40,000 staff members in his officers corps, but only seventeen of the 40,000 staff members were female. Darth Odious disliked women, but he actually had a few of them on his staff, for what he called 'special projects'. He told Vell that she should look at the readings. "I scanned her," said Darth Odious, and the scanner revealed an extremely high level of psychic energy. She has a level of psychic energy that is higher than any human being that I've ever encountered". Vell asked, "What do you want me to do with her?" Darth Odious said, "Try to comfort her. I want her to feel comfortable. She is my property, now, and I want her working for me. Try to make her feel at home."

Darth Odious left, and Vell went into Synette'e room to talk to Synette. The first thing Vell did was to remove the ropes from Synette's arms and legs. Vell said, 'There! Now you should feel more comfortable!" Synette asked, "Who are you?" Vell said, "My name is Vell Vartash, I am a special assistant to Darth Odious. I am here to introduce you to your new life." Synette asked, "What kind of new life are you talking about?" Vell said, "We discovered that you possess a high level of psychic energy. We can train you to use it. You psychic energy will make you a very powerful woman someday, but you must be trained to use your power properly." Synette was sceptical, she said, "So, you're going to train me?"

Vell said, "Oh, it's nothing, really. The training is actually rather easy. We train you to avoid the female side of the force, since it makes you weak, and we give you lessons in the male side of the force. You will feel so much more powerful when you feel the male side of the force penetrating your soul! It is so invigorating!" Synette was puzzled by all this. "What exactly do you do here?" Vell said, "Oh, this is a research center. I'll tell you more about it later. But while you stay here, we can give you everything you need. We can give you a house, and a small staff of servants will be at your disposal. You'll also have access to the library, with more then eighty-five billion electro-volumes to read." Synette didn't know what to say, so she didn't say anything. After a few moments of embarassing silence, Vell said, 'Well, I'll leave you alone for now, and I'll come back later,and talk to you some more." Vell went out into the hallway to talk to Darth Odious.

Meanwhile, Darth Lesbo had landed her small ship on the roof of the building where Synette was being held. The ship's electronic cloaking device had worked perfectly. Darth Lesbo used her laser sword to cut a hole in the roof, and she jumped down into the hole. Now she was inside the building. She tried to relax her mind, and allow the force to guide her. She could feel the presence of Synette, in the force, so she knew she was getting closer. Finally, after walking down several dimly lit hallways, Darth Lesbo came to a door. She had a hunch that Synette was behind the door, so the used her laser sword to cut a hole in the door. After the hole was cut, she climbed in through the hole. Synette was shocked to see Darth Lesbo.

"Who are you?" She asked. Darth Lesbo said, "Be quiet! I came to get you out of here! My name is Lesbo! Follow me, I have a cloaked ship waiting on the roof! Darth Lesbo led Synette through the hallways to the ship on the roof. Darth Lesbo and Synette got inside the ship and took off. Meanwhile, Darth Odious and Vell were talking in a room inside the building. Darth Odious said, "The girl's psychic power is very valuable. If she is properly controlled, and if she is completely loyal to me, I can use her." Vell said, "I can use mind-control drugs on her. The drugs are very effective." Darth Odious said, "No! No drugs! The drugs might cause brain damage! I need her brain to be completely clean, so it becomes my tool! Don't mistreat the girl! You've got to make friends with her, that's the only way you'll get her to trust us!" Vell said, "Yes, I understand!" Vell went back to Synette's room and found that Synette was missing. She was horrified. She shouted for Darth Odious.

Darth Odious came running up to the room, and Vell told him, "The girl is gone! She has escaped somehow!" Darth Odious looked at the hole in the door. After examining the hole closely, he said, "This hole was cut by a laser sword. I think that somebody from the Feminist Empire did this." Then he looked at Vell, he said, angrily, "You fool! You let her escape!" In a fit of anger, Darth Odious pulled out his laser sword, turned it on, and slashed it through Zell's body. She fell lifeless to the floor. Darth Odious called one of his aides. When the aide arrived, he asked, "How many females are members of my staff?" The aide said, "Seventeen, Lord Odious." Darth Odious said, "Kill all seventeen of them." The aide said, "Yes, Lord Odious."
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