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Chapter 14

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The Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda series belong to Nintendo.

Author note: Special thanks to my new beta Leopardfire97 for going over this for me.

Chapter 14

Sheik grumbled to himself as he wrapped his arms around himself and knelt on top of the tall dead tree that rested on top of the Water Temple. The Sheikah youth was soaked to the skin from the constant rain that fell around him. It was depressing to look out over the empty lake bed of the once beautiful lake. The cloudy sky and the constant rain just made the whole atmosphere even gloomier.

'Ugghh, I wish was at home in my bed or even in one of the hot springs in the mountains,' Sheik thought to himself, he was chilled from the rain and the wind that blew. 'Be nice if Link was... wait! Stop thinking like that, Sheik,' he groaned and covered his eyes with his hand.

Sheik didn't know what he felt for the other boy, but he was sure he at least had a crush on his friend. Link had been in his thoughts for the last seven years, ever since he and his people escaped from Kakariko Village to the hidden Sheikah village within the forest. All of Sheik's training over the years had been so he could be by Link's side and help his friend. He hated that he couldn't go with Link into the temples but that part of the quest was for Link alone with only his guiding fairy by his side. At least Sheik was allowed to help outside of the temples.

Sheik's drifting thoughts was cut short as a streak of soft blue light raced out of the underwater entrance to the temple to the stone platform a few feet away from the teen. The light formed into two figures with a flash.

"Link?" Sheik called as he leapt down to the ground and hurried toward his friend, worried and wondering why the other blond had left the temple before completing it. "Are you hurt? Why did you..." Sheik stopped short as he registered that there was a third person with them. "Who?"

"It’s a little complicated," Link said as Dark let go of him and looked around curiously. Dark Link had never in his short life been outside. He had only been in Zelda's tower a short time then inside the Water Temple. He looked up in the sky at the gray clouds and blinked as rain drops fell into crimson red eyes.

"Why is there water falling from above?" Dark asked.

"Link... he looks like you," Sheik said in disbelief. "A darker you, but still. What in the name of Hylia?"

"We'll explain, but can we do this someplace dry?" Navi asked.

"Err.. yes...," Sheik said. "Follow me." He waved his hand and led the short way over two bridges that were suspended across the lake bed to the shore. As they walked, Dark asked questions about everything, like a curious child. Sheik didn't know how to take this other Link and was burning with curiosity and worry about who he was.

Sheik led the other two Elvin teens to a house that stood on the edge of a short cliff overlooking the lake. On the top of the building stood a tall tower with a deck on top that would provide a stunning view of Lake Hylia when the lake was filled with crystal blue water.

"In here," Sheik said as he opened the door. "Hello? Doctor Mizumi?" (1)

"What is this place?" Link asked while looking around with wide eyes into the dark house. Sheik walked over to a torch on the wall and lit it, flooding the room with light.

"Oo!" Dark ran over to the table that was littered with all sorts of scientific equipment. "Pretty."

"Don't touch anything," Sheik said in warning as Dark reached up to touch one of the beakers filled with bright liquid.

"Awww," Dark said as he lowered his hand.

"This is Lakeside Laboratory," Sheik said to Link. "It's run by Doctor Mizumi; he studies the lake. It seems he's gone out for a while so we'll be able to talk."

"Is it alright for us to be here?" Navi asked.

"Yes, Doctor Mizumi doesn't mind visitors as long as you don't disturb his experiments," Sheik assured her.

"Ooo, look at the fishes," Dark said as he peered over into the pool of water at the end of the room. Link sighed and explained how they came across Dark and what had happen.

"Are you sure he's safe?" Sheik asked softly, glancing over his shoulder at Dark who had grown bored with watching the fish and was poking around on Doctor Mizumi's desk. Link bit his lip as he glanced over at Dark as well.

"Sheik, I honestly don't know," Link said just as softly. "He did attack me in the temple but... when he did, his eyes were so blank like he wasn't all there. But afterward, once whatever spell on him was broken, his eyes are like they are now. Deep down, I just don't feel any evil from him."

"Hmm," Sheik rubbed the back of his neck then looked up at Navi. "What about you, bug? What do you think?" Navi scowled down at the youth when he called her a bug.

"I agree with Link," she said after a moment. "I can tell he was created by magic but I can't sense anything evil about him."

"Well, what are we going to do with him?" Sheik asked.

"Look!" Dark ran over and happily held up a shell to show to Link. "Isn't it pretty?"

"It is pretty neat," Link agreed with his own childish curiosity looking at it.

"Couldn't you just take him back to your village?" Navi asked as she floated close to Sheik's ear so only he would hear her.

"The elders in the village wouldn't like that," Sheik said after thinking about it. "And... you may not sense anything evil about him Navi but as he was more than likely created by Zelda, she may somehow be able to use him to find out the location of the village. We just don't know enough about him or the magic used on him to know if it is safe." He watched as Link joined Dark in exploring the room.

"Isn't there someone in your village that could do to find out?" Navi asked. "I know the Sheikah have ways of finding the truth."

"This sort of magic is lost on us," Sheik said with a shake of his head. "It would have to be someone who has studied magic."

"Well... do you know anyone like that?" Navi asked.

"I do; King Ganondorf is rumored to have studied many branches of magic during his life," Sheik said.

"Ganondorf?" Link said, hearing the name of his savior as a child. "What about him?"

"Sheik said he might be able to help us with Dark," Navi said.

"Really?" Link asked, turning to Sheik who shrugged his shoulders.

"I think so. Mother always said King Ganondorf was a very good and powerful sorcerer," Sheik said. "And that he has studied many different types of magic."

"So we just go see him," Link said with a happy note in his voice, he hadn't seen his once rescuer since the man had rode away from the castle. What only seemed like a few days to Link, he knew it was seven years and he wanted to see how the man was.

"It won't be that easy," Sheik said. "The Gerudo may be our allies but they don't like us teleporting in unannounced, they are kinda iffy about that."

"So how do we get there," Navi asked.

"We could have gone over the bridge that went over the canyon near here but they cut it down seven years ago to keep Zelda's forces out of the desert," Sheik said. "But I can either teleport us across the gap or if your horse is powerful enough, she can jump the gap."

"Can we do that?" Link asked, perking up at the idea. "That sounds like fun!" Sheik laughed at the child-like eagerness on his friend's place, it made the other blond look so cute.

"Sure, if you think your steed can make it," Sheik said.

"Epona is the best, she can make it," Link said as he turned toward his dark twin. "Dark! We're going to see a friend of mine in the desert."

"What's a desert?" Dark asked.

"A place with lots of sand," Sheik said, waving for the others to follow. "Come on, if we're going, we need to go now. The sooner we get this sorted out, the sooner we can get back to the temples.”

Dark had no idea what sand was but was happy to follow Link outside. Link glanced up to the dark cloud filled sky with a sigh as he once again got wet.

"I'm happy to leave a little bit to get dry," Link comment with a shake of his head then took his ocarina out, playing the song to call Epona to him. Sheik chuckled softly but agreed with the blond. As soon as Link finished playing, he placed his first two fingers into his mouth and let out a sharp, shrill whistle. After waiting a few minutes, Epona galloped into the lake area, nickering in greeting as she bumped Link lovingly in the chest.

"Wow," Dark said, walking closer. "Can I touch it?"

"Her," Link said. He took one of Dark's hands to place it gently on Epona's neck. "Epona is a she." Dark giggled as Epona twisted her head around to sniff at the dark hair teen. A second whinny filled the air as a large gray and black dapple stallion galloped over.

"Good boy, Kaze," Sheik said as he patted his steed's nose.

"You have a horse?" Link asked.

"You can teleport; why would you need a horse?" Navi asked.

"Teleporting takes energy to do, bug," Sheik said giving Navi a flat look. "Teleporting a short distance is one thing but a long distance, with or without other people, takes a lot more energy from me. So I need to rest in-between teleporting. Also, I like riding."

"Just leave him alone Navi," Link said as he swung up onto Epona's back then held out his hand for Dark. The dark hair Hylian grabbed the offered hand and let Link hoist him onto Epona's back. Sheik smirked as Navi flashed an annoyed red, it was fun ruffling the fairy's wings. He climbed up onto Kaze's back and pointed out of the way out.

"Follow me!" Sheik said, kicking Kaze gently in the sides. The stallion neighed loudly and took off across the damp grounds around the lake. Epona nickered and took Kaze's burst of speed as a challenge, the mare dashing off after the other horse with her two riders yelling in joyful delight.


Sheik, Link and Dark rode over half the day to Gerudo Valley. Gerudo Valley was just one of few entrances to the desert but was the only one to the fortress that the Gerudo lived and trained in. It was also the only way into the part of the desert that was called the Haunted Wasteland, a span of desert that led to the Desert Colossus where the Spirit Temple rested. There was a rumor that there was a palace deep in the desert that the Gerudo royal family lived in but no one had ever seen it.

The large desert was home to several other places and relics of the far past, much of the sands hid the history of Hyrule before it was called Hyrule. Sheik only knew a little, tales told at his mother's knee when he and Kain were young.

'If we defeat Zelda... or when we defeat her... maybe Link and I could explore the rest of Hyrule, discover all of its rich history,' Sheik mused with hope in his heart.

"Wow, that's deep," Link voice interrupted Sheik's thoughts. He looked over at Link; the blond and the dark boy who looked like him were both looking over into the canyon that cut through the valley.

"Be careful you two!" Navi asked, flying in front of the pair. "You could fall off. Sheik, are you sure it's safe to jump that?"

"Don't worry bug, if the horses feel like they can't jump it, they will stop," Sheik said.

"We'll be fine Navi," Link assured his fairy partner as he guided Epona with his knees and his hand on her white mane. "Epona can jump this with no problem." Epona gave a soft whinny as if she agreed, her head bobbing up and down. Link led Epona close to the small pool and waterfall nearby that they had to go over to enter the valley.

"Hey!" Link kicked Epona's flank, urging his horse into a run. Dark's arms wrapped tightly around Link's waist and his face pressed against his lighter counterpart's back as Epona raced over the valley floor toward the remains of the bridge. As she reached the edge, Epona's muscles bunched as she took jump to leap over the span of the canyon. Link's breath caught in his throat just for a moment then escaped with an excited "YYYYOOOOOO!"

Epona landed on the other side of the broken bridge smoothly, throwing her head with pride as she brought her master and the elf that looked like her master safely to the other side.

".... ARE YOU CRAZY!?!" Navi yelled as she raced through the air to reach her charge.

"That was fun," Dark said with a giggle, he had been a little scared but Link hadn't let anything happen to them.

"We should do that again," Link agreed with a grin.

"No no no no NO!" Navi yelled, bobbing up and down in the air with each 'no'. "You are not doing that again! You could have been killed!"

Meanwhile Sheik guided Kaze to follow Link and Epona across the canyon, the stallion landed just as easily as the mare had.

"Do be quiet, bug," Sheik said with annoyance. "We're fine, you can calm down." Navi grumbled softly but otherwise dropped the subject.

"Why is there a tent here?" Link asked, pointing to the large white tent off to the side.

"I don't know," Sheik said as he slid off of Kaze's back. He patted his steed's neck as he left Kaze to wonder around while Link and Dark slid off of Epona who wondered over to join Kaze. "Let's find out."

"It's really hot here," Link said as he reached up to wipe the sweat off of his forehead.

"The desert is like that," Sheik said with amusement as he pushed the cloth over the doorway of the tent out of the way.

"Where in the name of Nayru have you four been!?" A booming voice asked as they entered. "Wait, you're not my lazy employees."

Sheik turned to look at the man the voice belonged to, his red eyes widening.

"Mutoh!" He said in surprise. The large, broad bald man standing to one side of the tent narrowed his eyes as he peered at Sheik then gave a loud booming laugh.

"HHAAA! Little Sheik, Impa's son!" The man Sheik called Mutoh said. "I haven’t seen you since you and your family left Kakariko Village! My you have grown."

"You haven’t changed at all," Sheik said with a laugh. Link gazed at Mutoh with his head tilted to the side; he tried to remember where he had seen the man before.

"Oh!" Link said as he remembered. "You're that man from seven years ago, with those guys running around working on Kakariko Village."

"Some of me and my men's greatest works," Mutoh said with pride.

"Mutoh, what are you doing here?" Sheik asked. Mutoh scowled as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Those Gerudo thieves, they broke the bridge seven years ago," he said. "I want to fix it, but those idiot workers I brought with me are gone and I can't get word out to the others to come to replace them." (2)

"Mutoh, you do know that the Gerudo broke the bridge so Zelda's army couldn't get to them right?" Sheik asked eyes narrowed. "She didn't ask you to repair the bridge did she?"

"Of course not, as if I would take any orders from /her/," Mutoh said with a wave of his hand. "Something is beating that evil witch's forces back, light has returned to Hyrule. With the peace returning, I thought the bridge should be fixed."

"How did you even get over to this side," Link asked. "We had to use our horses to get over here."

"That's not important," Mutoh said with another dismissive wave of his hand.

"Mutoh, where are your men?" Sheik asked. The large tent was set up with a cooking fire in the middle and a pile of bed rolls in the corner. There was only one other person in the tent, a skinny man with shoulder length red hair was that sitting on the far side of the tent staring into the fire. Dark yawned in boredom and walked over to stand next to the fire, looking at the sitting man with curiosity.

"Those idiots said that working as carpenters isn't cool, and they went to the Gerudo's Fortress to become thieves," Mutoh said with a scowl. "I haven’t seen then since and I'm not going up to that fortress myself, I know what those women think about men."

Sheik groaned and rubbed his face.

"Hylia, they really are idiots," he said. "This is going to make everything harder."

"Why?" Link asked.

"The Gerudo won't be happy right now, they may not even talk to us," Sheik said turning to his friend. "They really don't like people showing up unannounced and demanding to join their group."

"So what do we do?" Link asked. Sheik bit his lip, he really didn't know.

"Would Ganondorf be there now?" Navi asked.

"I assume so," Sheik said.

"One of us should go into the fortress find him, talk to him and explain what is going on," Navi suggested. "You could just teleport to where he is," she told Sheik.

"It doesn't work that way," Sheik said. "I can't teleport anywhere I've never been before and I can't just teleport to a person's side without knowing where they are."

"I'll go," Link said. Sheik and Navi looked over at him in only slight surprise.

"Link, this is very dangerous," Sheik said.

"I know, but it can't be any more dangerous than the temples," Link said. "Navi's right, we've got to talk to him and I'll go."

"You can't go alone," Sheik said.

"Sheik... we can't drag Dark in there with us and we can't leave him by himself," Link said very softly. Sheik scowled and crossed his arms over his chest, knowing Link was right. Someone had to stay and watch over Dark for several reasons.

"Fine," Sheik said with a sigh. "Just be careful will you?" Sheik said as he placed his hands on Link's shoulders. Link smiled and nodded his head.

"While you're in there, look for my lazy employees," Mutoh cut in.


Link waited for the sun to set before setting out for the fortress, remembering the first and only advice that Ganondorf gave him when he was still a child.

/'If you plan on sneaking into places, it's better to do it at night.' /That had been what Ganondorf had told him. The advise had helped him sneak into Hyrule Castle near the beginning of this crazy adventure and he hoped it help him now.

There were still problems of course, these people who were master thieves and knew all the tricks. Link just hoped luck was on his side as did Navi.

Link peered around the rock wall at the pair of Gerudo women that patrolled the outside of the fortress. Their eyes were eagle sharp as they watched their surroundings while marching back and forth.

'How in the world do we get past them?' Link thought to himself. He could see an open doorway nearby, but he had to past these two guards to get to it. He was starting to wonder if he could run toward the doorway to get inside when he heard someone shout. Stiffening, Link drew back further into the shadows to hide worried that he had been discovered.

The blond relaxed slightly as a younger Gerudo girl ran up to the two women. The two guards shared amused looks as the excitable girl spoke but stopped to listen to the younger female. Link seeing his chance slowly eased out of the shadows and ran toward the doorway while the guards' backs were turned.

"That was too close," Navi said in a soft tone as she peeked out from under Link's hat. "Nayru must be looking out for us."

"Let's wait until we're done before we thank the goddesses," Link whispered as he crept through the fortress. The corridors were bare, Link winced as his footsteps seem to echo but there didn't seem to be anyone around to hear him. Down the end of the hallway Link could see a room that was almost just as empty as the hallways had been. There were a couple of skulls hanging on the wall of some sort of animal that had horns and was decorated with feathers and beads. On one side of the room were the bars of a cell and inside was a man who noticed Link and Navi the same time they noticed him.

"Hey! Over here," the man called in a loud whisper waving his hands through the bars of the cell.

"It's one of the carpenters," Navi said as they quickly ran over.

"I don't know where you came from but I'm glad to see you," the man inside said. "You've got to get me out of here!"

"I plan to, but I need to find the key to this lock," Link said, pointing to the door's lock that was shut tight.

"Well, be careful while you look around. A guard..." The man's eyes widen in alarm and fear, pointing to somewhere behind Link. "WOO! Look out!"

Link ducked and rolled out of the way as a scimitar wielded by a Gerudo guard crashed into the space Link had been. Link used a few curse words he learned from the adults in Kakariko Village, and quickly drew the Master Sword and his shield.

"I don't know where you came from," the woman said as she drew second scimitar from her hip, holding one blade in front of her and the other over her head. "But this is as far as you'll get, Hylian scum!" The Gerudo woman lunged at Link who yelped and cursed again, blocking her attack with his shield while swinging his own blade at her. It caught one of her blades as she brought one up to block his attack, knocking it to the side. Link quickly back flipped to put a bit of distance between the two of them.

Link and the Gerudo guard traded several hits, Link didn't want to hurt the woman and was trying his best to disarm her. The woman was doing the same but only because they were ordered to capture any Hylian or Humans that found their way into their lands so they could be questioned first. With a lucky thrust, Link caught one of the scimitars in the guard's hand with the hilt of the Master Sword and knocked it out of her hand across the room. With only one weapon left, the guard renewed her attack with vigor.

Wanting to end this fight quickly, Link ducked under the next swing of the guard's blade then slammed his shoulder into her middle. The Gerudo gave a scream as she was knocked backwards to the floor, dropping her second sword in the process. Link quickly kicked the sword away then pointed his sword at the woman.

"I don't want to hurt you," Link said, panting softly. The woman was panting as well, glaring at Link but the blond boy could see a glint of confusion as he made no move to further attack her. Take her chance to escaped, the woman rolled back, flipping up her hands then landed on her feet. Once on her feet, she jumped up into the hole in the ceiling that she had entered from. Once she disappeared, a stone slab fitted back over the hole, hiding it from view. Link sighed a breath of relief and sheathed his sword.

"What's that?" Navi asked as she flew over to a glint of sliver on the floor. "It's a key! The guard must have dropped it."

"That was lucky," Link said as he picked the key up. The carpenter was jumping excitedly as Link opened the door to the cell, quickly running out once the door was open.

"Thank you!" The man said. "My name is Ichiro and I'm one of the carpenters that work for Mutoh. We were tired of working for him and wanted the easy life so we came up here to join the Gerudos. But they threw all of us into different cells."

"What were you thinking?" Navi asked. "You didn't really think that the Gerudo would let you join them did you?"

"I did," Ichiro muttered embarrassed. "But now I'm ready to go back to the boss. My three friends are still locked up somewhere in this fortress, please find them."

"I will, just get out of here before that guard comes back," Link said. Ichiro didn't need to be told twice, he took off down the hallway and out of the fortress. The guards outside were so shocked and surprised to see the man run past when they were sure he was locked up didn't give chase at first as he rushed by. Once they got their wits together to give chase, Ichiro was long gone.


"Your majesty," Ganondorf turned away from the table on which maps of all of Hyrule was spread out on. The Gerudo king turned to face the young Gerudo woman kneeling on the floor in front of him. The last seven years had seemed so long as he and his people fought in the war against the dark queen Zelda. His fiery red hair had grown out to his shoulders and he now sported a beard along his jaw.

"Rise," Ganondorf said, waving his hand at the woman. "What is it?"

"Sire, there is a young Hylian man in the fortress," The woman reported as she stood.

"And you haven’t captured him yet?" Ganondorf asked. The woman flushed and looked down at the floor.

"I tried... but he defeated me," She admitted. Ganondorf looked at his guard again, she has smudges of dirt on her face and arms, her clothing had small rips and there were a few shallow cuts along her skin. "He... he was very strange, Sire."

"How so?" Ganondorf asked.

"He... he claimed that he did not wish to hurt me. He had me defeated and did not stop me from escaping," The woman said. "He let one of the men we captured two weeks ago out and let him escape."

"The Hylian men are unimportant," Ganondorf said with an unconcerned wave of his hand. The cowardly men had already been found not to be spies for Zelda's forces. He was much more interested in the young man letting them free. "Describe the man you fought against."

Confused the Gerudo woman described Link to Ganondorf. He could hear a small bit of admiration in her voice.

"I see," He said once she was finished. "Was there anyone else with him?"

"Yes Sire, he had a fairy with him strangely enough," She confirmed.

"Go, let him continue his way," Ganondorf ordered. "The guards at the other cells are allowed to fight him but are not to kill him."

"Understood," The Gerudo guard said with a salute then turned, quickly leaving the room. Once she was gone Ganon chuckled as he leaned back against the table.

"So after so long you woke up, Kitten," He said to himself with another chuckle. The first time he had spoke to the Sheikah leader Impa after their flight from Hyrule Castle he asked about Link; he had wanted to bring the orphan boy to safety with the Gerudo. Impa informed him that was impossible as after he had drawn the Master Sword he had been placed in an enchanted sleep until he was strong enough to wield the legendary blade. Ganondorf would monitor Link as the boy sneaked around his fortress; he couldn't wait to speak to the blond once again.


"This is a lot easier than I thought it would be," Link said as he stood over the body of the Gerudo guard he had knocked out. He felt bad about it, he had hit her in the back of the head with a nearby pot and he knew she would have a headache when she woke up.

"Well maybe you're better at sneaking around that you thought you were," Navi suggested though she agreed with him. The Greudo had been master thieves for years; sneaking around when they wanted to break into somewhere was part of the job and you would think they could catch someone on their own turf.

Link had worked all through the night to find and release two more of the carpenters Jiro and Sabooro after fighting two more guards like the first. The sun was starting to rise in the east and they only had one last prisoner to set free. Link peered around the corner, the hallway was clear and he could see the jail cell in the back of the room.

"Be careful Link," Navi whispered. "You know there has to been another guard in this room too."

"I know," He whispered back.

"Hey, over here!" The final carpenter said, waving his hands. "Boy, I'm so glad to see you! Please tell me you're here to spring me."

"Yes, I already let your friends go," Link said with a nod.

"Oh good, I'm Shiro and if you get me out of here, we'll all do something for you," Shiro promised. "Just watch out, there might be a guard some... where... Look out!"

Link had already been prepared for an attack. He ducked the blade swung at his head, rolling to the side and turning as he jumped to his feet to face his foe. He blinked in surprise, instead of a woman like the last three times; facing him was a large figure that was cloaked head to toe. Link could tell that the other was a man but he couldn't tell much else except they had familiar golden eyes. The man held a golden hilt scimitar blade in each hand and Link had a feeling the man knew how to use them. (3)

With a yell the man rushed Link who swore in Nayru's name as he brought up the Master Sword to block. The man swung his blades with wide, precise swings as he pressed his attack against Link. The teen grunted as he struggled to keep up with each swing.

"Link, don't let him corner you against the wall!" Navi warned. Link couldn't chance a glance behind him to see how close he was to the wall; instead he ducked under another swing of his foe's sword then took a chance to let in an attack of his own. The Master Sword cut off a strip of cloth as the man jumped back away from Link to land across the room. One scimitar was placed in a scabbard at the man's waist then held up a hand where a ball of magic gathered in his hand.

"HA!" The ball of magic was tossed at Link. Link yelped and reacted on instinct, using the same tactic he used on the Banshee in the Forest Temple, swinging the Master Sword in an arch. The blade mad contact with the magic and sent it flying back at the man who's golden eyes widen in surprise before it made contact with him. The man screamed in surprised pain and fell to the ground, the magic crackling around him prone body. Link ran forward with a yell, Master Sword raised to attack.

"HEY!" Link swiped at the man, leaving shallow cuts in each arm. Before he could do more damage, the magic dissipated allowing the man to move again. He grunted as he swung a sword at Link's feet.

Link took a page out of Dark Link's book and jumped up to land on the blade, balancing on the end. The other male chuckled and pulled the blade back. Link back flipped and quickly backed away. The other scimitar was drawn again and again the man attacked with wide swings with Link blocked with his sword and shield while attacking the man when he got the chance. Link was soon panting; this man was a lot tougher than the Gerudo guards than before.

'I've got to end this!' Link thought as he ducked under an attack from the man then raced past him to the other side of the room. Link placed the Master Sword in its scabbard and the shield on his back then quickly took out the Fairy Bow and one of his arrows. Aiming at the ghutra on the man's head, the arrow caught the side of the cloth pulling it off of his head. (4)

The arrow landed deep in the wall with the black clothing hanging from it loosely from the wall. The man glanced back at the arrow then started to laugh loudly much to Link’s surprise. He took out a key from a pocket in his cloak and unlocked the cell door.

"Get out," he said in a dark tone. Shiro didn't need to be told twice, taking off in a dead run. Link notched another arrow just in case, watching as the man turned around to face them.

"Wha...?" Link looked up in shock at the dark skin red headed bearded man.

"Hello again, Kitten," Ganondorf said in amusement.


"I must say, Kitten, I'm impressed,' Ganondorf said as he removed his cloak and examined the cuts on the upper part of his arms. They were shallow and already the blood was clotting, they wouldn't even leave a scar. He mumbled a few words under his breath healing the cuts then turned back to Link who was sitting at the table in his private rooms. "You fought very well."

"Well he kicked your butt," Navi said from where she stood on the table, her blue light gone.

"He was holding back," Link said with a small yawn. He was tired after sneaking around all night, battling three of the Gerudo guards and then the final fight with Ganondorf himself. "I think he could have taken me out if he was more serious about the fight."

"Don't sell yourself short," Ganondorf said as he poured a glass of wine in a goblet and placed it in front of Link then poured one for himself. "I was not holding back as much as you think, I haven’t had a fun fight like that in years, not since Nabooru." There was a sad note in his voice that Link caught.

"What happened?" he asked. Ganon sighed as he sat down.

"A few days after we returned from our flight from Zelda and her forces Nabooru foolishly got it into her head to head out to the Spirit Temple alone. There was a rumor that the witches Kotake and Koume had used the temple as a base of power for years and Nabooru planned on wrecking any plans they had," Ganondorf explained. "She disappeared, and no one has seen her since. But enough about that. Tell me Kitten, why are you sneaking around my fortress?"

"Looking for you actually," Link said as he picked up the goblet sniffed the sweet smelling wine with curiosity. "Oh and to let those carpenter guys go."

"Why did you come looking for me?" Ganon asked as he sipped his wine. Link and Navi explained everything about Dark, what they knew anyway, and how they were hoping to brink Link's darker twin here to see if he was a danger or not. "I see." Ganon rubbed at his chin while Link took a sip at the wine. He started a bit at the hidden bite of the wine and wrinkled his nose, he didn't know if he liked this strange drink.

"You're the only one we know of that is knowledgeable in magic," Navi said. "It's not like we can go up to Zelda and ask her."

"True," Ganondorf said amused. "I may already have some idea what Zelda did to create the boy you dubbed 'Dark' but I would have to see him for myself to be sure. Where is he now?"

"We left him with Sheik in the carpenters’ tent," Link said as he sipped again at the wine.

"I will personally escort your friends here, you do not look like you could stay away much longer Kitten," Ganon said. "And I want to speak to this head carpenter myself."

"You're not going to hurt him are you?" Navi asked. "He's only trying to help."

"I promise no harm will come to the man," Ganondorf said. "On another matter, here." Ganon reached into a pocket and took out a piece of parchment with Greudo writing on it, handing it to Link. Link finished the wine, it had gotten better after he got use to the taste, and after placing the goblet to the side took the parchment.

"What is this?" The blond asked. He felt a bit light headed from combination of being tried and from his first time ever drinking alcohol.

"I have decided that you are now a full member of the Greudo tribe," Ganon said with a smile. "You proved yourself by being able to make your way around past my followers, they were not going easy on you I can assure you, and was able to defeat 3 of my best guards. And you were able to fight me to a standstill; you have the skills worthy to be one of us."

"What does all that mean?" Navi asked.

"Link will have full run of the fortress like any other member of our tribe," Ganondorf told her. "He will be allowed to come and go as he pleases, he will be able to use the training grounds and he will be able to enter any of our lands within the desert. Perhaps when all is said and done I will take you to see my palace deep in our lands."

"Wow, I can do all that now?" Link asked amazed.

"Yes, and I think you will need it," Ganondorf said with a nod. ”You are cleansing the temples correct? The Spirit Temple is across the haunted wasteland, the only way to enter the wasteland is through our lands. This will aid you on your quest."

"Ganondorf, this great," Link said with a smile as he tucked the parchment into his pouch. "This will- yawn," The blonds’ jaw cracked with another yawn.

"I think you need a bit of sleep, Kitten," Ganondorf said in amusement. Link just nodded sleepily making Ganon chuckle in amusement. "Here, you can rest here," the red headed man offered as he guided the teen into his personal bed chamber. Sitting on the bed with another yawn, Link blinked sleepily as Ganondorf knelt and started to remove the teen's Kokiri style boots. Wanting to help, Link fumbled with the leather belt across his chest that held his sword and shield in place.

"Thanks," The teen said as the sword and shield fell off his back and his boots were put to the side.

"Sleep well, Kitten," Ganon said as he moved the Master Sword and Link's shield across the room. As soon as his head hit the pillow Link was out like a light. The teenage boy curled up in the middle of the bed with a sigh. /'Too cute,' /Ganondorf thought with a slight smirk. He removed Link's hat putting it on the table where Navi made a sleeping nest for herself out of it, then pulled one of the silk sheets over the teen.

With a dramatic flip of his cape, Ganondorf turned and left his chambers, ordering for his horse to be prepared as he left the room.


Sheik tapped his fingers nervously against his knee as he stared into the fire burning merrily in the middle of the tent. Dark mewled softly in his sleep as one of the carpenters along the edge of the tent snored loudly. Dark was sleeping next to Sheik with his head lying in the blonds’ lap. Sheik quickly reached down to sooth the black hair on the other teen's head, soothing him back into sleep.

He was worried, Link had been gone all night and had yet to return. Sheik could already see the sun starting to rise in the east. The four carpenters that worked for Mutoh had returned one by one from the direction of the fortress. Each man had said the same thing; Link had arrived at their cell, fought with the Gerudo guarding them then opened the door setting them free. Shiro had added that Link had fought a man at his cell door and the man was the one to set him free in the end.

Sheik glanced down at Dark as the pale teen mewled softly in his sleep again, nuzzling Sheik's leg. Sheik didn't know what to make of Dark, it was almost creepy to look at a boy that looked like Link in the way Dark did. So far the boy had been really sweet and child like but he was still worried. Link's almost twin was created by Zelda, who knew if he was really safe or not. Sheik would feel better once Dark was checked over by Ganondorf, or at least somebody that was knowledgeable of magic.

Glancing at the door of the tent, Sheik sighed and started tapping his fingers against his knee again.

'Where are you Link?' he thought to himself. So distracted by his thoughts he didn't hear the sound of hoofs against the stone floor of the valley or the sound of someone moving around outside of the tent.

"Who the hell are you?" Sheik blinked and looked up as Mutoh's voice filled the tent; he hadn't even heard the man wake up. Dark started awake at Mutoh's yell, the dark Elvin teen childishly rubbing his red eyes with the back of his hand, while Sheik twisted to look at the tent door again.

"Mutoh!" Sheik hissed as he hurriedly stood up. "That's Ganondorf, the king of the Gerudo's. We're on his lands remember?" The four other carpenters woke up and hurried to the back of the tent huddling in fear, the strange red headed man grumbling as he was nearly trampled.

"Peace, I'm not your enemy," Ganon said, holding up a hand. "I have come to escort you and... Dark I believe it is... to our fortress." He told Sheik as the younger male stepped up.

"Is... is Link alright?" Sheik asked.

"Yes, do not worry," Ganondorf said. "I left him sleeping safe and sound. Now... I am told you wish to rebuild the bridge." The Gerudo king turned to speak to Mutoh who stood in front of the other man with his arms crossed over his chest. "Is this... something that your queen tasked you with?"

"That woman is not my queen," Mutoh said, spitting on the ground in disgust. "You destroyed a perfectly built bridge, I want to have it rebuilt even better than before."

Ganondorf smiled in amusement, the Hylian man was not afraid to stand up to the Gerudo king and he was a bit impressed. Most Hylians were afraid of him and his people.

"Find, rebuild the bridge," Ganondorf said with a wave of his hand. His spies told him that Zelda's grip on Hyrule was weakening, all thanks to a certain blond. Maybe now it was time for his lands to be reconnected to the valley. "Keep your men out of my fortress and my deserts, my followers will not be so gentle next time."

"Don't worry, I will keep a tighter grip on those idiots," Mutoh assured him. Ganondorf nodded and turned to Sheik and Dark.

"Shall we then?" He said, holding open the flap of the tent.


Link yawned as he sat up; rubbing at his eyes as he slowly woke up. He felt well rested after the last two days he had and he wondered where Ganondorf was and if the man had gone to get his friends.

"Hmmm..." Link twisted in surprised as he heard a soft sigh behind him.

"Sheik?" Link asked softly. "Dark?" Both of the other teens were in the large bed with him, Sheik right beside him and his dark twin on the other side of the Sheikah. Link found nothing strange about it, he had shared a bed with Sheik when they were children and didn't know it was a bit strange to do so now that they were teens.

"Hmm?" Sheik's red eyes fluttered open at his name being called while Dark slept on as deeply as Link did normally. "Hello Hero," the shadow elf said with a smile.

"When did you get here?" Link asked as he laid back down, stretched out beside his friend.

"I know we've been here since this morning, Ganondorf brought us here. He allowed us to sleep here after he saw how tired we both were," Sheik said with a lazy smile as he watched Link. Sunlight filtered through a sheer curtain over a window and outlined Link in its light; to Sheik it made his friend look beautiful.

"Oh, did Ganondorf look Dark over?" Link asked as he watched Sheik back. There was something... Link wasn't sure how to put it but the sunlight made Sheik's golden blond hair glow, making Link blush slightly as his heart fluttered with something he didn't understand.

"No, he said he would wait until we were all rested," Sheik said softly, reaching up to absently brush Link's strawberry blond hair out of his face, making Link look down shyly while another pretty flush crossed his face.

"Oh," Link said, he felt very strange when Sheik touched him too gently. He wished he knew what these strange feelings he got when he was around Sheik meant.

"So... Kitten?" Sheik asked teasingly though inside he felt a small stab of jealously at a certain Gerudo king. Why did the man have a pet name for his friend?

"Huh?" Link asked as he looked up at Sheik again. "Oh, I don't know. He called me that when I met him in Hyrule Castle Town after he saved me from the guards and I guess he still calls me that."

Sheik forced down the feelings of jealously, surely Ganondorf meant nothing of it that a little friendly teasing.

"Well I think he's right, you are a bit like a kitten," He said after a few seconds. Link gave his a confused look, tilting his head a bit. "Dark really is a lot like you, he tilts his head like that."

"He would; to a certain extent, he is Link," Ganondorf's voice said from the doorway. "If Zelda used the spell I think she did." Sheik flushed slightly and quickly sat up.

"So um... you know what Zelda did then?" Sheik quickly asked. Ganondorf chuckled softly and turned.

"I may, wake your friend and we'll find out once and for all," the tall red headed man said as he left.


Ganondorf chanted in Gerudo as he read from a scroll he held in one hand and waved his hand over Dark with the other. The pale teen squirmed as the feeling of Ganon's spell washed over him, making his skin tingle. Link and Sheik stood by the door of Ganondorf study leaning against the wall watching as Navi floated over Link's right shoulder.

"Ohhh," Dark gasped as his skin started to glow, holding up a hand to look.

"I was correct," Ganondorf said smugly as he put the scroll to the side.

"And just what were you correct about?" Sheik asked.

"Aww," Dark pouted as the glow around him faded. "But it was pretty."

"Zelda tried to use a doppelganger spell," Ganondorf explained. "She used part of Link to create a double, another Link."

"A part of me?" Link asked as he pointed to himself.

"Yes, such as your blood or a lock of your hair," Ganon said with a nod.

"You've bled enough inside both of the first two temples we cleansed, she could have gotten it there," Navi said.

"Aren't doppelgangers supposed to be the opposite of the person they come from?" Sheik asked. "Link is a good guy so shouldn't Dark be evil?"

"He is different from Link, his hair and eyes are a different shade of color," Ganondorf reasoned. "I would say he is the 'dark' to Link's 'light'. Dark doesn't equal evil. But the most likely reason, Zelda cast the spell wrong. Instead of a true doppelganger, she called a sort of duplicate spell or a mix of the two."

"But why would she want to cast this spell either way?" Sheik asked.

"I don't know, I would have cast a Shadow spell myself," Ganondorf said with a shrug. "Same effect by bringing his shadow to life to fight against him instead. But I can guess what she may have been planning."

"And?" Navi asked when the man paused.

"My spies tell me Zelda is highly controlling," Ganondorf explained. "And I don't doubt you put a bee in her bonnet by weakening her hold over Hyrule. The people are starting to notice as well, you are giving them hope."

"Wait, I think I see," Sheik said. "If people think Dark is Link, those hopes would be dashed."

"Yes," Ganon said. "But her plans went south as she used the wrong spell or cast it incorrectly. Dark is Link's twin now, a brother in a way, and is innocent." Ganondorf and the teens glanced over at Dark who was trying to use the spell on Ganondorf's scroll to make his skin glow again but couldn't get the spell to work.

"So why did he attack me in the temple?" Link asked. "He said that Zelda said some words and he couldn’t remember anything."

"She cast a mind control spell on him, the magic from the spell is lingering on him," Ganon said.

"Is that safe?" Sheik asked.

"Yes, she would have to be here in front of him to recast the spell," Ganondorf assured him.

"So what do we do with him?" Navi asked. "We can't take him with us. But we also can't let Zelda get to him again."

"I would be happy to allow him to stay here," Ganondorf offered. "Zelda isn't about to invade here any time soon and my girls are all warriors."

"Are you sure?" Link asked.

"Don't worry, it will be fine Kitten," Ganondorf said as he patted Link on the shoulder.


Inside Zelda's castle a scream of rage filled the halls as the dark queen discovered that her servant was no longer under her control.


Author note: This will be the last chapter for a bit, I'm going on a short hiatus but don't worry it won't be as long as the years old writer's block I had. I am going back over the previous chapters of this and my other stories to give them a tune up. As soon as I'm done, I'll be back to writing.

(1) This is the Lake Side doctor's name from the manga.

(2) Watch the ending credits, during the party at Lon Lon Ranch, Mutoh has eight carpenters with him so he has more than four employees.

(3) It's the way Ganondorf used his swords in Wind Waker.

(4) A ghutra is the cloth thing Arabs were on their head according to the website I found on Arabic clothing.

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