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Brother Not a Lover

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I can't be in love with him! He's my best friend, scratch that, he's like my brother!

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B’s P.O.V
The more I sat watching him play Black Ops, the more I wanted to stroke the strands of hair that dangled out of place in front of those beau-
Stop thinking like that! He is your best friend, you do not have feelings for him. In fact he is more like a brother, so stop thinking of your brother in this manor!
“Why are you watching me? You do realise you’re a sitting duck?” he muttered while still hammering the keys on his controller. I smirked slowly, he wasn’t even looking at me but yet he knew I was looking at him. So I broke my gaze and picked up my controller and continued the game where I’d left off; leaving my daydreams of my best friend behind.
“I had fun tonight” I said while pulling on my jacket stepping off his porch towards my car parked untidily on his driveway.
“Me too, and it’s not often I admit that after I’ve been beaten so much” he laughed and so did I, because when he laughs it’s such a beautiful sound that you just have to mimic it.
“Thank you for not saying by a girl”
“Are you kidding!? You shoot better than half the guys on that game, it’s like playing with a dude!” I frowned a little, is that how he sees me? Just another one of his guy friends?
“Yeah, well goodnight Gerard, I will see you in class tomorrow” he smiled and I moved quickly to my car and climbed into it. I waved as I pulled away and frowned slowly as he was already turning and walking into his house. When we first became friends Gerard would wait until I was at the end of the street before turning back into his house, now he couldn’t wait until I was off his drive. It just showed me more that the fluttering butterflies, who felt like they were doing loopdaloops, were totally and utterly out of order.

G’s P.O.V.
“Have you guys noticed that B’s been acting a little …strangely lately?” I asked the other guys as we sat waiting for her to change from gym. They all slowly turned to look at me with the same expression that I couldn’t fathom. “I’m just saying, she played a little poorly today and that’s not like her; she’s usually knocking people out of the way to score.” Again they stared at me until frank slowly cleared his throat.
“Erm, well she was just distracted mate”
“By what?” I looked at him, a smile softly playing on my lips.
“Well … she was telling me the other day that … well she likes a guy” the smile quickly fell and I felt my eyebrows knit together into a frown.
“Which guy? Brian? I know she has a thing about his arms but seriously they are just arms? I mean I have ar-” I paused because Frank smirked “-ms and you guys do too! They are nothing special!” I huffed and slumped on the steps as franks smile grew.
“She didn’t say who the arms belonged to” Frank smirked and looked away while I kicked the ground softly with my battered converse. I slowly raised my eyes as a pair of equally battered converse reached the front of mine.
“What did I miss guys?” She smiled down at me, which I returned with a light smile whilst standing.
“Nothing, we were just waiting for you to give you a lift to mine.”
“Oh thanks G, but I can’t tonight, I’m going seeing Evie” I could feel myself frowning slowly.
“But … tonight’s Halo night” I muttered, as I could feel Frank’s smirk burning into the side of my face.
“Rain check” she smiled as she skipped away.
“We’re already losing her guys” I muttered
“Yes …we” Frank smirked as he walked towards the car park, leaving me to slump after them.

B’s P.O.V.
“So let me get this straight … you like a guy but you can’t tell me who it is, but yet you still expect advice?” Evie laughed half hanging off her bed upside down watching tv.
“Well yes it would be useful” I said while starting on my next slice of pizza “I need the feelings to go away, there must be some way?” Evie slowly sat up and took a few moments to take me in.
“Are you sure that you really want these feelings to go? Are you sure that you wouldn’t feel better if you expressed them and possibly find out he feels the same?” I laughed a little trying not to choke on my mouthful of pizza causing me to snort.
“Trust me he doesn’t feel the same way, he barely notices me”
“If we are talking about Haner you’re really wrong, he’s always watching you at dinner” I snorted again and felt my cheeks burn, Brian Haner was the definition of a beautiful man.
“No, we are not talking about B-ri, he is just a friend as well while we are on the subject. You know this!” I laughed and started again on my slice of pizza.
“…Well, I think you should go for it. These butterflies can’t be killed just like that, they need to die of their own accord.” I glared at her because I knew deep down she was right but I didn’t want to admit it.
“Well I’m going to go, I need to go see G before tomorrow I think he’s having a girl sulk because I sold him out for you.” I laughed slowly and stood up pulling my jacket on as I noticed Evie’s smirk playing on her lips. “What?”
“Nothing. Have fun.” I shrugged and walked out climbing in my car shoving a cd in the player without really focusing on what I’d chosen, but as always it was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. So it was no shock that as I pulled into the drive way of Gerard’s that he appeared at the doorway two seconds later shaking his head with a smile on his lips.
“Will you shut up singing, or strangling cats, you’ll wake up the whole neighbourhood” he laughed jogging down the steps of his porch. I shut off the engine and climbed out of the car mirroring his smile, it was too hard not to.
“I’ve stopped, I’ve stopped! We can’t all have the voice of the angel” his smile grew.
“You think I have the voice of an angel?” He smirked moving closer to me, I pushed him softly on his chest and pulled my face.
“No” I laughed pushing past him walking up his porch steps.
“B …I actually have company over” I felt the fluttering in my stomach stop and a sudden sickness started, making me feel dizzy. Oh boy, I may have been so wrong about these feelings.
“Company? Like the guys?” I knew the answer before he even moved his lips.
“No … Erm company like a girl” he muttered, passing me on the steps and stepping towards his door. I felt queasy and dizzy, gripping onto the banister for support. Stop it B. Pull yourself together. He is your brother not your lover.
“Ok. Well have a goodnight. Remember to wear a condom.” I stated quickly as I stomped back to my car refusing to turn back.
“B! It’s not like that.” He shouted as I slammed my door and pulled off his drive, refusing to let the stinging tears in the corner of my eyes spill over.
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