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This is a messege to MCR. To anybody else who doesn't know what happened...

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"My Chemical Romance were forced to pull out of their scheduled appearance at San Diego's Street Scene festival Saturday, due to injury. Representatives for the act stated in a release that though the band had traveled to the city in an attempt to make their set, the undisclosed injuries, received on Thursday, 'proved too painful to play.'

Sources on the scene told AOL MCR's drummer Bob Bryar is believed to have been hurt the most, possibly receiving third degree burns. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were pulled from the headlining slot on the Time Warner stage to fill in for MCR, while acts including the Futureheads, Editors, the Shins and Bloc Party had their sets moved an hour later.

In addition, fifteen concertgoers were taken to the hospital with injuries suffered in a crush towards the barrier during Tool's set. The injuries were sustained despite frontman Maynard James Keenan repeatedly admonishing the crowd to "Step back so you don't get trampled. It's just rock." The injured fans were taken for treatment and the set was allowed to continue."

That's right. They don't accually say what happened to them but it was serious. Car crash or something.

This is to them. NOT A POEM

MCR is the band who saved lives. Saved my friends, saved mine. My friends and I thought we were alone in the world. No friends, losers, but we didn't know how many other people. We're smart, talented and always there for eachother. We just didn't relize it. I discovred MCR the summer of 2004. My friend, Aimee discovered them april 2004. When she was 10 years old she couldn't take it anymore. Lost all of her friends, nobody liked her. She had a knife in her hand when "I'm Not Okay(I Promise)" Came on. If it wasn't for MCR she'd be dead. I didn't accually start becoming obsessed with MCR untill the beggining of 5th grade. 5th grade was horrible for me. We were having a play and I got a really weak part. But all the other people were like pretending I wasn't even there. If I had a suggestion I would be completly ignored. I spent all of my nights in bed crying myself to sleep. So I put my radio on and I heard Helena. That song made me...sort of happy inside. So whenever I heard that song I would think screw the other people. I don't need them. I relized that my family nd friends were there. So 2 lives saved.

You have a story? Tell me!

So they saved our lives now it's time to save theirs!

Contact me and list all the ideas you can think of!

For get well letters send to That is his e-mail address. Don't know about you but I'm sending them one!

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