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First Taste Of Battle

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After Synette is rescued from the planet Robotarkus by Darth Lesbo, they are ambushed by enemy ships, and Darth Lesbo gets involved in a space battle for the first time.

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After taking off from the roof, the small ship with Darth Lesbo and Synette inside flew higher and higher into the sky above the planet Robotarkus. Darth Lesbo had been told that she could meet up with a cloaked ship when she reached orbit. A voice came on the radio, it was the voice of Darth Sappho. Darth Sappho said, "Lesbo, listen carefully, I am in a cloaked ship, you must approach my ship from the left-hand side, co-ordinates are 333.57, do you read me?" Darth Lesbo said, "Load and clear!" Darth Sappho asked "Did you find Synette?" Darth Lesbo said, "Yes, I found her, she is with me, she is alive and in good health. I will bring her to you as soon as possible." As she flew closer to the co-ordinates, Darth Lesbo saw some shimmering light. It was a ship un-cloaking! She flew towards it.

Finally, when she was in visual range of the ship she realized it was not the ship piloted by Darth Lesbo! It was an enemy ship piloted by Darth Odious! Darth Lesbo pulled the control handle of her ship as far as it would, go, causing her ship to go into a spin. It was lucky that she did, because a second after she went into the spin, Darth Odious fired a barrage of missiles at her. They missed, and exploded a good distance away. Darth Lesbo jerked the control handle back and forth, causing her ship to wave back and forth, this maneuver made it difficult for Darth Odious to aim at her. Darth Odious fired missile after missile, and all of them missed. Then, Darth Lesbo saw another shimmering light, it was another ship de-cloaking. She knew who it was, it was Darth Sappho's ship!. In a few seconds the ship piloted by Darth Sappho was fully uncloaked, so you could see it clearly. Darth Lesbo shouted into her microphone, "I'm coming in! Open a door for me!" Darth Sappho didn't bother to answer, she just told a crew member to open a door. "Open cargo bay door seven! Allow Lesbo's ship to enter, and then close the door immediately!"

The cargo door opened, Darth Lesbo saw it, and flew towards it. As soon as her ship few into the cargo bay, the door closed behind her. A crew member shouted to Darth Sappho, "She's in!" Darth Sappho shouted, " Open fire on the male ship! Fire everything you've got at it!" There was an exchange of fire. The hull of the ship shook violently, as it was hit by missiles. A crew member advised Darth Sappho, "Our electromagnetic shields are holding, but we have taken a few direct hits! We can't take this kind of punishment forever!" Darth Sappho said, "Okay, prepare to go to warp speed, power up the engines!" At that moment Darth Lesbo came running into the control room with Synette right beside her. Darth Lesbo shouted, "We're here! We got here as fast as we could!"

Darth Sappho said, "Get Synette off the bridge! This is no place for here!" A crew member took Synette off the bridge. Darth Sappho said, "Lesbo, I want you to sit down here, at this weapons station." Darth Lesbo sat down. She had never sat on the bridge of a battle cruiser before. Darth Sappho said, "I know you have been trained in the simulator many times, but now you will get your first taste of battle. I want to you to monitor the position of the male ship, and prepare to fire." She ship's hull shook again, as enemy missiles hit it. Suddenly the image of the male ship started to fade. The shimmering image of the ship grew fainter and fainter. "He's cloaking his ship! said Darth Sappho.

In a few moments, the ship appeared to be gone. Darth Sappho couldn't see it anywhere on her screen, she said, "We lost visual contact with the enemy ship, obviously they have turned on their cloaking device. Darth Sappho said, "Turn on our cloaking device!" Soon, Darth Sappho's ship became invisible. Now, Darth Sappho was invisible inside her invisible ship, and Darth Odious was invisible, inside his invisible ship. Darth Sappho told Darth Lesbo to watch the view screen carefully. Lesbo said, "I can't see anything on it." Sappho said, "There's a button on the upper-left hand corner of the screen, push it. The button activates the particle detection system." Darth Lesbo did as she was told, and looked at her screen. "All I see is a bunch of little dots," said Lesbo.

Darth Sappho said, "When a ship is cloaked you cannot see it, but, the ship stirs up dust particles when it travels through space. Almost all of outer space has tiny dust particles floating in it. We cannot see the ship Darth Odious is flying in, but we can see the trial of dust particles around it." Darth Lesbo looked carefully at the view screen. At first it looked like a random pattern of dust particles, but soon, a more distinct pattern could be seen. After a tense moment, Lesbo said, "I think I see something! I think I know where their ship is! There's a swirl of dust over there on the right-hand side, it's at co-ordinates 34.997." Darth Sappho said, Fire when ready." Darth Lesbo pushed the fire button on her console and a volley of high-energy torpedoes flew towards the location of the enemy ship. The sky was lit by a huge explosion.

"Direct hit!" Shouted Sappho. The male ship suddenly appeared. Darth Sappho said, "You can see their ship now, apparently that last shot knocked out their cloaking device!" The enemy ship, piloted by Darth Odious, turned around and went into warp speed. In a second it was gone. A crew member turned to Darth Sappho and said, "The enemy ship is in retreat, it has passed out of our scanner range." Darth Sappho said, "Alright, our work is done here, for now. Let's get out of here. Plot a course for home." Of course, 'home' meant the planet Nymphotarkus, the home of Darth Nympho. When they arrived on Nymphotarkus, Darth Lesbo was given a full de-briefing. Darth Nympho congratulated her. "You performed well in battle. We all admire your courage." said Nympho. Darth Sappho said, "We are going to make arrangements for someplace for Synette to stay. There's one more thing I want to tell you, Lesbo." Darth Lesbo said, "What is that?" Darth Sappho said, "You are a warrior now. You are one of us. Let the force be with you."
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