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A Pretty Corpse

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When girl meets crawlie.

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It'd been so long that bones didn't bother her, the slowly decaying flesh didn't register, nor did the rotting fabric of clothing. What did alarm her was the discovery of the little green worm wiggling around in her wrist.

"EW!" she shrieked, shaking her arm wildly and sending the little arthropod sailing through the air.

"Ouch!" it cried, landing with a dull slap on the sidewalk. "That was uncalled for."

Emily blinked, vaguely shocked for the first time in quite a while.

"I'm sorry," she said, crouching so that she wasn't towering over the little worm quite as much, "but you were chewing on me."

"Well yes, I'm a maggot, that's my job," he told her airily.

"Well I don't want you chewing on me!" Emily exclaimed, upset. "I don't want worms crawling around inside me eating my flesh!"

"Why not?" The maggot seemed genuinely confused. "You're dead and you're delicious! After all, if you don't let someone take care of you, you'll start to smell funny and your flesh will fall off your bones and go to waste! Why not let a professional such as myself take proper care of you?"

"Care?" Emily echoed.

"Yes, you don't want just anyone cleaning you up. You may be dead, but you don't have to look like it. It's my job to keep you looking pretty and free of nasty, ugly decayed tissue. You won't even know I'm there. Why, I even have several references if you want them."

"Well..." Emily said slowly, thinking it over, "I suppose that would be all right. I guess I can't expect to be young and pretty forever."

"Sure you can!" piped the maggot.

"I meant with skin," she clarified, allowing the little worm to crawl onto her finger and transferring him to her shoulder.

"If it's not being too bold, you do make a pretty corpse."

Emily couldn't help the old sensation that would have caused her cheeks to color were she still alive. "Thank you, I think."

"So where can I start?" The maggot asked eagerly, bouncing a little on his tail.

"Well, I suppose you can finish what you'd started on this," she told him, letting him crawl back towards the gash in her wrist.

"Don't mind if I do!" he replied, eagerly crawling inside. Emily shivered slightly at the queer sensation.

"Help yourself, just don't eat anything important."

"Important?" his small voice echoed.

"I'd like to keep my figure as long as possible."

A muffled snicker. "Sure thing."
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